-of skylarks and blonds-

Summary: He hated Dino, and his blond hair, and his blue eyes, and his damn whip, and his damn smile. One-shot, semi-PWP, 5YL. D18

He arched his back sharply, gasping.


Moans continued to spill effortlessly from his lips as sinful lips and teeth worked on his body, teasing out the strangest reactions from him. His fingers buried into sunshine-hair, tugging roughly even as teeth grazed warningly against his aching flesh.

"Ah- ahh!"

Writhing as a warm wetness enveloped him, he wondered how it ever came to this… They began as an herbivorous mafia Don and his unruly pupil, only to become an omnivorous Don and his unruly lover. However, all his thoughts disappeared as pleasure seared through him, causing his toes to curl and his body to strain against the blond.

"Nngh-ah…! P-pleas-nngh…"

A strangled plea left him as he felt hands restrain his hips, holding him down as a wicked tongue worked against him.

Kyouya bucked futilely against Dino's hands, a pleading cry leaving him involuntarily. A needy whine left him when the Italian's warm lips moved away from his arousal, panting and blue eyes dark.

"Good things come to boys who wait, Kyouya…" Dino purred to the nineteen-year-old, a sly finger trailing down a vein that protruded from Kyouya's engorged flesh, nails scraping lightly and causing Kyouya's back to arch, a soundless moan to leave his hips.

Too far gone in pleasure, the only retort Kyouya could give him was a strained "please" through wet, abused lips.

Dino's eyes flickered down from Kyouya's hazy eyes to his open, begging mouth and back up again. He flicked his tongue out, wetting his lips subconsciously.

However, he restrained himself, glancing at the clock.

11:47… 11:48…

He brushed his lips against Kyouya's ear. "Be a good boy for twelve more minutes," he murmured, "and I'll let you get what you want."

A furious growl escaped the raven-haired man, still conscious enough to understand Dino's words. "Now, herbivore!" He growled, letting go of his hair to rake his nails down Dino's arms. "Before I bite you to death!"

Ignoring the sharp sting of the scratches, Dino smirked, suddenly grabbing Kyouya's wrists and pinning them above his head. "Bad boy," he drawled. "That's another two minutes."

Kyouya continued to writhe and struggle against the strong grip on his wrists. He glared at Dino, fully aware of the now unbearable ache between his legs. Once the herbivore let go of him, he was going to bite him to death, and then give him a taste of his own medicine, as those stupid herbivores called it.

One of Dino's hands let go of Kyouya's wrist, though his grip didn't loosen one bit. With that free hand, the blond caressed his cheek, avoiding Kyouya's teeth as he tried biting it off. "Poor Kyouya," he purred. "You look so debauched, and so ready to be fucked."

The hand went lower and lower until it reached its destination, causing Kyouya to hiss in pleasure.

"How eager," the Italian continued to comment in his low drawl, sending sparks down Kyouya's spine (much to his annoyance). "Do you really want me… inside of you, mia lodola?"

The raven-haired man managed to scowl despite the pleasure rushing through his veins. "I'm not your skylark!" He hissed, trying to kick Dino in the chest.

He was also no girl! How dare Dino treat him like a fucking woman—? "Nngh-ah!"

Kyouya's eyes widened when he suddenly felt something hard press up against him, and another strangled cry escaped him as Dino slowly pressed him into him.

"Shut up, Kyouya." Dino's eyes were as dark as his voice. He slid into him in an agonizingly slow pace, his breath coming out in soft pants. "You wanted me to do this, right?"

Unbidden by him, tears sprung into Kyouya's eyes as a raw burn started up inside of him. It wasn't that it hurt, it was a reflex – and it was also a reflex that Kyouya loathed. It was a sign of weakness that Dino often took advantage of, treating him like a weak little puppy.

But not this time.

The blond took a perverse delight in making Kyouya cry tears of pain, a licentious grin appearing on his face as he continued to ease himself into the raven-haired man. Only five more minutes, he thought smirkingly.

"Herbivore…!" Kyouya groused out in a strained voice. "What the hell are you doing?"

Dino's eyes trailed down his debauched form without an answer, causing the nineteen-year-old to narrow his eyes in suspicion even as a shiver ran down his spine in an unwelcome anticipation.

"… You."

Kyouya's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to insult the blond—only for his words to die out as the blond suddenly began to thrust into him roughly, sending pain and pleasure rushing through his veins. Spasms wracked his frame as he cried out, thrashing against the blond who was still restraining his wrists.

Soon, the pleasure overtook the pain, sending Kyouya into a euphoric state. He was oblivious as Dino released his wrists, his arms moving to wrap around Dino's chest and his nails dug into his back as he bucked against the other.

Little mewls and purrs left Dino's lips, filling Kyouya's ears alongside the lewd sounds of skin slapping against skin; and even as their pace quickened and gasps escaped their lips with increased frequency, Kyouya noticed through his pleasured haze that Dino's lips never lost their smug shape, mocking Kyouya with his smirk.

Nails dug into Dino's back as white filled Kyouya's vision, and only once did Kyouya's mouth opened to call out the blond's name.


Hot liquid filled him up, and he shuddered noticeably. Dark grey eyes were half-lidded as they stared up at Dino accusingly. Kyouya's lips curled into a sneer, and he quickly pushed Dino off with disgust. However, he was unprepared for Dino's arm to shoot out to grab his waist, pulling beneath the blond again.

The blond's mocking smirk widened as he reached up to touch Kyouya's lips. "… Such a lewd lodola," he murmured delicately.

"Fuck you, herbivore."

"Just did," Dino replied, eyes gleaming wickedly.

Kyouya would have stared at him in astonishment and annoyance if he hadn't had so much control over his expressions. "… Hn." He finally settled on an answer, turning around so that his back faced the Bucking Bronco in a childish show of defiance.

The blond's hands relaxed in their hold to rest on his hip.

Stupid skylark, he thought affectionately as he kissed a mark on his shoulder. It was a wonder why he loved the skylark so much. A dark gleam entered his eye as he pressed up against Kyouya possessively, making him stiffen again as he felt Dino's hips press against him.

It was also a wonder why he didn't just clip the skylark's wings to keep him with him forever…

"Happy birthday, Kyouya," he murmured lovingly as he silently reached for the gun on the bedside table.



A/N: a somewhat morbid end to Kyouya's birthday one-shot.

lol, I was just finishing this with my mom in the same room as me. How awkward~