Hey, all! Here's another story with dear Richard Grayson and his daddy-Batbucks ("Batbucks"? "Warbucks"? Get it? I'll show myself out). Actually, this will be a series of little ficlets: the six times Dick needed the Batman's cape. Dick's age will progess with each snippet, so look out for the chapter titles. Also, I've mentioned before that I'm new to this fandom, so cut me some slack (please?). I may not have some of the ages utterly accurate. Bear with my ignorance.

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Needed for Safety

Richard Grayson knelt next to a figure covered in a white sheet. The policemen had told him that his mama and papa were dead, but he already knew it. After all, Mama and Papa hadn't gotten up again after they fell, so Dick knew everything was not alright.

"We have to take them away now, son," a policeman said to Dick, putting a hand on his shoulder. Dick didn't really comprehend much less hear the policeman until a few men began to lifted his mother and father from the ground. Then, he panicked.

"Mama!" he cried, "Papa! Mama! Mama!" He moved to stand, possibly to run after the men who were loading his parents into a truck on the other end of the circus grounds. Whimpering, he pushed himself to his feet, but he lost his balance and fell back to his knees as the crowd milled around him. Confused, dazed and frightened, Dick began to cry.

It seemed that he had only been alone for several minutes before a shadow loomed over him, spreading across the ground. A large, dark figure knelt at his side.

"It will be alright, Richard," came the figure's gruff voice, "You haven't stopped living yet." The figure draped a warm, heavy cloth around Dick's shoulders, which he realized was a cape. This figure was someone important, like a superhero. Dick fixed a watery gaze on the cloaked man.

"What about my mama and papa?" he choked out. The cloaked man's eyes softened behind the mask he wore, but he didn't answer Dick's question.

"If you stay here for too long, they will take you away, too."

Dick sobbed, and the cloaked man opened his arms to allow the boy into his embrace. A gloved hand stroked Dick's hair.

"Come along, Richard. I'll have Alfred prepare you some hot chocolate," the man said, even though Dick didn't know who this Alfred was. The man made to stand, but Dick clutched his cloak and cried out with dismay. "Easy, Richard. Here," the man opened his cloak to allow Dick to huddle against his side. This man was taller than papa, but he still felt safe. He was warm.

"Now come along. You'll be alright."

Dick walked under the man's cloak, sniffling as he was escorted to a car. Though the masked vigilante offered him the passenger seat, Dick trembled and whimpered until he was allowed to sit in the man's lap, still safe under his cloak as he was driven away from the circus grounds. As the car threaded through the city, Dick fell asleep under the protection of darkness.

Chapter Two will be coming soon.