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Morticia sighed as she glanced over at her sleeping husband. He had fallen asleep almost directly after their lovemaking and it made Morticia a bit sad that they couldn't cuddle like they used to. Gomez would stroke her hair as she laid comfortably on his chest and purred softly. Now, he was much too tired to do much after their love sessions and it made Morticia sad. Slowly disentangling herself from her husband, Morticia slipped out of bed and into her nightgown.

Going down to the living room, Morticia heard angry voices… well, one angry voice actually. She moved to the living room and saw seventeen-year-olds Joel and Wednesday in a heated argument with each other. Joel was yelling at Wednesday with a red face, flushed with anger whereas Wednesday spoke calmly with her natural neutral face. Standing in the doorway, Morticia watched the two as they fought.

"…just saying that you should at least show when you love me." Joel grit through his teeth. He had grown taller and had managed to put on a bit more muscle. He wore contacts now, instead of glasses and his brown hair had lengthened to his shoulders, much to his mother's chagrin.

"I do show when I love you." Wednesday replied monotonously. "I tell you I love you, we make love, we kiss, we hug… what more do you want from me?"

"I want to see the emotion!" Joel roared, his hands curling into fists. "I want to see it! That's all I'm asking is that I see the emotion."

Wednesday raised an eyebrow a half an inch higher than her standard mask. "You know I don't like showing emotion. That's why you were so intrigued with me in the first place, remember? You were wondering why I could be so nonchalant while the other girls were all smiley or sad."

"Yeah, and it was great back then." Joel sighed. "But now, I need something, Wednesday. I need to know for sure. Every time I look for love in your eyes, they're dead and lifeless."

"Well, I-."

"No, please don't." Wednesday waited for him to speak, already seeing the decision he was about to make. "I don't think I can do this anymore, Wednesday. I need someone who I can stare into their eyes and see that they love me back as much as I love them. I think I should go. I'll get my stuff and leave. We're done."

Wednesday simply nodded, her years of training preventing her from crying or screaming or even looking sad and this seemed to make Joel even angrier. "What, you're not even going to try and stop me? You're just going to let me go without any tears or pleas or… anything?"

"If getting an emotion out of me was the cause for you doing that then it was a very weak attempt."

Joel growled under his breath and snarled, "I'll be gone by morning."

Wednesday nodded again and faced the fire, turning away from him. Joel stormed past Morticia and up the stairs while the Addams matriarch continued watching her daughter.

"Hello, Mother."

Morticia took that as her cue to move forward. "Hello, Darling."

Wednesday turned from the fire and looked up at her mother with slightly duller eyes. "He didn't love me." She whispered.

"Darling, I'm sure he does-."

"No, he didn't. He wanted me to be something I'm not and that's not love, that's possession. You and Father don't have possession and I want what you have."

Morticia sighed and pulled Wednesday into a loose hug as her daughter slowly wrapped her arms around the older woman's waist. "I'm sure you'll find someone like that sometime soon, Wednesday," Morticia cooed. "Just give it a bit of time."

Wednesday shrugged and sighed. "Mother?"

"Yes, Darling?"

"Since Joel's not likely to be sleeping with me tonight, can you sleep with me?"

Morticia raised her head and looked down at her daughter slowly, contemplating the pros and cons of whether she should do that. One the one hand, Gomez would be upset that she hadn't stayed in bed with him, but on the other, Wednesday needed her mother more than her father did. "Alright, Darling. I'll sleep with you tonight."

Wednesday looked up at her mother for a moment and nodded, which was her version of showing gratitude. Morticia led them up to Wednesday's bedroom and laid down next to her daughter. Slowly stroking the younger girl's hair, Morticia lulled Wednesday to sleep before drifting off herself.

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