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Warning Violence, Swearing and a lot of bashing.

Paul's POV

Today I celebrate my 22nd birthday somewhere in the world Alex is celebrating her 22nd as well I wish I knew where she was I wish she'd write or something she promised me that they wouldn't be able to keep her forever I thought when she turned 18 she'd return but its been 4 years since we turned 18 and still no return. We haven't seen Senior since then they thought that Alex temper was bad I showed them neither Billy nor Sam knew how to deal with me Sam's Alpha voice rarely worked on me and when it did I'd just act 10x worse the next time I went off. Jake has been my main target for the past 7 years a week hasn't passed that he hasn't either been ridiculed by me or beaten up by me Sam and Embry are the only ones that attempt to stop it Jared, Quil and now Leah let me do what I please Seth stays out of it cause even though he was a happy go lucky kid Alex was his idol and Jake, Sam, and Billy sold her out.

"Baby are you okay?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah just thinking is all."

"About?" She asked with a smirk.


"Well would this nothing be an identical twin with a thousand watt smile?" She always knew how to read me.

"Yeah its just…ya know its been 7 years now that's 7 birthdays I haven't celebrated with her Senior won't answer my calls so I don't know where she is even if he did answer my calls he probably wouldn't answer my calls anyways."

"I still don't understand how my dad, Jake and Sam and the rest of the council could sell out one of their owns."

"Cause they didn't call it selling out they called it protecting the tribe and our secret but answer me this Rachel if they were able to sell out Alex who aren't they above selling out? I mean Sam and Jake are a given they'd never fuck over those 2 golden boys but what about the rest of us? I mean I haven't been the most even-tempered person the last 7 years yet they've done nothing to me Alex was in a few fights and had a few outburst and ya know they sent her away to god knows where I just don't get it."

"I don't get it either Paul yeah sure when Alex lost it she was all types of scary but not enough that I'd think she'd need to be admitted to an asylum."

"She said she felt like it was more than her anger that made those men come down here she said she felt like if she didn't leave with them that there was something worse that could happen."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know I've been trying to decipher her cryptic message for the pass 7 years and I keep getting nothing just a headache and pissed off."

"Go eat so we can get to Sue's."

I go downstairs and eat my food Rachel comes down a couple of minutes later and we leave. We make it to Sue's I walk in the back everyone wishes me a happy birthday there's only a few people that I actually accept hugs from Sam, Jake and Embry know better than to say anything to me as does Billy and the council aside from Harry, Old Quil and Sue everyone else can die aside from my mom.

I walk over to my mom and hug her.

"Hey Mijo." This has to hurt not being able to celebrate Alex's birthday as well.

"Hey Mami so how are you?"

"I'm fine it hurts that she isn't here you know I know you can understand that and I hate that I am surrounded by the same people that allowed for her to be taken the only reason I didn't move was because you needed your Pack and because I prayed that she would return to me but its been 7 years and she has yet to return I think my belief is slipping mijo I really do."

"I do understand Mami having to be in a pack with the 3 people that sold my twin eats me alive and to know that my own people helped in fucking destroying everything I held near and dear and then to have them pretend like it never happened like they didn't sell out one of their own it fucking disgusts me they talk a big game about how their about honor, tradition and morals but its bullshit they sold her out for no reason whatsoever one of their own kind. They walk around on their high horse but I know the truth I know they are all paranoid scared that Alex will follow through with her threat a part of me hope she does I hope she sells them out like they did her."

"But we know she won't cause if she does she loses you, Jared and Quil she wouldn't do that to you 3."

"Hey Pauly M my mom wants to talk to you." Leah yelled.

Seth walks over and sits down beside my mom. "Hey Ms. L I was um wondering if you'd do me the honor of dancing with me?"

My mom laughed and took Seth's hand they both got up and walked over to where Jared and Kim were dancing. I walked over to Sue and sat down beside her she and my mom are the best of friends so most likely she wants to ask how she's doing.

"What's up Mrs. C?"

"Nothing much Paul I was wondering how Kathryne is doing." The council quiet down trying to listen in.

"As well as could be expected I mean she did have her child taken away from her and the people that say they are her family is the reason she's not here so Sue I think she's doing as well as could be expected."

"Don't put the blame on us Paul!" Mark snapped.

"Oh so you guys fought to keep her? If memory serves me right you, Billy, Nathan, Jonah, Beret, Sam and Jacob were all for letting them take her so don't fucking pretend to care how my mom is! Her fucking first born was taken from her 7 years ago and no one has heard from her since then your always telling the younger tribe members how the Quileutes are all about tradition, honor, morals and family but you sold out one of your own you watched as she was drugged and taken away you watched as my mom collapsed after watching her daughter being taken away! So don't fucking pretend that everything is fucking alright causes its not if it were Jake or Sam you would fought for them but since we're half bloods you let them fucking take her god I fucking hope Alex does tell the government about your big secret it'd serve you all right!"

"If she does you'd go down with us."

"Actually I won't I'm half blooded the wolves have always been direct descendants I'm half Purepecha Mexican and Quileute my blood is diluted and Leah wouldn't because she's a girl Jared is a distant cousin of the Blacks so they'd think his blood is diluted even if I don't like the guy Embry is a half blood as well."

"And what about Quil and Seth?" Mark snarled.

"Have you ever wondered how me and Alex were able to go against the odds and never get hurt we know when something bad is gonna happen and we know when the threat is directed at us if I get the feeling I'll get Quil and Seth to safety the rest of you are on your own."

I stormed back over to my mom and sat down.

"Thanks." Seth said smiling at me.

"Your not a sell out like Sam, Jake and Embry I protect my brothers those 3 aren't my brothers." I snarled.

"I know why you don't like Sam and Jake but why Embry?" Seth asked innocently.

"When everyone was arguing and trying to make a point and voting he didn't even say anything it was his pack mate and he just sat there while they sold my sister out when people use to pick on him for not having a dad Alex used to protect him she used to get a bunch of trouble just to take up for him and when she needed him to help her, to protect her, to stand up for her like she did against those bullies that was beating him up he just fucking sat there like he didn't have a care in the world I feel like he could have said something but he didn't he just everyone bad talk her it was like everything she ever did was being pulled up but not once was the good things she done brought up SHE ALWAYS PROTECTED ME, EMBRY, QUIL, JARED AND EVEN THAT FUCKING COWARD JACOB WHEN HIS MOM DIED SHE FUCKING TRIED TO FUCKING COMFORT HIM AND THIS IS HOW SHE'S PAID BACK WHEN SAM RUINED EMILY'S FACE ALEX WAS THERE TO HELP WHEN JARED GOT KICKED OUT ALEX WAS THERE EVERY SINCE WE WERE KIDS SHE'S PROTECTED ME WHEN EMBRY GOT BULLIED SHE WAS FUCKING THERE WHEN RACHEL AND REBECCA LEFT AND JAKE CRIED FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT ALEX WAS RIGHT FUCKING THERE WHEN QUIL'S DAD DIED ALEX WAS RIGHT FUCKING THERE WHEN SAM BROKE LEAH'S HEART ALEX WAS RIGHT THERE ALEX WAS ALWAYS THERE TO PLAY WITH SETH WHENEVER SOMEONE NEEDED SOMETHING ALEX WAS THERE TO FUCKING HELP YEAH SHE HAS A TEMPER BUT HAS THE RIGHT TO ALL THE TIMES MY DAD FUCKING BEAT HER MADE HER SLEEP WITH WOMEN IN PORT ANGELES TO MAKE HER MORE OF A MAN WHEN SHE'S TAKE THE BEATINGS THAT WERE MEANT FOR ME SHE HAD A RIGHT TO BE ANGER NO ONE WAS EVER THERE FOR ALEX WHEN SHE NEEDED SOMEONE AND THE ONE TIME THAT SHE REALLY FUCKING NEEDED US EVERYONE TURNED THEIR FUCKING BACKS ON HER AND FOR NO GOT DAMN REASON!" My body was shaking I felt my mom wrap her arms around me my shaking stopped everyone was looking everywhere else but at me, Seth and my mom.

"It's not our fault that your dad did what he did." I was up before anyone could do anything I swung with as much force as I could and hit Jake right in the nose breaking it. "FUCK!"

"If your sell out of a father had stopped to ask questions we could have realized something wasn't right. Alex is 22 and yet to fucking return if your bastard of a father would have fucking asked some questions we could have learned where the fuck they were taking her Jake you were mad that she fucking broke your nose the week before you sold her out because you were angry you broke a family a part because of your childishness I hope you lose your father like Alex basically lost her family. Now that your older you realize how childish you were back then but your too much a asshole to admit it fucking loser."

"Okay everyone calm down." Sam yelled.

"I don't know why your talking Sam your just as much as a fucking loser when you were crying in the woods after ruining Emily's face who was there for you?" Sam flinched.

"Well come on." I heard Grandma Rosa I wonder who she's talking to probably one of our cousins.

Grandma Rosa and some tall person walked in Grandma Rosa had the biggest smile on her face.

"Happy Birthday, Brother." He pulled my hoodie off and then there was pandemonium.

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