Knight Legacy

He had been watching, waiting…patiently. For the last few months he had been planning every detail, reworking and fine tuning, knowing full well that not everything would work out exactly. He had kept up to date on what was going on at the SSC. He had a number of contacts sending him reports. He had spent the last month focusing on the car. It had taken less than twenty-four hours to write a program to control it. Soon, he would be in a position to take back what rightfully belonged to his family. He had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like a lifetime. Everything was in place and ready to be executed. He had listened and then used the knowledge she had given to him. He had kept a low profile, up until now. She had suggested it. He remembered the conversation as if it had taken place yesterday…

"My son," she gasped.

"I'm here." He walked over and sat down on the bed. He took her hand in his.

She coughed, hard. It sounded worse than it had this afternoon. He knew she was on borrowed time.

"You need to keep a low profile in order to.." (more coughing) " what we have discussed. Promise…." (more coughing).

"Mother please rest, save your strength," he pleaded.

"NO! Listen to me, I am not going to make it much longer. In my wall safe, you'll find everything you need to carry out our plan. Things you have no idea about." Secrets? She had never kept anything from him before. "There is a key to a safety deposit box. Use it to help you." Her breathing came in short gasps.

"I…love…you….." she whispered. And then she was gone. He looked at her still form, shocked. He would make things right.

Soon it would all come to be. He had studied hard at the best schools and had gotten to be the best of the best. He had gone over everything in the safe and the safety deposit box. He had been shocked really. He had studied all of it and used it to get himself to where he was today. He had to agree with her, some secrets were best saved for last. What had taken some people years or decades, he had accomplished in six years. He was ready. He started with the mansion. It had been in a state of complete and utter disrepair. It was quite an undertaking and was still underway. But it was worth it. He had found the original blueprints to how the house had been when it had been purchased, before FLAG had taken over. The garage area had been gutted and rebuilt first. He had lived there on a cot until the renovations to the first floor had been finished. His assistant broke in on his thoughts by handing him a slip of paper. He smiled his thanks and scanned the words.

"No," he whispered. This changed everything. The timetable was about to get tossed out the window. He sat there stunned. His brain kicked in a moment later, after the initial shock wore off.

"I need a back up plan," he said out loud to the empty room.