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Ed was locked in the room with a bunch of scrolls for the rest of the day. The dust from the scrolls kept on making him sneeze, and the only light source in the room—a simple candle—was running low. The whole situation was making Ed very irritated—with Truth, with Itachi, and with the Akatsuki. But Ed knew it was more of the fact that Itachi was probably worried about Tobi and Kabuto coming after him for some horrid reason or another. There was something more than worry in Itachi's eyes when he dazed off staring at Ed…almost the same look he himself probably wore while looking at Al.

It was almost as if he was seeing another person altogether.

Putting the scroll off to the side, Ed thought about Sasuke, Itachi's brother. Did they look similar, like he and Al did? Or did Sasuke look like him? Maybe act like him? That could be a reason why Itachi was so protective of him. Deep down inside, behind that façade of Itachi's, there were some psychological problems that Ed knew that he didn't want to delve into.

Ed shoved aside the rest of the scrolls and stood up with a huff. His red coat was still lying on the bed, leaving Ed in his usual black outfit. The thought of somebody seeing his arm and leg left Ed with a shortness of breath. The shame and pain that always occurred when somebody saw his non-limbs left Ed insecure and angry, and being left alone in the room like this didn't help his nerves. As soon as Itachi left, a semblance of peaceful silence had enveloped the base. A shiver was traveling along the edge of Ed's spine, and the feeling of foreboding had not abandoned him since Itachi had left.

"Do not leave the room, Edward," Itachi had said, voice calm, but his eyes narrowed in warning, telling Ed that if he even had the thought of leaving the room, he'd regret it.

Ed opened a scroll, nonchalantly waving a hand, and muttered, "Yes, I heard you the first time."

Itachi's hand still rested on the doorknob, and if Ed had looked up from the current scroll he was deciphering, then he would have noticed how it clenched around the metal, the ninja's white bones protruding almost in frustration.

"I'm serious, Edward. The Akatsuki are having an important meeting, and I mean nothing—nothing can disturb them, or there will be consequences."

The sharpness of Itachi's voice made Ed glance up, his golden eyes flashing with suspicion. "It's not some virgin sacrifice that you guys will be performing, is it?"

Ed had a run in with a group that still believed in the ancient religions, where humans needed to be sacrificed to keep favors from the gods. The scene was coming back almost in full clarity. Al had stayed behind in Central while Ed had gone to investigate the crimes.

The colonel had pulled him aside, eyes serious. "I don't think Alphonse should go with you. This cult, they kill humans and animals without remorse—they believe it is right."

Ed looked back at Al. His brother was chatting happily at Hawkeye, going in detail about the abandoned kittens he had found. Hawkeye's face was blank, but her eyes were glowing with amusement, and at the corner of her lips was a small smile. Al could make friends with anyone; everyone loved him. It was because of his gentle, pure soul.

Ed nodded, "I'll go alone. Leave Al with some paperwork or something."

"I knew you would see it my way."

Ed sputtered in anger. "Your way?! I am doing what is right for Al!"

Colonel Bastard just smirked and said, "Whatever makes you happy, Edward."

The memory made Ed's ears burn. That bastard always knew which buttons to press and hold down before he exploded.

Ed shook his head, clearing the thought before glaring at the door. It was beckoning him. There was something behind that door, something Ed didn't know, and that piqued his curiosity to no end.

Finding his white-gloved hand reaching for the doorknob, he—

Ed dropped it back down. Damn it.

Sitting in this stuffy room, with all these scrolls on the floor—it made Ed want to bang his head against a brick wall. His nerves were on fire, itching to do something, but Itachi's words rang inside his head, the ones of the multiple consequences that could happen by disobeying them.

Then he thought of Truth, how the bastard was hiding something from him, and the thought of the bastard triggered the memories of the other bastards.

Tobi and Kabuto.

There was something wrong with the both of them. But the whole entire Akatsuki had something wrong with them. Tobi was somebody to avoid, and even if Kabuto was dangerous, he was less so than Tobi. Ed could feel it in his veins. The man's eyes held a certain look in them he'd seen before—insanity and a thirst for power? Maybe revenge?

Whatever it was, Ed knew to stay away from the man.

In the end, after arguing with himself, Ed went out of the room. There was certain stillness about the place, almost as if had been abandoned. Several of the rooms were empty and even 'Pein-sama's' office was covered in shadows of silence.

Shutting his eyes, Ed reluctantly let his 'chakra' slide amongst the walls and floors of the building. There was nothing. But as Ed pulled it back, something resonated—something underground. Maybe an alcove, or a cave.

Ed made his way outside, the warning in the back of his mind already forgotten. There was something weird going on, and Ed was going to find out what.

Using something like 'chakra' with no equivalent exchange made Ed feel uneasy, like he was doing something unforgivable. But the power in it was thrilling, almost intoxicating. Whatever Truth had done to his body to accommodate this world, it was exhilarating.

The shaking of the ground and the sound of a huge explosion startled Ed. It wasn't too far off and as Ed felt out the area—there were chakra signatures that he could identify as Itachi's and the rest of the Akatsuki.

Ed's thoughts were speeding along as he headed towards the area, because along with those chakra signatures there were some that he did not recognize. The cause of the explosion could have been Deidara, like usual, but it was most likely the intruders—especially the one with the flaming red chakra signature.