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A pain shot up Mathew's arm as he was shoved into a locker.

Not this, please not right now.

He repeated over and over his head as he turned to his attacker. His long blonde hair slowly caressing his face and his large violet eyes widened with horror. There stood the bully that would constantly pick on him also known as Gilbert Beilschmidt. One of the members from the 'Bad Touch Trio' and self proclaimed 'awesomely the best student'. He did stand out a bit being the only albino and having white hair with red eyes.

"Hey look it's the fag." he snarled laugher filling the air. Yes, Mathew was openly gay but what did that matter. He needed to leave he had somewhere to be and since he was earlier mistaken for his stupid brother, Alfred, and had gotten detention for something he didn't do. He was already going to be late and he couldn't afford to be later.

"Please..." Mathew begged "Not today."

"HA Are you telling the awesome what to do!" Gilbert laughed along with Antonio, a Spaniard kid also in the bad touch trio and known for his Spanish charm. Gilbert smirked slamming Mathew into the lockers again only this time Mathew's weakened knee's let him fall to the ground. Gilbert's smirk grew bigger at the opportunity and kicked straight smack in the gut.

Mathew yelped at the incoming collision and began rolled into a fetal position in an attempt to stop the pain. Taking another kick to the legs then another to the stomach and once to the face, Mathew winced and yelped at every kick.

"Gilbert lets go Andale! A teacher is coming!" Antonio said pulling at Gilberts shoulder. Gilbert frowned when the footsteps got nearer and nearer. He looked at the Canadian on the floor kicked him once more before fleeing the scene with a loud laughter.

Mathew watched patiently as the teacher neared the corner and came into view. Though being easily forgotten and hardly seen he was ignored and the teacher proceeded without noticing him on the floor. Knowing laying there wasn't going to help him; he slowly and gently got up from the floor and began to walk towards his car. Once inside his red truck he sighed looking at the damages he got from the usual beatings. His left cheek was red probably from where Gilbert had kicked him and his stomach hurt incredibly.

"This is going to leave an ugly mark..." he commented with a chuckle. His eyes glance back at the clock and widened incredibly. He was REALLY late. He quickly put the keys in the ignition and drove far away from the high school smiling happily when it was far from view. Finally when he reached his destination he shuffled out of the car very disorganized.

He quickly and hastily put the small familiar red mask on his face hiding at least half of it. They eye holes were covered with a see through black cloth that hid his eyes but he could still see. He could already hear the music playing and DAMN was he L.A.T.E.

He tightened the knot in the back before making a bee line for the back door of the building. He rushed in and looked out form the curtains. It seemed they already on and he needed to on already. Mathew ran towards a dressing room nearly bumping into people and tripping on the way. Once he closed the door he threw his clothing off and got dressed. Pulling on a red v-neck and some ripped jeans and red converse, he was ready. He readjusted his mask and retied the mask he ran out the door. Patiently he stayed hidden by the curtains until the current singer reached his cue. Then he jumped out and the crowd went wild.

Yes, at school he was shy, quiet, and teased for being homosexual but on stage with his mask on and his band mates he was no longer the same Mathew Williams as before. He was now called 'The Red King of Hearts' in an internationally popular band called "Masked".

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