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Sam dragged Rachel to the nearest vacant room, as he finally removed his hand from her mouth.

"Have you gone mad!" Rachel screamed in annoyance.

"Well ugh..." Sam said inching closer to the girl screaming.

"I carry a rape whistle!" Rachel screamed as she was stepping backward as the guy in front her screamed out and laughed.

"Hahahah! I'm not a rapist, like hahahaha!" Sam said as he was laughing so bad.

"What do you want?" Rachel said in annoyance.

Sam inched closer to Rachel as if he wanted to whisper something... that is? TOP SECRET

"Teach me how to sing... ya know? Broadway, Ballads and powerful songs." Sam said to Rachel pulling up his best puppy eye.

Rachel screamed in annoyance, attracting attention from the people near the vacant room.

And so does Finn's attention.

Finn immidietly hurried to the vacant room finding Sam just an inch away from Rachel, As his blood coarsed all through out

his brain, and he punched Sam. Only to make Sam scream in pain.

"What the! Dude! What were you freakin' thinking!" Sam screamed

"What were you doing to Rachel!" Finn said said.

A cliffhanger again! oh hahahah... I've been busy in school and my mind's all drained up that this is the only thing I came up with...

And plans changed... No graphical Smut . but its still in M cuz i dont believe that this should be read by teens