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"Mattie open the door please!" Sally said as she knocked on the door repeatedly.

"No its okay!" Mathew yelled back. His voice was quivering.

"Matt he doesn't deserve your tears!" Zoey yelled through the door. Luna sighed before walking up to them she kicked the door roughly, not enough to break it, but to pretty much be heard from around the house.

"Open the door." She said monotonously.

"No!" Mathew yelled back.

Luna turned to the girls and they backed up. Sally immediately began to laugh hysterically as Zoey sighed. They knew what she was going to do.

Mathew on the other hand was huddled up under the covers. He felt slightly mislead on what just happened. He did genuinely accept Gilbert's apology that is until Gilbert opened his mouth again. Now he felt sad, why did he even bother?

"Uno. Dos. Tres!"

"Huh?" Mathew raised an eyebrow. What is she doing?

The was a two loud bangs then the sheets being ripped off him.

"You broke down my door!" Mathew yelled ridiculously.

"I'll get the tools." Zoey exited the room

"I'll them the spare door in the garage." Sally laughed following out.

"Stop crying." Luna stated. "He is a culo and does not deserve your tears." Her stare hardened as she wiped the tears off his face.

"I can't Luna, I just can't." Mathew sobbed. He face planted into the pillows and led a few wails. Luna just watched and begun to pat his back softly.

"I thought he meant it!" Mathew cried. "I am such an idiot. I believe everything everyone tells me and don't think twice!" He gripped his pillow.

"Mattie..." Sally said sadly easily moved as she saw him cry. Quickly she busted into tears and ran towards Mathew throwing herself on the bed and curling up to him.

"We can cry together!" she said hugging him closely and sniffling. Zoey leaned on the door way watching. They both sobbed to their hearts content before falling asleep.

"So what did you want to tell me when we changed?" Zoey asked as Luna and her excited the room with the sleeping pair.

"I enrolled us into Mathew school." She stated bluntly.

"You did what!" Zoey said.

"Calmada there is a reason behind it though." Luna said as she sat on the couch.

"And what would that be Luna?" Zoey snarled.

"So we can protect Mathew." Luna stared.


"Those a-holes won't go near him if we're there." She explained, "I made sure at least one of us is in all his classes so he won't get lonely nor will they bully him."

Zoey sighed.

"Don't worry everything you need has already been sent to Sally and your house." Luna said as she got up.

"That reminds me I need to get home Jake should already be on his way."

"Wait; help me get Sally onto the car. She's too heavy for me to handle." Zoey said. Luna nodded as they made their way to back to Mathew. Both almost cracking a smile at how Mathew slept at the very corner where as Sally went 'Starfish Mode' and nearly took up the whole bed.

"She's such and embarrassment." Zoey face palmed. Luna looked at her and rolled her eyes. "But she's like a little sister to me none the less."

"Always treasure family." Luna hummed.

"Yeah yeah." Zoey mumbled as Luna slung (gently) Sally over her shoulder. They stopped when they heard Mattie give off a light snore.

"I still can't believe they bully him." Zoey sighed. Luna looked at him with her brown/black eyes. "He's such a good guy."

Luna looked at him shifty eyed and continued on.

They haven't seen hell yet.

Mathew woke up the next day to the sound of a horrifying noise buzz. He quickly shut his alarm down and got off his bed. Groaning in pain as his chest hurt when he slumped over. He looked at his clock with lazy eyes and started at the bright numbers showing '6:30'.

Great I woke up even earlier…

With a huff he jumped to his feet and walked straight to the kitchen ignoring Alfred's loud snoring (When did he even get home?) and his parents having breakfast (Way to early).

"Mathew~ you're already awake?" His mother asked as he grabbed his pain killers. "Oh why are you taking pills?" Well that caught his father's attention.

"I hurt my chest during hockey practice the other day. I went to the doctor yesterday and they gave me these." He said handing his father the prescription slip.

"Bruised ribs? What did that Russian kid hit you or something?" He said looking at him shifty.

"No dad! You know Ivan would never do that." Mathew said angrily swallowing his pills down and walking (striding hastily) up the stairs. "I need to get ready for school now." He muttered.

"Matthew!" his mom yelled after him worriedly as his father grumbled and continued to eat. Quickly he rushed to the bathroom and proceeded to re-bandage his chest looking at the large bruised that covered his chest. He his wondered back to the tattoo of a Maple leaf he had on his lower right breast area.

Oh how his parents would kill him if they ever saw this.

He laughed at it before wrapping his bandage and brushing his teeth and combing his hear. He grabbed some moose and applied it to his hair keeping at from frizzing. He grabbed his signature body spray and sprayed himself before turning off the lights and walking out.

"AL WAKE UP! IT'S SEVEN ALREADY!" He banged on his brothers door. A string of curse words and bang from when hit feet hit the floor and Mathew was gone.

"Fatass…" He muttered as he closed the door of his room with his foot and plopped on the bed. He twisted and turned a few times before sliding his hand under his pillow for his phone.

"Shit dead battery really?" Mathew sighed throwing his phone aside. He laid there for a while counting his chances that maybe he should skip at hang out at Luna's house. Though Luna would personally drag him to school so no. Maybe Sally and Zoey's? Nope. Zoey would call Luna and it would end up the same way the first on did.

Getting his ass dragged to school.

With the lift of his lower body he was on his feet and towards his closet. A tug of the sleeve and his uniform fell of the hander and into his arms. Hastily he slipped his uniform on careful of the soreness and pain in his chest.

Tying his tie he grabbed his backpack, wished Kuma a goodbye, and closed the door.

"Alfred!" His mother yelled after a crash was heard.

"Sorry!" His brother laughed back.

"Great job son..." His father sighed sarcastically. He looked on the scene to find that Alfred spilled Mathew large jar of fresh maple syrup all over the kitchen floor.

"I was just trying to get my Captain America cup!" Alfred laughed holding the thing in his hands proudly while walking, syrup stained shoes, out of the kitchen like nothing.

Mathew stared at the scene horridly. That was genuine maple syrup he got when the band played in Canada. The girls were able to pull several strings to get to go to maple farm.

Now the precious gooey liquid stained the floor and some of the cabinets and his special made glass bottle with the 'Masked' logo on it was destroyed and covered in syrup.

"Oh hey bro." Alfred greeted as he took a seat down on the table. Mathew looked at him before closing his eyes and taking in a shaky breath. His hands formed fists and he quickly stormed out of the house and straight into his car, forgetting his pain killers behind.

This was going to a long painful day to say the least.

"Hey Luna I think it's time you leave already." Jake announced as he wheeled into their bedroom. Luna groaned and ran a hand into her hair.

"When did you get ready?!" Jake asked seeing as her hair was straightened out and she was already in her crisp clean uniform.

"Before you woke up." She stated swinging her legs out of bed.

"Wow really? I didn't even notice." Luna rolled her eyes at her boyfriend's statement as she slipped her feet into her shoes. Old styled Mary Jane's with 2 inch thick heels. They weren't breaking schools rules considering girls practically wore stilettos or much worse.

"Is Mark going to pick you up?" Luna asked as she sat up and ran a hand down her skirt an fixed her biker shorts underneath.

"Yeah but my shift isn't till 1." He said as he rolled behind her into the bathroom doorway.

"I'm going to take the bike." She said as she opened her eye liner and began her daily routine.

"Be careful Luna." He said sternly. She said silent giving him a mental 'I will' with just the look in her eyes.

"SALLY WAKE UP ALREADY!" Zoey said as she pulled the girls ankles trying desperately to get her out of bed.

"NO!" Sally yelled back in protest as he grabbed the head board

"YES!" She said pulling even harder.

"NO!" Sally's grip weakened slowly.

"UGH!" With a harsh pull both went flying across the room.



This was going to take a while…

"Hey Francis, Have you seen Mathew anywhere?" Gilbert tugged on Francis' sleeve as he parked his car into the lot.

"No I have not." He stated. "And if I did I still wouldn't tell you if I've seen him either way."

"Wow you're still angry." Gilbert groaned. "Come on man, it isn't even your problem!"

"Gilbert you insulted his familia. You don't do that to anyone." Antonio said as he poked his head into the conversation.

"Really guys-"

"GUYS LOOK!" Someone yelled as they saw a black motorbike zoom into the parking lot. They drooled over the girl who rode it considering her skirt blew in the win but thankfully the shorts covered.

"Damn she looks hot." Gilbert said.

"She got a nice body too." Francis said admiring the girl.

"She looks familiar…"Antonio said studying her carefully. "I like her helmet though." He laughed at the yellow and blue kitty eared helmet the girl sported. It looked like something you'd find in an anime.

"Omg! Like totally cute car!" A girl squealed as a 'Fiot' rode in.

"Hey isn't that the car with the hot model?" One guy asked.

"I think so." Another said.

"Hmm did that car barely come out?" Francis asked

"Yeah think so." Gilbert shrugged. "Yo, bells gonna ring. Let's go."

Francis and Antonio took another look before following behind.

"Ahahaha that was fun!" Sally laughed as Zoey in took a few breaths.

"Sally we almost ran over a granny crossing the street!" Zoey yelled still gasping.

"Well you're the one who wanted to get here early." Sally retorted with a childish pout as she handed Zoey her backpack.

"FUCK! WE'RE LATE!" Zoey yelled shutting the car door and locking the car before gripping Sallys hand and running towards the entrance.

"Hijo de su…" Luna muttered as she looked around the school. To say she was lost was the least, she didn't know which building she entered and which one her classes where in.

"Hey babe." Luna turned around and was greeted with a sight for sore eyes. Well in her opinion it was.

"What's a babe like you doing here? Ya lost." Said the trouble maker. Luna stared at him observing him before turning back and continuing to look for her class.

"Hey what's your problem?" The guy yelled slamming Luna against the lockers. She flinched slightly as the scar on her back pulsated with pain.

"Hello! I'm speaking to you, bitch!" He said shoving her again. Luna eyes filled with rage.

With a swift raise of the fist a crack was heard and the late bell had rung.

"Good morning class." Mathew looked up at the music teacher groggily. "It's seems we have some new students today." She explained.

"Ha. I wonder if their hot chicks." Gilbert laughed to Toni and Francis.

"Oh how wonderful that would be~" Francis wiggled his eyebrows.

"Aw yes. Muy bueno~" Antonio sang.

"Shh! Silence!" The teacher commanded as Mathew rolled his eyes and put his head down wishing she'd just get this over.

"Well then let's give a warm Welcome to our new students, Samantha, Zoey, and Luna." His head immediately shot up as the door opened and long and behold were his band mates.

"HI MATTIE!" Sally yelled waving to him furiously as Zoey face palmed and Luna cracked her knuckles.

The look in his eyes held both excitement and terror.

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