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"Milady …it is time," a dark haired man grinning like a fool said to me. I stopped messing with my sleeve letting the light silvery, white material fall on my arms.

"Merlin, how many times do I have to tell you-"I started with a fake glare on my face.

"At least one more, Lyanna or should I say Queen Lyanna" he joked. Merlin grabbed a piece of my dark curly hair and tugged gently.

"Still as wild as ever ...you look amazing, Lyanna" gesturing to my gown. No. not just any gown my wedding gown.

"I am so nervous Merlin…what if he changes his mind? What if she is right – I am scared "I confessed. No matter my title as a lady soon to be Queen in a few moments Merlin was like my brother, my secret keeper.

"Hush …Don't think of negative thoughts when it should be the happiest day of your life .which again…if this is some way of telling me you don't want to marry him I understand he may be King but he's still a bloody Prat" Merlin exclaimed trying to make light of fears.

I giggled while turning just a bit to stare at a woman who looked ready to be Queen. Her face was pale with pink cheeks that she desperately loathed when she was a child, but now liked. Dark curly hair pinned lightly with a golden dragon clipped with brilliant violet eyes. Although the hair adornment was trying to win the war of the amount/ weight of hair it was trying to hold some curls escaped and rested on her waist. Surprisely at least she looked like she meant to do it. The Dragon was a gift...a gift from her elder sister who was cursing her name most likely for stealing something she thought was hers by birth. Her eyes moved to the reflections ever changing blue to silver ones. They were fierce and dramatically lined with black kohl. Her eyes were not the big doe full ones men fell in love with. No they were …sharp. Sensual. Magical in every sense of the word. While Lyanna stared at her reflection her sister's bitter words rang in her ears

"Betray me little sister …betray your blood for him. But one day you will wake up and see the awful mistake you made. One day he will disappoint you as all Pendragon men do and you will be alone in the dark again. His love for you will fade when he see that you dear Anna are made of the same darkness as me"

I shaked my head violently. I would NOT let her ruin this for me. Like she did before. Merlin hugged me gently as I started to bite my lip.

"No sister. We are different …and I will show you...i promise you...and I ..unlike you always keep my promises" I thought back bitterly.

A loud knock on the door drifted my thoughts to the present.

"Lya …oh my you are so beautiful …" my second best friend, Gwen exclaimed holding her swollen tummy.

"Well I did have a wonderful help with this stunning gown" I replied while making a silly pose right before I went to hug her.

"Arthur is going to go bonkers when he sees you soon to be future Lyanna Pendragon" she teased with a certain light in her eyes. Everyone could tell that Gwen and Lancelot where walking on air with the news of their first child even if it was almost due.

"Not as crazy as Lance will be when he sees you walking about present day Guinevere Du Lac. I joked although I knew my statement was true. Lancelot was very timid that Gwen was 7 months pregnant and looking like she will pop at any moment. I can only hope that Gwen's statement about Arthur was true. My face started to feel flushed.

"No body cares for Merlin" pouted Merlin.

I and Gwen looked at each other before we both hugged him as tight as possible.

"We do!" we both exclaimed while giggling.

Gaius entered the room with a small smile on his lips. Clearing his throat...

"I suggest milady we go now or the King might start running a hole in the carpet from pacing up and down muttering crazily to himself." He stated.

I smiled at him then to my best friends.

"I am ready ...finally" I whispered. Taking Gaius's arm but stopped to turn to look in the mirror one last time. Gone was the little girl that cried all through the night the first time Late King Uther stated he was now her and her big sister Morgana's new guardian. Gone was the insecure girl that felt like she was too ugly to be in the royal household. Gone was stubborn lady who would not express her deep feelings for a golden haired prince. Gone was the ever lying witch who kept her magic a secret. Here stands Lyanna le Fey soon to be Lyanna Pendragon Queen of Camelot. I smiled while softly closing my eyes letting images and sounds… take me back to the start of an era.