It was almost completely quiet in the room. Only an occasional whisper or shush could be heard. Every figure had hidden behind something. The room was dark, every light turned off. Now they only had to wait for a certain someone.

An unsuspecting blonde walked through the hallway. His direction, the living room. He swung the door open and grumbled about no one turning the lights on, even if it was evening. He flicked the lights on and was met with a loud roar.

'SURPRISE!' everybody yelled uneven. They should have rehearsed this.

The blonde stood unfazed in the doorway, confetti fluttering down and placing itself in his hair. He would have a lot of trouble getting that out.

'I told you it wouldn't work,' Sasori grumbled, still annoyed he was forced into doing this. But he would not deny Konan this, she was scary when it came to birthdays. Unfortunately she was the only one who wanted to celebrate them.

Konan pouted and sat down on the couch, mourning the loss of her great surprise party idea. She could have used it on somebody else, someone who would have freaked out.

'You all do know I work with bombs right?' Deidara said, walking further into the room and sat down on his assigned chair. This meaning streamers and balloons were hanging from it. Better get this over with, the blonde thought.

Presents were passed and the mood in the room got grimmer and grimmer. None of the members wanted to be here and this was taking in precious time. Konan actually was smiling again, happy she could hold a party again. Deidara had to fake smiles every time he opened a present, otherwise Konan would smack him. How could he smile if he only got crappy presents.

So far he had gotten a wooden puppet from Sasori, it would be splintered very soon. A dollar from Kakuzu, because that would be the amount of money he would have spent anyway. Hidan gave him a body part of someone he had just sacrificed which Zetsu called dibs on immediately. The rest Deidara didn't even care about. Although it was funny when Itachi said he didn't have a present and earned a death threat from Konan.

It was now time for the cake. Kisame went out to get it and came back with the most disturbing cake ever. It had a large image of spongebob on it and the words "Happy 7th birthday, Arnold." Who the hell was Arnold? Kakuzu explained it as it being cheaper, because it was half price. Cheapskate.

'Okay, you know what I've had enough of this. I'll give you your birthday present, Deidara.' Itachi came walking towards him and sat down on his lap, only to let his tongue run over Deidara's bottom lip. After he had done that he left the room, mumbling something about getting some sort of fun out of this.

Deidara looked at the other members in shock and they did the same to him. After that he scrambled of his chair and ran out of the living room, in search of Itachi.

After a few hours the Akatsuki members got a bit worried. The loud moans were still going on and sometimes they even heard something brake or someone screaming they were in a lot of pain. It was really freaking them out.

But at least we know Deidara had the best birthday he could wish for and not thanks to Konan.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto