"If you truly love me, you will let me go," I stated, staring the man in the face. The man was angry and upset, but he would never let that show to me, his beloved daughter.

"Fine, if I let you go, you will never see me again," father said to me.

"You would prefer it that way anyways," I stated; my face empty of any type of emotion.

"Katarina," father stated. "I will send you money, but I cannot do anything else. Japan is far away, and I have no power there. Korea and China I have some power, but not a lot. I hope you re-consider where you want to go."

"Egh, Korea was my second choice anyways," I stated sourly. "I can always visit Japan."

"Thank you for considering my words," father stated. I could tell he was irritated with my behavior, but he is probably glad I'll be leaving. I won't criticize his choice in women anymore then. I nodded to him and went upstairs to pack my things.

I would normally leave this type of work to the maids, but I want to pack my own bags for once, since I will be living alone now. I sighed upon entering my room and shut the door. I looked over my room for the last time, it was as large as a commoner's house, or that's what I've heard, and almost all the furniture had some type of silk on it.

I went to my closet and pulled out my suit cases. They were red with yellow dots of various sizes on them. I placed them on my king size bed that had a black silk comforter with black silk pillows and white silk sheets. I went back to my closet and looked through my cloths. I would just need some for weekends and holidays.

Picking out some cloths that commoners in Korea would wear, took awhile considering, I had no idea what they wore. I sighed and looked over the cloths again; picking out some dresses and put them nicely into my bag. I also chose some high heels that would match with them.

Sighing, I just chose some random cloths and folded them nicely and placed them in my bag. I also grabbed a pair of sneakers for wearing around the streets. I closed my suit cases and grabbed another bag for my toiletries and anything else that I was going to need. I put my laptop in my carryon bag same with my other electronics.

Once I had finished packing I placed everything by my door and called the maid to bring it to the jet, I would be leaving as soon as the jet was ready for the house father had in Korea right outside of Seoul. The maid hurried in and took the bags.

"Thank god," I said as she left, not because she was there, but because I get to leave and live on my own. I sat down on my bed and looked outside the window.

I always preferred winter over the summer, summer has all of the bugs and it's always to hot, where as in winter it is cold and you can curl up by the fire. Maybe I like it because my heart has always been a barren wasteland that no one can ever enter. No one has ever tried to or even got closer than arms length. But that doesn't matter because I'm more independent and don't depend on people helping me, I've always been like that, and I probably always will.

I stood up and closed the curtains to the window and sat at my desk, staring at the Korean language book that my mom and dad had given to me before they had died in a house fire. Father isn't my really dad, he is just my adoptive father. Unfortunately for me, he ended up being rich, so when I went to any public schools I was bullied to the extent that I almost… well… killed myself, the abuse was that bad.

A knock at the door drew me out of my thoughts. "Come in!" I announced to the person at the door. A maid came in and bowed.

"The jet is here and your things are on board," the maid stated. I stood and walked over to her.

"Thank you, could… never mind," I shook my head and left the room for outside.


"Take this, I will transfer money when you need it and the house there has been prepared for your arrival, be safe, I'll come to visit sometime when I feel like it," Father stated, handing me a credit and debit card.

"Thanks, and make sure you call before you do visit, I don't like surprises, remember," I stated bluntly. Father laughed at this and nodded.

"Be sure to tell your friends that," Father stated. "And you'll be going to Shin Hwa Academy, don't forget!"

"Yes Father, I'll remember, besides, don't you know the head of it, president… Kang?" I stated, as he nodded.

"Yes. You'll meet with her before you go to the school," He said, handing me an envelope. "Open it when you leave."

I nodded and hugged him, which is very rare for me to do. "Thanks." I stated, letting go of him.

"It is no problem, the pilot will tell me when you get there so you don't have to call." He stated, I nodded and boarded then sat in one of the plush seats waiting for the plane to take off.


"Miss. Ryu, we are in Korea," someone stated in Korean, shaking me awake.

"Hm?" I stated, opening my eyes and rubbing them.

"We just landed ma'am," the woman in front of me stated. I nodded and stood up, then exited the plane. As I was hurried along, I passed someone who I soon would know, but didn't know at the time. The red-ish black hair was the only thing I noticed as well as chiseled features before he passed me. I didn't look back though, it wasn't important at the time.

"Your things will be delivered to your home," a tall man with a black suit and dark short cut hair stated, opening the back of a black car for me to get in. "President Kang has ordered a meeting with you today, at 6:00pm at her home."

"Alright, I assume dinner is going to be served?" I stated, as the man got in the front.

"Yes Miss. Ryu, it is formal, so wear your best cloths," he stated as he started driving.

I scoffed. "Of course it is. I would never show up in commoner's cloths to someone so important."

"Right, I'm sorry ma'am," He stated. We drove in silence the rest of the way.


As I got ready for the meeting I looked around my room. It was black and white, like my old room, but the bed was in the center of the room on a white platform with nightstand tables come up from it. There was also stairs that led up to some glass which behind it was my walk in closet that had all of my cloths in it and my bathroom. My bathroom had a black and white bathtub in the middle like my bed. A few feet away was a large shower and the toilet. Next to them was a single sink on a glass counter with a mirror above it.

I dressed in a black suit jacket with a white dress shirt underneath and a black skirt that hugged my legs and went down to the knees. I also put on some plain black high heels and put my hair dark, almost black, brown hair into a tight bun. I grabbed my purse and made sure I had my phone and credit card in it, then left my room and went to the living room where the diver was waiting.

The living room was very different from my bedroom; it was very large and stretched far. It looked like something you would find in a very expensive cabin. It had two brown long couches that connected with dark yellow and light brown pillows. It also had two white recliners next to a fire place that had yellow, orange, and brown colored rocks.

"I'm ready to leave," I stated, standing in front of him. He nodded and opened the door to leave the house.


The drive was short, thankfully, the driver is so stuffy and cold and wont talk at all. I nodded my thanks to him as he opened the door for me then left. I walked up to the tall white door and knocked on it. The door opened almost immediately after I did.

"President Kang is waiting in the dinning room," the man stated, moving out of the way so I could step in.

"I assumed," I said back, waiting for him to lead me there. He nodded and I followed him into a room where an older woman with curly black short hair sat.

"Miss. Katarina Ryu, it is good to meet you, please sit," President Kang stated. I bowed slightly and sat down.

"Might I ask what this meeting is about?" I asked her, slightly confused as to what was going on.

"I had asked your father if I could meet you before you went to Shin Hwa Academy," She stated.

"I read the letter," I said back. She nodded slowly.

"Then you also saw that you and my son are going to have to get along," She smiled slightly.

"Yes, I realize that," I stated, remembering how I had met Goo Jun Pyo a few times and always fought with him.

"Alright, now that you understand, we can have dinner," She stated, as a plate was sat in front of her and me.

"Is Jun Pyo joining us?" I asked her. She shook her head, signaling 'no'. "I see, well in that case, could you please inform him to address me under my alias."

She looked at me funny as I said this and placed her utensils down. "Why is it that you want to hide your identity?"

I coughed lightly to clear my throat. "Because, I just happen to be one of the richest people in the world right under my father, and one of the best gunmen. If that got around, it would be disastrous. So, I will still be going under Katarina but with the last name of Hong."

"So I'm assuming your appearance is going to change as well," Kang stated, taking a bite a food afterward.

"Yes, you assumed correctly, but just my hair color and eye color," I stated, taking out my colored contact that was green. "Then I will only have the face of a famous person, but with a little make-up, I will just look semi-rich."

President Kang smiled slightly. "I see you have had this all planed out for awhile now."

"Correct, I was just waiting for your approval," I stated, putting my contact back in carefully. She nodded her approval and stood. She had finished eating her meal, and by the looks of it our meeting was over.

"You won't have to worry about Goo Jun Pyo; he won't recognize you if you have this planed correctly." She stated. "I will take my leave now, finish up your food and leave at your convenience. But remember, school starts tomorrow for you."

I nodded and she left with out another word. I finished my meal, and my driver took me home. I told the driver he could leave and he bowed and told me he would be here in the morning to take me to school.

I walked into my new house, walked into my room, and sat on my bed. I was truly alone now.


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