-dirge of the fallen-

A/N: so this is a continuation of 'of skylarks and blonds', except there's two versions: one where Dino dies, and the other where Kyouya dies. They're drabble-esque, so they're going to be rather short!


Blood trickled down from the wound in his temple.

"... Hey."

Pale hands reached out to touch tanned skin, shaking the figure lightly. A lifeless hand fell to rest on the downy, stained pillow.

"Baka. Wake up."

Blank eyes continued to stare out at nothing, looking at things without seeing.

Kyouya's dark eyes continued to stare at Dino's cooling body, as if waiting for the blond to suddenly wake up again, and announce that he had been joking. Because the herbivore would do that - right?

"Bronco," he called, eyebrows furrowing as he noticed blood continue to bubble from the wound.

(It was fake - why else would it be so red? Surely blood shouldn't be that red, or smell so cloyingly sweet.)

"Stop acting!" He suddenly ordered, slapping the blond's cheek. Dino's head only bobbed to the side, staying in the position at which it stopped. Kyouya's eyes narrowed with annoyance, still believing that Dino was just playing with him, trying to make him show weakness... Just like he always did.

Because he had to wake up.

Otherwise, nothing would be right again in Kyouya's world.

He dug his fingers into Dino's arm, as if that would get the Bronco to stop acting. Seconds turned into minutes, which soon turned into hours―and still, he kept vigil at Dino's side. He couldn't stay that still for so long, right?

The silence slowly got to him.

The lack of breathing from the body beneath him. The lack of heat emitting from the body beneath him. The lack of Dino in the body beneath him... like it was only a body, and nothing else.

Unbidden by him, a soft whisper escaped his lips.

... Dino.


The gun dropped from his hand, falling silently onto the blood-stained bed beneath him.

"Kyouya," he murmured lovingly, lips curling into a soft smile as he bent down, kissing the skylark's forehead. "Ti amo," he whispered against his skin, arms moving to wrap around his body.

His smile spread as he caressed Kyouya's hip, the velvety flesh pliant under his fingers.

"Ti amo," he repeated, just as softly. "You know that, right, mia lodola?" Kisses were laid onto Kyouya's eyelids, temple, neck with every word as he continued to cradle the dead man against his chest.

Dino laughed softly, ignoring the steady trickle of liquid making its way down his shoulder and back.

His lodola was so beautiful... and he was his forever.

He parted his lips to croon a gentle song.

Allouette, gentille allouette

(Skylark, sweet skylark)

Allouette, je te plumerai

(Skylark, I shall pluck you)

Je te plumerai les ailes

(I shall pluck your wings)

Tu es la mienne pour l'éternité, mon petite allouette

(You're mine for eternity, my little skylark)


A/N: I added to the Allouette song - the final line. It's sorta like Dino's possessive thoughts.

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Dino, why are you so... angsty in this two-shot?