So a new Hellsing Fanfiction, hopefully you guys like this one other then the other one.

Integra sat in her office, her hand cramped as she wrote down a part of the report. Urgh, where is Alucard? Shouldn't he be back by now? She thought. Alucard had just went for a mission . Hopefully he wasn't being chatty, thats the one thing she hated about him. Always making conversation with the enemy. Walter entered her office and walked up to Integra's desk. He bowed in respect and as his elder face came into view.

" Sir Integra, Alucard has informed me that he has successfully finished his mission." Walter explained with his british accent.

" Thank you Walter, you may leave." Integra said obviously wanting to be alone.

Walter bowed again and left. He headed straight for the basement to wake up Seras. The halls were decorated with holly's. Integra had told Seras she could decorate the basement. Sir Hellsing wasn't a fan on Christmas so her office and the whole second floor didn't have any hint of Christmas spirit. Integra looked up with a thin eyebrow raised. Alucard stood at the front of her desk, grinning.

" Did you finish your mission?" Integra questioned, now completely focused on her paperwork.

" As always Master, I did it with the Christmas Spirit but I see you don't have any yet." Alucard retorted with his usual grin.

" Alucard you know I don't have time for those silly holidays, I have too much to do," Integra said still writing.

Alucard noticed that she was working on something that required a lot of writing, being the brat that he is Alucard grabbed the paper right out from under his Master and ran out of the office. Integra stood up and ran after him, screaming things that I cannot mention. He finally turned a corner and disappeared into the wall. Integra ran past the wall, not knowing what he had done. So after his Master was a good distance away he reappeared. Still holding the paperwork he ran to find Integra. She was nowhere in sight.

Alll of a sudden Alucard was tackled from behind and Integra snatched the paperwork back. Chuckling, Alucard stood up towering over his Master at great height. He pulled out a gold box and offered it to Integra, who took it and gasped when she opened it. A small cross on a leather string was wrapped in velvet. She looked at him speechless.

" Will this change your mind about Christmas?" Alucard said in his rich tone.

" Maybe Alucard, but I still have so much to do," Integra replied, she even sounded sad about this.

Walter banged on Seras' coffin lid, inside of the coffin Walter could hear Seras' groaning. She didn't want to get up but after opening the coffin lid she sprang out. Walter bowed trying to calm her down but as always it didn't happen. Seras was in such a great mood. Christmas was her favorite time and this one was specail becuase it was her first one at Hellsing.

" You must forgive Sir Hellsing, she doesn't like Christmas. She would rather not be bothered with it." Walter said knowing the cause of Seras' mood.

" Hate Christmas? How can she hate Christmas? It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Seras replied in her high voice.

Walter smirked at Seras' happiness. " She never did have a proper Christmas as a child. Now she doesn't even bother with it, Hellsing hasn't seen a Christmas for many years."

Seras looked at him but was soon distracted to see Pip walking down the hallway, he wore a red santa hat in replacment of his usual hat. She ran up and hugged him, he hugged back.

Seras: I would not let Pip hug me!

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