Chapter 8

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As they threw him in his cell, agent icenhour just got up and sat on the seat and started to wipe the blood off his nose. "What the hell is Don up to?" He thought to himself. For what seemed like 30 minutes he just sat in the cell and thought of who the illegal brokers could be. Also he was bashing himself for forgetting his headphones to HQ in the car. Just then a door opened and a shadowy figure stepped in. "ahh young mister icenhour." The shadowy figure said as he opened the cell door. "It can't be you!" icenhour said as he stood up. "Ahh but it is." The figure just stated. "What the hell are you doing here?" Icenhour yelled as he got in his face. "I should ask you the same." The man calmly replied. "I was hoping you wouldn't get involved, but being the goodie two shoes you are, you just had to huh. Now I have to get rid of you to hide my involvement." Icenhour couldn't take anymore and just let loose. Trying to hit the man in the face but the man blocked and sent a hard hit to icenhour's stomach. As agent icenhour fell to the floor in an unconscious slumber the figure spoke. "Now why did you do that for, we already know who the stronger here is."

Master was listening to the bargaining deals and was looking rather displeased with the amounts offered. "You idiots!" He yelled. "Do you have any idea what this stuff can do!" he was quickly losing his temper. "Given enough of it, it could wipe out a whole country, given even more, a whole continent." He held up a vile of purple liquid. "Put it in the water supply and it spreads quicker." He put the vile down and collected himself. "Now let's restart the bidding." The same shadowy man as before stepped and took a seat. "Ahh Don." He said. "Bastard! Didn't I tell you not to call me that… oh it's you, I didn't mean to yell sir, I'm sorry." The master said looking scared. "Of course you are, I don't need to remind who is funding this little ordeal, if we don't get the required results then I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you." He looked at master with a deadly glare. "Of course sir! But it isn't me you should be mad at; it's these damn brokers who refuse to buy." The master said pointing at the monitor. "None the less, my superiors want this done now, that is why I'm here, oh and to take care of the agent." He said leaning back. "And one more thing." He said looking at the master. "Did you take care of those teens yet?" He said standing up. "Yes sir, the fine agent took care of them." He noticed that the figure was walking towards the door. "Uh where are you going sir?" He asked. "Well if you said the agent did it, then the teens are still alive you dumbass, I'm going to take care of them." He said as he left.

"Jesus Fred why are walking so fast." Daphne yelled out trying to keep up. "To get away from you." He said coldly. "WH-why?" she said as she stopped. He turned around and glared at her. "Hmmm let me see, oh yea how about all that love bullshit you have been saying to me for the last year and a half!" Daphne was taken aback by his tone. "What do you mean, of course I lo..." she stopped herself, was she really going to lie about it, she had once loved him, but then as time went on she found that he was simply not the one. "Then why are being so flirty with shaggy!" she really didn't know what to think now. Yes her and shaggy have been friends the longest out of anyone else, and yes she probably felt some type of way for him, but was it that type of attraction. "Ok yes maybe I have been a little to buddy buddy with him but…" she began but couldn't finish. "A little! No a lot! YOUR WERE HOLDING HIS HANDS, TAKING HIS SIDE OVER MINE." Shaggy could hear him yelling all the way down the hall. "Jesus Fred calm down." He said as he caught up to him. "AND YOU, YOU SO CALLED FRIEND! YOU TOLD ME TO GO AFTER DAPHNE, ONLY SO YOU COULD STEAL HER YOURSELF!" shaggy stopped dead in his tracks.

He was sitting in his cell, agent icenhour couldn't help but feel something bad was about to happen. And of all people, he had to be here.

"Like what the fuck do you mean!" shaggy said getting in Fred's face. "I see the way you eye my Daphne!" Fred said getting even closer. "What do you mean your!" shaggy balled up his fists. "I mean MY Daphne, that girl right over there." He retorted. "Did she say she was yours?" "No, but if you can't take a hint." Fred responded quickly. "Ohh I can take a hint, and that hint is that she doesn't want to be with you!" shaggy said getting angrier. "Oh really, and who does she belong with then?" Fred asked laughingly. "Well I vote for myself, all in favor raise your hand." Scooby raised his paw. "You huh? And what makes you think you can use her better than me?" Fred yelled. Shaggy winced when he saw Daphne's reaction. "What do you mean use? That's it!" Shaggy cocked his fist back.

"You guys are too loud; I didn't even have to begin to search for you." The shadowy man from before said from behind them. Shaggy seemed the most shocked. "What is he doing here?" he thought and then said. "We got to get out of here!" but Fred stayed. "NO! No more running, he is our enemy than I will fight him." Fred went to cock back and as soon as he threw the punch, the man ducked down and came up with a frightening uppercut to Fred's face. Landing in a heap on the floor covered in blood and missing teeth, layed an unconscious Fred. When the man looked up, the rest of the group was gone. "Hmmm I guess one is good for now." He said as he picked Fred up and walked back down the hall.

Shaggy waited until the man was gone then sighed. "There was no way Fred was a match for that guy." He stated as he hugged Daphne who was trembling from the fight between "friends" that just happened." He was playing with her hair when Velma popped the question. "Shaggy, do you know that guy." He looked down and then back up before answering. "Yes, well not personally, but I heard of him when I was military school, I heard stories of how powerful and nice he is, guess that nice part was wrong huh."

Agent icenhour looked up when the cell door opened and down came Fred.