After Garthe and Goliath had left, Wil, Michael and Mike had to wait for the construction crew from Knight Industries to show up. Wil thanked the National Guard for their help, but politely refused any more assistance. He had only told them it was a matter of secrecy that they were not allowed to help with the rescue. The three AI's were in foul moods at having been so easily detained. KARR had insisted at once that something be done about the inferior tire products. It had taken a solid twenty-four hours and three shifts of crews to dig out the group trapped in the underground lab. The explosions had triggered a cave-in in the passageway where Wil had discovered the underground lab. Everything was in shambles. Only shells of the once proud buildings remained. The mansion was a total loss. Wil had refused medical treatment until the group was free from their underground prison. He had cried upon seeing Devon Miles come up from below. It was a few days later when everyone was able to get together for a reunion.

The only building that had held up was lab five. It had suffered minor damage due to its offset position from the other buildings. Once it was cleaned up and patched, Wil had made sure that quarters were installed on the empty side. It would have to make do until all the debris was cleared away and new construction could commence. The reunion was being held in the KITT cave. KARR had insisted on picking up Wil personally from the hospital. RC had called to find out what had happened, since he had left shortly after Devon made his presence known. Stories were exchanged and everyone had gotten caught up. There was a moment of silence. Wil turned looking at the three vehicles being monitored in their respective bays.

"What are you thinking?" KARR asked him, breaking the silence.

"That we were unprepared for Garthe. He had an ace up his sleeve. The mistakes I made have cost us a lot of damage," he responded.

"You can't blame yourself. No one knew what was going to happen. We took a risk. Now we know for next time," Mike told him.

"No, this time it's personal. I won't endanger anyone again. This is my fight," he said, turning to face them.

"We're in this together. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, you're not in this fight alone," Mike said with determination. Everyone nodded their agreement. "We are a family. We stick together and watch out for each other. We need each other."

"I don't know what to say. It's comforting to know I have your support. If you all agree, then we'll start rebuilding. It will take awhile, but we can start searching for Garthe and Goliath in the meantime," Wil told them.

"We should take a few days to rest and relax," Michael suggested. Everyone cheered their agreement.

"A couple of days on a beach sounds nice," Mike put in. Sarah smiled at him.

"We do not have time for a holiday. There is work to be done," KARR stated firmly. "For starters, someone needs to design better tires than the ones we have."

"Don't worry, we are. Bonnie, Sarah, April, Zoe and Billy have put their heads together. I'm sure they'll find a solution," Wil said with a smile. "Besides, it's going to take a few weeks for the construction crews to clean up. We really don't want to be here for that."

"And while we languish on a beach, Garthe will be repairing Goliath. We should be preparing for our next meeting with them," KARR complained.

"That's weird," Bonnie shivered.

"What is?" Wil asked.

"That he's on our side now."

"Wil's program is performing brilliantly," KARR responded to her.

"What do you remember?" Devon asked.

"I remember everything. But am unable to hurt anyone," he told him.

"So, who gets to drive KARR?" Billy asked hopefully.

"Only Wil is allowed in my driver seat," KARR said haughtily.

"Then lets drive to a beach for a few days. Then to Knight Industries to start our work," Mike said, standing up.

"One thing. When and if, we find Garthe and Goliath, and we are successful in stopping them," KARR paused, "what will you do with Goliath?"

"What do you mean?" Wil asked.

"Will you deactivate him or save him, like you did me?"

"It depends on his CPU," Wil informed his car. "Each CPU is unique. It depends on the program and how its designed. The program I gave you, was designed specifically for you. I would have to deactivate Goliath and study his CPU and programming. Then design a program something similar to your new one."

"I understand," KARR replied.

"Know this KARR, I'll do everything I can. But, there is a small chance that we may not be able to change him. Can you accept that?" Wil asked.

"After seeing the destruction he caused, that is acceptable to me," KARR informed him.

"Enough talk. Let's roll out," Mike said grabbing Sarah's hand. Billy smiled as April slipped an arm through his. Michael slipped an arm around Bonnie and headed for KI2T. Devon and Zoe followed them. Wil headed for KARR. The two KITT's followed each other out of the building.

"Let's beat them to the beach," Wil told his vehicle.

"A race? It won't be fair."


"You can never beat the original." With that, he shot out of his bay, easily overtaking the other two cars and turbo boosted over them.

On a ship heading towards Japan, Garthe Knight was overseeing the repairs to his truck. He was approached by a crewman.

"Sir, the captain says all is ready up top whenever you're ready." Garthe nodded silently and followed the crewman up and out on to the deck of the ship. A coffin was perched on the starboard side. It held his mother's body. He had found it where they had left it, in the driveway of the mountain hideaway. He watched the ceremony and mourned quietly as the coffin was lowered into the ocean. Turning, he walked back into the ship, making his way to his quarters. He closed the door behind him and walked to the balcony door and looked out into the bright blue sky.

"I'll have my revenge mother. And I'll avenge your death. I promise you I'll never stop attacking. Not until my dying day. And not even then."