Hey I'm going to start a story… =D Its about Rachel going on all boys at school after Finn breaks up with her... then she will realize its only finn for


Rachel couldn't actually hear anything right now, It's as if the whole world smashed her whole... As if her whole vision got blurry when Santana said doing the deed with Finn. Gosh she could collapse at any moment right now. It all started at this one fateful day in Glee Club.

"I decided to give the leads to the winner of the duets!" Mr. Schue announced while walking energetically around the choir room.

"Wait? Your giving the leads to Ken and Barbie?" Rachel asked sarcastically around Mr. Schue as she cannot believe someone who's less talented than her would carry the responsibility of being a star.

Everything was already moving slowly as Rachel got really devastated in this event and wished this is just a dream... Rachel Berry, the star of all heavens, the diva in the whole Glee Club won't actually sing? But her thought came back to her as she snapped back into reality by some familiar voice, the voice of Mckinley's Devil

"Because I'm going to tell you, Finn and I had done it last year!" Santana's words seem to spill in ever part of her brain... She couldn't actually believe she had the courage to ask Finn is this is true... and hell... It is...

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