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Warning Violence, Swearing and a lot of bashing.

Summary: Being sold out by her own tribe has made Alexzandré Meraz (Paul's twin sister) a very bitter wolf but when the government's experiment gains control of herself there will be troubling brewing for everyone in the state of Washington no one is safe from the governments massive mistake.

Pairing: Alex/Leah Paul/Rachel Ryu/Bella Emmett/Rosalie Jasper/Alice

Alex's POV

Aaaaaaaaaaaah! I felt like my insides were being ripped out they had me chained to a wall torturing me they had broken and re-broken every fuckin bone in my body yeah skull included research purposes only of course this has been going on since I was 15 I will be 22 in another week I remember the day they came for…the day my pack turned their backs on me and sold me out just to save their own hides the only ones that didn't give up on me was Paul and my mom everyone else turned a blind eye and pretended that I wasn't taken off my land my own Chief didn't even try to fight it they sold me out my own father signed the paper and there was nothing my mother or twin brother could do about it.


My dad had been visiting I knew something was gonna happen something bad he wanted to get to know me not Paul me I hated my father and he knew that so why was he trying to act like we were buds? I got my answer a week before my moms birthday my dad and 4 men showed up to the house Paul was on patrol he wouldn't be off for another 20 minutes.

"Come on son your coming with me." I looked at my dad like really looked at him was he fucking crazy?


"Alexzandré get your ass over here its time to leave." He snapped.


"Don't make me come get you boy!" I yelled.

"I'm not going anywhere with you!" I sneered.

"I ain't ask you boy I told you Alexzandré get your ass over here."

"Senior what is going on? Where are you trying to take Alex and who are these men?"

"No Kathryne I've allowed you to live in denial about this issue but I ain't doing it no more this child has a few wires loose its time we got him some good help these people are going take him to a psychiatric ward so the doctors can give physical so how crazy he is or isn't."

"One Alex is not a boy she is a girl with an anomaly and two my child isn't crazy I will not allow you to take my child."

"You don't have much of choice Kathryne."

"The hell I don't she's my child."

"I went to a court and they agree with as many fights he's been in and the way his victims were left the courts agree that he need a psychological wake up the boy isn't right in the head Kathryne its time you get a wake up as well." He kept calling me a boy I hated when he did that I'm a girl that just so happens to have a penis him sneering the word boy or he or his makes my anger boil and he knows it. "Now we can do it the easy way Alexzandré or we can do it the hard way."

"You'll have to kill me first before I willingly go to a fucking asylum Dad." I sneered the word he flinched dad never wanted me in the first place.

"Where is the court orders Dr. Givens?"

The doc I guess handed my mom some documents she looked at me with tears in her eyes fuck they were really gonna force me to leave.

"Grab him." My dad barked at the 3 stooges. All 3 walked towards me like I said you'd have to kill me first or at least beat me pretty damn bad fore I went willingly. One of them grabbed my right side and another grabbed my left I started struggling trying to get loose they got me outside Paul was walking up mom was sobbing as they carried me outside I kicked one off me and punched the other the one behind me grabbed in a headlock.

"Stop fighting Alex." Dad yelled.

"What the fuck is going on here? MOM?" Paul screamed. I grabbed the one that had me in a headlocks gun and shot him in the foot he let me go in an instant I grabbed my neck pointing the gun at everyone as I walked backwards.

"Alex you're just making this a whole lot worse."

"Fuck you dad." I sneered then took off no one was gonna catch me I fled into the forest hours later I heard some talking I walked slowly towards the voices hoping it wasn't them fucking scumbags looking for me.

"Sam we should just find her and give her to them." Jake Black said.

"I don't know man." Sam said.

"Dude she's causing too much trouble you think she really cares about being a wolf? She's always getting into fights she broke my nose last week I mean I kinda agree with her dad she needs help."

"So you wanna throw one of our own under a bus?" Jared asked.

"Look if we don't give her to them they're just gonna keep looking what if they search the forest and happen upon one of us?" Jake asked.

"Man that's complete and total bullshit." Jared argued.

"The tribe and our secret comes first before anyone." Sam said to Jared.

"Bet if it were Billy or Josh you 2 would be singing a completely different tune." Jared sneered before phasing and running.

"Seriously Sam we gotta find her before she gets us into anymore trouble." Jake said in all seriousness.

"I agree go talk to your father and tell him our plan Alexzandré III will be leaving us soon." Sam said.

I turned and took off I made it to first beach no one was there it was too cold the hand that was holding the gun was shaking. Seconds turned into Minutes and Minutes turned into Hours when they finally found me.

"Get up Alex and come with me." Sam alpha ordered.

"No." There were 4 gasps.

"What did you just say Alex?" Sam growled.

"You heard me you sick fuck I said no or don't you get that? There's no way I am fucking going with you Sam! You don't fucking own me I am not apart of your fuckin pack anymore so that Alpha voice bullshit doesn't work me but it didn't before either so it doesn't matter."

Sam went to grab my arm I jumped up and shot him in the arm he looked at me in disbelief I growled at him barring my teeth he flinched back I always knew Uley was a Pussy it ain't no coincident that the 2 words sorta rhythm.

"You shot me?" He muttered to me.

"Try that again and it won't be in the arm that I'll shoot you next Uley."

"You'll betray your tribe for your own selfish reasons?" Jake growled at me.

"And you'll turn on ya own? Ya willing to turn your back on me for fucking what ifs? The chances someone will happen upon you we take them every time we phase and run around! Every time we leave the house! Every time we aren't in the woods! So for you to say that they'll learn our secrets because of me is bullshit we have super fucking hearing we'd hear them before they even came near us and the other fact is why the fuck would they come into the woods unless one of you told them I was there?"

"I don't care to listen to your excuses you're going back and that's that!" Jake sneered.

"Make me." I sneered.

"I am your future Chief and Alpha go home." I busted out laughing.

"Kid your nothing to me fuck this tribe and fuck being a protector."

I run up the cliff Jake and Sam right behind me I feel Jake's hand on my arm and quickly whip around putting the gun to his head.

"Think a wolf can survive a gunshot wound?" He whimpered I kicked him in the chest sending him off a 50ft cliff onto the unforgiving beach floor I turn to Sam and shot him in the kneecap. "You might heal but that's gonna hurt like a bitch for at the moment." I turn around and jump into the water I go under a rock formation to an underwater cave I lay down this is not gonna end well for me I just know it every time something bad is gonna happen I get this feeling and right now this feeling is rendering me speechless I lie back and fall asleep. Days later I'm still lying in the same position as when I laid down when I hear moving around I look up and see Paul jumping over to me.

"Knew I'd find you here."


"Mom's going crazy especially when she heard that Chief Black is letting them take you. He won't even fight for you he says its none of his concern seeing as its your father that signed the orders he agreed with Sam and Jake Embry pretty much stayed to himself but Quil, me and Jared made quite the uproar at the council meeting told them how it was bullshit that they were selling out one of our own they said if was for the sake of the tribe and our secret. It makes me wonder who aren't they above selling out for the sake of our secret."

"On the council who all sided with Billy?"

"Harry didn't understand he knew that you were a little temperamental but not enough to gain this much attention by a judge, not even Old Quil I mean I thought he would but not even he sided with Billy it was just Mark, Nathan, Jonah and Beret Old Quil and Harry voted no and so did Sue she thought it was preposterous Mom is flipping out."

"But she's okay right?" I knew Paul could hear the worry in my voice the feeling was back I knew his answer before he said it.

"Nah man I don't think she is she won't stop crying she won't eat she's missing you and blaming herself she's been calling a bunch of lawyers but without the money we can't really do anything she's looking around to get another job she thinks she could afford it if she gets a 2nd job and maybe she can but her health would deteriorate badly by then I don't think she'd make it."

"I'm gonna miss you when I'm gone Paul." I said quietly.

"So you've decided where you're moving? Cool maybe after a couple of months we'd have saved up enough money and we can move out there…" He looked me in the eyes the smile that was on his face fell off his face. "Your gonna let them take you aren't you?"

"I have to see mom."

"I can tell her to meet you somewhere?"

"Then both of you can get in trouble because of me there's something more to this Paul I'm getting that feeling times a thousand I have to do this or something even worse could happen."

"I don't want you to go." He said quietly.

"I'll be back one day right? I mean that can't keep me forever can they?" He looked at me like he was searching my face to see if he sees any deceit.

"Nah I guess they can't." We both got up and jumped into the water and swam to the surface we took off to the house they were waiting in their own separate posts waiting for me I ran into the house and over to my mom I was on my knees with my head in her lap she was crying yelling at me telling me that I should have stayed gone.

"I'd rather spend a life in the hell he's sending me to then to not be able to say goodbye to you." She caressed my face then kissed my forehead one of the goons stabbed me in the back with a syringe I started feeling tired but when he went to pull me from my mom I started swinging and fighting back and yelling for my mom when they finally got me outside the pack and the elders were outside talking to my dad Jake was smirking.

"You're laughing now Black but you forget I know your secret I know how to make you tick wonder what the government would do with that type of information?" I sneered even though my words were slurred they all understood what I said.

"You wouldn't?" Sam said through clenched teeth.

"And why wouldn't I?"

"This is your tribe this is your secret as well you wouldn't?" Jake snarled.

"You forget young Black I have nothing else to live for write me when you get a visit from Animal Control." Jake paled I let out a maniacal laugh they threw me into the back of the van.

End of Flashback

I never told a soul bout what really goes on in La Push but not because of loyalty no because I want Jake and the pack to look over their backs every day with fear that the government will pay them a trip. When we left La Push it wasn't to go to a psychiatric ward I wish that was where we went no we went to an underground government compound where they did experiments on me to see what makes me tick seems like dad sold out his tribe for a few million dollars they tried to harness my wolf by taking my blood and putting it into other human beings but all of the subject dies of illnesses that they've never dealt with so they've stopped trying to harness it because they knew it would always be unsuccessful so they decided to turn me in to a bigger monster they injected me with some much shit I'm surprised I'm still alive.

The worse procedure or experiment that they did on me was with the adamantium they literally put melted metal into my body it covered my bones it sounds cool but hardly the pain is tremendous and it knocked me out for 2 weeks my bones don't break they bend and hurt like hell but you can't break my neck or nothing like that you have to be pretty fucking strong to bend my bones at all but this was a recent thing since they can't break my bones anymore they switched to stabbing , shooting shit like that it heals but it still hurts.

One thing my father used to wish when I was younger came true I might still have the face of girl kinda I got a pretty wicked scar they fuckin really screwed me over. I no longer have tits nope that went the first week said that I was now a soldier I had to look the part which is kinda sexist if you think about it a female soldier can do just as good a job as a male job then they started giving me pills out the ass one of them turned out to be fuckin testosterone pills they dosed me up with so much I don't need em anymore my body has literally become that of a man I get facial hair my body has become masculine I'm bigger than Paul and Sam and Jake I've grown taller as well coming in at a shocking 6ft 9 I don't get chest hair thank fuck but I do have a pretty cute happy trail.

Everything about me has changed I got so much blood on my hands I've always been a pretty angry kid but this puts anything I've ever done or thought about doing to shame I was a murderer that didn't have a conscious over the past 3 months I've been targeting all the people responsible for me being here the judge was the first to go then the 3 stooges a few of the soldiers here only people left is my dad, the good ole doc, Sam, Jake, Billy, Mark, Nathan, Jonah and Beret. The doc will die on our next mission to Seattle where we will be spying on La Push dumb asses really thought they would be safe I should let the doc get enough evidence to haul them in. We already got a sample from one of them so Billy and the elders had to know that we were coming for them I just wish I could have seen their faces.

I arrived into La Push early in the morning home sweet home there really isn't a better place like home. La Push doesn't know what's about to hit em watch out La Push Alexzandré Meraz III is home.

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