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Mystique Oblivion.. .Arcanum ch.01

*Huff* *Huff* .. Running very fast through a very thick forest whilst panting hard. "Light.." He breathed, and finally, out of the forest. he started to cross the road and leaned on the Guard rail and looked down.
'wah, i'm so high up..' he thought, still panting heavily. his eyes wandered around until he found what he was looking for:
A town with the lightning mark not so far away.
'I'm almost there.' he thought, smiling. when he heard rustling of leaves and trees from where he came from.
'they're here. I must hurry..' again, he started to run very fast down the road..

~* Inazuma Town*~

"Pass! pass!" shouted a blue-haired boy, running.

"I won't let you!" A green-haired boy shouted, cutting the pass and dribbling the ball up.

"Damn! Don't let them pass!" The first person shouted to his teammates as he withdraws back.

"I'll Stop you!" a pink-haired tan guy then said, blocking the green's path. though, he just smirked and kicked the ball to the side.

"Hiroto!" He exclaimed.


"Here it Goes, Tenkuu Otoshi!" A red-haired boy shouted, kicking the ball up to the Goal post.

"Maou the Hand!" the goal keeper shouted and tried to stop the shoot - he failed to anyway, giving a point to the opposing team.

"Yeah!" Hiroto Cheered.

"Keep it up! Good work, Everyone!" The Goal keeper from the other side shouts enthusiastically to his team mates. A Man with brown hair then walks up into the field, making every player turn to him.

"Alright, Let's end the Training for today. Good work, Every one." Their coach, Kudou said, turned away and left. Everyone walked to the benches to take a rest.

"Wow, I'm Beat!" Midorikawa stretched his arms.

"Practice ended early today, huh." Hiroto said to his friend while taking a bottle. "oh yeah, is it true that we won't have practice tomorrow?" He asked before sipping water.

"Ehh? Why?" Endou, who suddenly sprung up in the two's back asked worriedly. the two sweatdropped.

"um, i don't know.." Hiroto answered, looking at their captain. 'of course, Endou-kun loves soccer so much, after all.' he thought.

"Well, We're not sure yet.." Midorikawa also responded. 'when did he get to our back? So Fast! i didn't even notice..' He also thought.

"I think it's best if you ask Kudou-Kantoku about it." Hiroto Suggested, to which Endou nodded and went off to look for their coach, dragging Kidou and Kazemaru with him.

"Yo. Nice work today." Hiroto smiled, walking up to where Fubuki, Gouenji and Toramaru are. for short, Let's call it the -Striker's Corner-

"You too." Fubuki simply smiled, Hiroto sat down next to him. By the way, Gouenji was standing next to Fubuki while leaning on a lamp post while Toramaru was just standing In front of them.

"Oh hey, i heard the managers talking about no practice tomorrow. why do you think?" Toramaru asked the others.

"I don't know.. maybe he has other work to attend to?" Hiroto simply said, Gouenji just nodded his head.

"I think i know the reason." Fubuki said, making the others look at him.

"Why?" Toramaru asked.

Fubuki simply smiled and said, "I think there's an occasion. Probably something about his family." a few seconds of silence,

Hiroto chuckled, "C'mon and say what's in your mind already, Fubuki-kun." he said.

Fubuki nodded, "Maybe, Fuyuka-san's Birthday is tomorrow?"

"Ehh? ..Oh! you may be be right!" Toramaru Exclaimed.

"Well, i guess that is a valid reason" Gouenji said with his arms crossed.

"I see, if that is the reason, it would explain alot." Hiroto said, glancing to the three managers (Aki, Natsumi and Haruna) who seem to be chatting excitedly and happily. Due to the reason that Fuyuka was asked by Kudou to run to the malls to buy some necessary things, she was not there.

"I'm not sure about it yet though." Fubuki said, Then Endou came back with Kazemaru and Kidou.

"Everyone, i have an announcement to make!" he shouted, signaling everyone to form a big circle around him.

"What is it, Endou-san?" Tachimukai asked.

"is it something about Fuyuka's Birthday?" Hiroto asked Jokingly.

"Hiroto-kun i'm not sure about that yet.." Fubuki said to the latter.

"Yes it is- Wha, How'd You know?" Endou said a bit surprised, followed by everyone's "EHH?"

"Fuyuka-san's Birthday? When?" Tsunami asked.

"no wonder training ended early today.." Kogure said. the other's started asking questions to each other.

"Wow. you were right, Fubuki." Hiroto said to the White-haired boy while laughing.

"Okay, Guys. Listen up first! i have an Idea!" Endou exclaimed again, and when there was total silence, started to explain the Idea he had.


"Is that alright, Everyone?" Endou asked, with everyone agreeing to his plan. "Alright!" he shouted excitedly. "Let's make the best Birthday party for Fuyuppe!"

"YEAH!" everyone cheered. they then started to make a group with the managers as the leader. They are as followed:

With Natsumi was Endou, Gouenji, Kazemaru, Rika and Kogure. They will buy the Equipments and Decorations.
With Haruna was Fubuki, Hiroto, Midorikawa, Tachimukai and Kidou. They will be taking care of cleaning and rearanging the Venue.
With Aki Was Tobitaka, Toramaru, Tsunami, Fudou and Hijikata. They were assigned to Buy the ingridients needed.
The rest went off to buy their presents. "All right! be sure to keep it a secret to Fuyuppe, Alright?" Endou asked, everyone nodded. "Let's go!"

~*Somewhere in Inazuma Town*~

"Thank you very Much, Please come again!"

"Alright." A purple haired girl walks out of the store, holding a note pad in her left hand and a couple of plastic bags in her right.
"I bought all that's needed. I should go back now." she said, and started to walk. while walking, she caught a glimpse of Kogure, who walked in a store.
'did practice ended early?' Fuyuka thought. though she was looking on the other side of the road, she kept on walking. When she had decided to look in front of her, she suddenly stopped. there were three people blocking the way. dressed in all black, two big guys and one women. they all had there backs at Fuyuka and she over heard some of what they were talking about.

"Did you find him?" the women asked. she wore a black tailcoat, black hat over her red hair and black shades.

"No, Ma'am. we searched the place and there was no sign of Him." The other guy said. he looked like a typical bad mafia guy. and the other one had the same look.

"Damn that Rat." the women swore, agitated. "keep searching. find him immediately! I swear I'll make him suffer ones we get our hands into him.."

'Him? Suffer?' Fuyuka thought, instantly got scared. 'if they knew i heard them, they might hurt me..' she thought, and decided to sneak out of the place, slowly.

"Well? Go!" the women said again, which made Fuyuka jump a little. she hurriedly decided to take the very narrow passage in between two houses to hide. The two guys went for different directions, the front and the back. Fuyuka Hastily walked away, she coudn't take the conversation she heard out of her mind. she doesn't even know where the narrow passage will take her. she tried to calm herself, inhaling and exhaling air. she stopped on her trail when saw something... No, Someone lying on the floor Face-flat. Fuyuka Hurriedly knelt down next to the person.

"Are you alright?" Fuyuka asked the mysterious boy. though she was expecting no reply, the boy spoke.

"Yeah, i'm alright.. i'm just tired, you see." he said with his face still flat on the floor.

"Tired..? then why are you lying here of all places?" Fuyuka asked again with a worried tone.

"hum?" the boy responded cluelessly.

... ... Who is He?


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