Author's note: just to clarify, the chapters aren't supposed to connect. Each takes place on a different earth in the multiverse. That's just so you know.

Also! I might, just possibly, write a prequel starring Heathcliff. But only if enough people say I should. Well, enjoy this piece. I apologize for shortness.

Julio's a nice kid, they said. A little twitchy but a good kid, they said.

Julio would never put Heathcliff in a death trap, they said.

Julio would never crush Jackson, they said.

Julio would never put Ruby in a coma, they said.

He would never hurt Duncan, they said.

At least he would leave Matilda alone, they said.

He would never destroy the world, they said.

Yet here I am, standing on the place that will become the capital of my new world. Agent Brand thought I was a sugar-hyper freak. If anyone had bothered to listen they'd have known that underneath all the gibberish that comes from constantly twitching, I do talk intelligently.

It's annoying enough when the bullies of your school think that since you can't speak, you aren't human. It's even worse when the people who are supposed to be on your side treat you the same way. Sure, they respected me. Duncan was even my friend. But I would never be equal to him. As long as life continued as it had I would be in the background, making snarky comments and taking care of Muchacho's mistakes. Exasperating.

To be clear, I didn't hurt any of them. Heathcliff is still stuck in the trap, but I'll let him out once the danger is over. Jackson and Ruby are in the same hospital, but again, they'll be fine. Duncan will be returned to his family any day now. You don't have to worry about Matilda.

I just had to get them out of the way for a little, I promise. Once they see what I can do the world will be a lot better.

If I say that enough, may it'll become true...

Julio is a nice boy, they said.

He never would have gone insane, they said.

Of course they were lying.