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"You KISSED him?" I excitedly shouted to Gwen.

"Please lower your voice..And yes I did" she admitted with a blush coving her face and neck.

"How was it?" I asked curiously

"It was um nice" She blushed darker "but I don't think he likes me..It was so embarrassing!"

"Gwen he would be an idiot not to like you.."I began "but according to Arthur he has had his moments."

"Oh yes the prince" she began with a hidden smile " You two have been getting quite close!" she bumped my shoulder with hers.

"Don't even go there!" I stopped her wishing I could actually stop my face from heating up "We are basically like siblings!"

"Well I never caught my brother looking at me the way Prince Arthur looks at you!" Gwen pressed on.

"Stop!" I begged "I'm going to go visit with someone who will be nice to me!" I started to walk away but she just started

"Do you mean the Prince?" I playfully turned around and stuck my tongue at her trying to avoid the strange looks I was receiving. I was walking towards the stables to see my favorite horse Breana and nuzzled her neck. The stable boy appeared and quickly saddled Breana. We galloped away heading towards Camelot's beautiful forest, where I rode to clear my thoughts and get away from the straining court. I loved the way the wind blew through my locks and I just felt completely free. I was racing deeper and deeper inside the full bloomed green trees pushing Breana to let herself go. My thoughts started drifting to what Gwen said 'Did Arthur like me like a man likes a woman?' or was it just that we grew up together; for that matter did I even like him. My confusing thoughts were put to a halt by a loud screeching sound piercing my ears, Breana gave a startled neigh. I bit my lip as the previous conversation with the King came to my mind. Apparently Camelot has been having some mysterious beast attack the villages outside the capital. Recently it felt like something dark was always looming over the Kingdom. I was about to make my way back to city when I heard a man's voice yell, teetering on if I should follow the sound I nudged Breana onward. As both me and Breana made our way to scene I had my lucky dagger in my hand but put it back when I just saw Merlin and some mysterious man lying on the ground.

"Merlin! What are you doing here? I questioned "Where you just attacked? Who is that? Is he alright?"

"Lady Lyanna! I was just uh picking some mushrooms for Gaius when some beast attacks me! If it wasn't for Lancelot I would be dead right now." Merlin rambled off as I approached the man called Lancelot. He certainly was a handsome man, tan skin with dark brown hair that had a bit of a wave to it .He looked like one of the knights you would hear in old tales and songs. He was dressed in simple clothing but on his side was a bloody gash on him. Merlin and I hoisted his body up (with some difficulty) to Breana who was not too happy having a stranger on her, but with a few sweet words and a promise of some apples she trotted along to the Gaius's quarters with me and Merlin on foot. Merlin explained the whole incident with details as we made our way to his quarters he started describing the monster and I swore sounded familiar. I departed to take Breana to her kennel telling Merlin I would stop by sometime to check on Camelot's new patient. After I finished feeding Breana and I made my way to the library, I kept on thinking of the description of the beast Merlin gave me I would bet on my life I have heard of that creature before just wasn't sure where. I decided to play detective for awhile with a long stack of books.

Merlin was watching his master, Prince Arthur train his knights; he really wanted to talk about his new friend Lancelot becoming a knight of Camelot. He was sure the people would love him, he was so concentrated he only caught the end of his speech

"You face the most feared of all foes, the ultimate killing machine. You face me. You're challenge to last one minute free combat. Grummond, Second son of Wessex."

Merlin watched as the nobleman stepped in front of Arthur and bow. Arthur made his way to an hourglass and flipped it then stated

"Your time starts now!"
Arthur just stood there watching the noble swing his sword a couple times until he made his attack towards him. Arthur, swiftly took the man down with a merely two blows leaving the man helpless flat on his back. Arthur went to the defeated body and pulled his flag of his belt made his way out of the field. Arthur looked pissed as he ordered some knights to take him away. Merlin was hesitant but decided now was as good as time as any.

"Grummund's the third to fail this month. How am I meant to defend Camelot with rubbish like that?" complained Arthur as Merlin just smiled seeing his opening
"Well, I think I might be able to help." Merlin piped in.
"You, Merlin? You haven't the faintest idea what it takes to become a knight. Courage, fortitude, discipline." Arthur described as if her was talking to a simpleton.
"No, no, no, of course I don't, but I do know someone who does." Merlin started seeing Arthur look at him with a little interest he continued "He saved my life."

Merlin began retelling the story of how Lancelot saved him all the way till the Lady Lyanna came up to them. He made sure to address her with her title knowing that it irked Arthur when he didn't. He wasn't positive if his master had romantic feelings for the strange lady he befriended or just brotherly feelings like he knew Arthur felt for the Lady Morgana. But Merlin did take notice that Arthur's eye seemed to light up at the mention of her name.
"Saving you Merlin is like blowing it for starters." he said arrogantly "Hold on...Why was Lyanna in forest by herself ?"
Merlin shrugged his shoulders not knowing what to tell him but asked him what he thought of his friend. Arthur proceeded to tell him about some First Code of Camelot that Merlin was not familiar with but as the prince explained he has to be of noble blood to serve as a knight. Merlin frowned 'what a stupid rule!"

" Oh, err, he-he is a nobleman." Merlin blurted out surprising even himself.
"Is he?" Arthur questioned with a raised eyebrow.
"Absolutely" Merlin shotted back with a smile.
"Very well. Bring him to the training ground tomorrow. And make sure he brings his seal of nobility"
"Thanks, Arthur. You won't regret it."

Merlin made his way back to Lancelot to tell him the half full-half empty news. Merlin started with the semi good news how Arthur would meet Merlin felt awful looking at Lancelot's face when himself and Gaius told him Camelot's knights required royal blood. He looked defeated as Lancelot explained why he always dreamed of being a knight and what it means to him. Right then and there, Merlin decided that he was going to help his new friend become a knight no matter what the rules said. Merlin made his way to the court library he remembered Lyanna mentioned fondly before, there just had to be some type of scrolls on noble families. It took him some type to get familiar with the place but found what he was looking for, an abandoned parchment of a distant household . The Northumbrian nobility was copied on an extra piece blank parchment with few adjustments in Lancelot's favor as he whispered a spell under his breath. He smiled at his handiwork and walked out of the library never hearing Lyanna's voice shouting for him.

"What is that boy up to?" I asked myself quietly making her way where Merlin was sitting earlier. I started investigating the book he seemed to be reading 'History of Noble Families'. I was not sure what was going on with Merlin that he adopted a certain interest in Noble Families but I definitely think it was time to stop by and visit my friend.

I made my way towards Gaius's quarters and knocked softly before I let myself in. There standing next to each other was Merlin and the injured man I believe his name was Lancelot.

"Good to see the patient up and about" I remarked to both men

"Lancelot, this is the Lady Lyanna she is the King's youngest ward and a good friend of mine" Merlin introduced

"Please, just call me Lyanna the formalities can be tiresome quickly" I replied giving him a smile as we shook hands .

"As you already know my name is Lancelot, Lad-Lyanna" he retorted back trying to cover his mistake.

Merlin began to tell me how Lancelot's dream was to become one of Camelot's knights and how he traveled distant lands of Northumbria. I never seen a man like Lancelot vocalized how much he wanted to be a knight and what it meant to him. He obviously took it very close to heart and was eager to meet Prince Arthur. But when Merlin rambled I also noticed that Lancelot seemed to avoid my eyes every time the words 'noble' or 'Northumbria' came out. I was positive the last time I met Sir Lancelot's father Lord Eldred he only had four sons all of them with golden brown hair. Something was not right, this man did not have any characteristics of a man of noble birth. Where was his horse? His grand clothes? Gold? Anything? Was he robbed here or was he not what Merlin was saying.

"Lord Lancelot, you must forgive me but you house's color have slipped my mind, are they not green and black" I inquired directly to Lancelot

"Um yes milady but please call me just Lancelot" he answered hesitant.

I smiled at him but this time not out friendliness but of triumph, the colors of Northumbria were orange and blue with two red swords. Piece by Piece as the two men kept talking I made sense of the situation. In order for Lancelot to even think of trying out to be a knight he had to be born of noble blood, knowing the type of person Merlin would have somehow aided Lancelot in his dream. I kept my face engaged in the two men still talking away, I knew the severity of the situation but Camelot needed good men and Lancelot certainly fit the bill. And if these boys were going to get away with it they definitely needed my help.

"Lancelot since your unfortunate attack on your way here let me have the honor of getting you new provisions and an outfit for you test. The world's best seamstress happens to be a good friend of mine." I graciously offered with a smile.

"That a fantastic idea Lyanna!" Merlin stated excitedly

"Thank you very much, your kindness is too great" Lancelot replied. I proceeded to lead the two men towards the area of the castle where Gwen would be. While walking all three of us started chatting and joking a bit, Lancelot was quickly turning to be friend. In the corner of my eye I saw Gwen walking around the corner.

"Oh Gwen, there you are! Lord Lancelot needs an outfit for meeting with Arthur about his prospects of being a knight of Camelot, can you please have it in his Northumbria colors, orange and blue." I stated to Gwen while I turned around to face the two men, slipping on a smirk to glance at the astonished faces. Gwen quickly agreed staring at Lancelot a few beats than necessary. As we made our way to Gwen's house I glanced back at the flabbergasted boys to wink and put my finger to lips letting them know I wouldn't tell there little secret. Merlin beamed me a smile as Lancelot graced me with a small one.

After explaining to Gwen what I was picturing for Lancelot, I walked out to leave the three of them to get Lancelot's measurements and on my way I literally collided with someone. That someone being Prince Arthur's chest. I meaning my face.

Bloody Hell woman! Watch where you are going!" he remarked as he bent down to help me up. I huffed at him as I avoided his hand helping my own self up

It was you who ran into me, Arthur or I should say you chest ran into my innocent face" I retorted back touching my face lightly testing if I would have future bruising. We haven't had a real conversation since the night he walked me to my chambers after we went to go check on Merlin together.

" How do you know it wasn't your face that hit my innocent chest?" he asked back with a playful smirk. I rolled my eyes and started walking away but noticed Arthur was following me. "So I hear you met the man that saved Merlin "

" Well at the time I just saw him since he was passed out" I stated " but I did just meet him earlier today."

"And what is your opinion of the man…he wants to be a knight I hear"

"He certainly has the qualities for one, he seems handsome, honorable, gallant, and intelligent. Plus he would be one of few knights that I would actually enjoy talking to." I listed all Lancelot's traits.

"So you...approve of him?" Arthur inquired , his jaw tightening as he stared at me.

"Well I didn't think you need my approval , but I do very much so. I think he will be great asset to Camelot and can not wait to see him with the other knights." I honestly said to him.

"I don't need your approval, I was just curious. I also wouldn't get my hopes up, this Lancelot will have to pass MY tests to become a knight." he basically snarled at me then turned around and walked the opposite side of the corridor. I didn't understand what was his problem, one day he is sweet the other he is a total prat!

I started to make my way back to Gwen's but I noticed Lancelot and Merlin strolling through the courtyard. I must have talked to Arthur longer than I thought, I called out to them to halt and walked quickly to them. A lovestruck face appeared on Lancelot's face as I asked them about him how his fitting went.

Wonderful, She seems lovely. Guinevere." He admitted. I did an inner happy dance that my new friend to a liking to Gwen. I was starting to believe that Merlin was a lost cause on any romance between him and Gwen. But Lancelot and Gwen seemed perfect for one another.
"Oh, yeah. Yeah, she is. And the best seamstress in Camelot, I promise." Merlin added.

"With a heart of gold and a gentle soul!" I eagerly promoted my oldest friend.
" So is she uh involved with anyone? You both seem close." he asked Merlin with a blush on his face. Merlin laughed and denied anything saying they were just friends that pleased Lancelot greatly. I took my leave of both men by telling them I would be there to see Lancelot's trial, with hopefully a special guest.

Today was the day for Lancelot, both me and Gwen made our way to the training field arm an arm. Lancelot looked great in the outfit Gwen made, she began fussing about on him which it was obvious he was taking relish in it. I looked on the field to see Arthur training his knights with commands, even though I would never say it out loud Arthur looked very handsome on the field. He looked like he belonged there. We started to give words of encouragement to our new friend as we saw Arthur was wrapping up his session with the knights. Lancelot made his way to Arthur nervously seal of nobility in hand. Arthur took notice of Lancelot presence with a stern "yes?"
"Lancelot, 5th son of Lord Eldred of Northumbria." Lancelot stated with a clear voice to the prince. Arthur eye's went pass Lancelot and caught mine , I gave an awkward nod of acknowledgment to him which he seemed to ignore.
"Lance...a lot? My servant mentioned you. Got your seal?" Arthur patronized the poor man in front of him. Lancelot bowed lowly and offered his seal with a "sire". Arthur felt irritation to this 'Lancelot' and saw the perfect moment of humiliation as the man was down bowing. He hit him hard and fast with a blow that made Lancelot hit the ground with a BAM . Both me and Gwen scrunched our faces with a grimace.

"Sluggish reactions. In a battle field you'd be dead by now. Come back when you're ready!" Arthur ordered without barely looking at the man on the ground but at the lady behind him far off. He began to walk off but stopped when Lancelot got up and placed his hand on his sword.
"I'm ready now, Sire."
Arthur turns back around mockingly with a smirk."You are, are you? Fine. You can start by cleaning out the stables."

It seemed the goons of Arthur took a laugh at poor Lancelot's expense. Lancelot looked back at us with a confused look as Merlin gave him two thumbs up and me and Gwen gave him smiles of encouragement. After chatting with the group for a while I offered to show Lancelot the stables, on the journey there we chatted about Gwen and how unfair Arthur was(well that was mostly me). There was something Ive been itching to ask Lance but I was getting nervous. Since the cockatrice incident I realized my sword fighting skills were getting a tad rusty and I was hoping if I asked nicely he might be able to train me. Merlin told me he thought Lancelot would even put Arthur to shame so I knew he was well qualified.

"So I have a proposition for you Lancelot," I began noticing I grabbed his attention." I will keep your little secret if you do one thing for me"

"What is it milady?' Lancelot asked with mild curiosity.

" Train me to fight" I clearly stated leaving a look of disbelief on his face. "I already know all the basics, I use to have lessons when i was a little girl but I am afraid age and lack of practice has made me not as good as I use to be. Mind you I can still beat the best of them , but I know I am sloppy. Oh Please Lancelot, you are the only one I know who can help me"

"A lady who wants to learn to fight?" He said slowly "The King allows this?"

"The King doesn't have to know" I said with a smile.

He hesitantly agreed to train me which I squealed in joy for but we would have to start when the sun starts to set after his cleaning. I could tell the idea of a women wielding a sword mind boggled him a little but he clearly wanted to help me. Leaving him in the stables I made way to castle to look for a certain prince, I found Arthur in his room looking at a small stack of papers.

"I hope that is not your biography," I called out to him as I walked towards the table, "The life of Prat Prince Arthur I would definitely read it...not"

"Lyanna what do I owe this extreme displeasure?" he looked up at me with a face of annoyance

"Hmph I am hear to talk about you unfair treatment of Lancelot!" I started getting irritated at his aloof attitude with me.

"The way I test my men is my doing not yours...why don't you go brush your hair it looks like it needs it!" Arthur rudely replied back making a hand gesture towards my hair. My face turned red with embarrassment my hair was naturally curly and unruly but I didn't think it looked that bad today so I wore it down.

"All I know is you sent a man willing to serve you to be stable help for no good reason! I have never seen you so unjust Arthur Pendragon," I growled at him "Lancelot was so excited to be a knight for someone we both thought was fair and honorable but atlas we were both wrong."

I left Arthur without another word, I swear he was the only man to wind me up so tight! He could be so sweet one day and next be a total wanker! I quickly went to change outfits to something more suitable for sparring and made my way to the meeting place me and Lancelot planned before. It took Lance a while to treat me seriously, he seemed impressed with all I knew but gave extremely helpful tips.

"Keep your body facing the side it gives your opponent less of a target!" he shouted as we began dueling. He determine that her biggest problem was her biggest asset. She was very passionate in her blows always striking hard and fast, he was certain if she born a man she would be an amazing knight, but her anger and frustrations (which he thought must have something to do with the prince because as she swung her sword she would mutter "Arthur" "Idiot" and "wanker") distracted her and left her vulnerable to attacks. He taught her a few sword tricks that he learned when traveling around and the two decided to call it a night.

The next day Arthur was walking around town with a few guards thinking of Lyanna's words. He admired and loathed the way she defended Lancelot, it also didn't help his loathing for the poor lad that he heard one of his knights raving on how he saw Lancelot and Lyanna ..laughing...sweaty..together. He tried to assure himself he was just giving Lancelot a second chance not because of Lyanna words but out of pure interest of the man. He made his way to see Lancelot sharpening swords; he reached to take a nearby broom and tosses it at Lancelot. Lancelot looks up suddenly and catches it with ease.
"Not bad" commented Arthur. Lancelot stood up and bowed deeply to the prince. Arthur didn't know if Lancelot's respect was honorable or just pure irritating.
"Would you like me to sweep the guardhouse again, Sire?" Lancelot offered
"It certainly needs sweeping. But first," Arthur began taking another broom and twisting the bristle head off "I'd like you to kill me!"

Arthur saw the hesitation in Lancelot's eyes and started to encourage(mock) him. Lancelot wasn't sure if Arthur was playing a trick but seeing the serious look in the other man's eyes he started to take of the bristle head of his broom. They both immediately started dueling each other as if the sticks were actual swords, each of them holding their own proudly. Lancelot couldn't admit it from his previous "training" with Lyanna had tired him out and Arthur was just going blow after blow.
"Come on, Lancelot, you're not beating a carpet!" Arthur yelled at the man. He had to admit he was good. Better than most of his knights, but he still lacked proper training. Seeing his opening Arthur hitted Lancelot in the gut with the broom handle. Sending him stumbling down.
"Congratulations, Lancelot." Arthur asserted arrogantly. He was not going to let his personal feeling for the man get in the way of Camelot having a good knight on its side, especially in these peril times "You just made basic training."

The warning bells rang loudly in the square outside Camelot which was in a state of chaos. The strange winged beast striked again, it was clear to that it was headed to the heart of Camelot with a vengeance. Lyanna was running although the village trying to get to either Gaius, Arthur or the King, she caught a glance of the creature waiting for Lancelot to train her in their secluded area and was able to identify it. Luckily she found both Arthur and the King together scouting the area,

"Your majesties, I knew what the winged beasts is...A GRIFFIN! Like in the old fairy tales I use to read! A body of lion and wings of an eagle!" I eagerly explained to them "I knew it sounded familiar when described to me"

Uther immediately went to consult Gaius his oldest and trusted friend, i knew the king wouldn't 100 percent believe unless someone else backed me up. For in Uther eye's I am just a feeble girl who can't do anything right. Arthur stayed back lingering around me, both of us too stubborn to talk to one another; it wasn't till Lancelot came seeking out Arthur.

"Is there anything I can do, Sire? It's just...I know that in the event of battle, only a knight may serve."
"That's correct, Lancelot. And you are not yet a knight. Which is why I'm bringing your test forward. You'll face me in the morning."

"I can't believe it, you are actually not being a slime infested wanker to Lancelot"

"Lyanna, language you are not some wench in a tavern," Arthur scolded "and also for the topic of acting like a wench, you can not be seen dirtying you reputation with Lancelot in public! What the bloody hell are you thinking?"

"Now wait one minute!" I called out to him "What are you talking about? Did you finally decide to go completely mental?"

You and Lancelot, were seen together all smiling and sweaty coming back from the woods" Arthur spited

"Oh my god" I began laughing uncontrollably "first Merlin and now Lancelot…it is not like that I swear hahaha"

"What is it then?" demanded Arthur although he was feeling relief wash over him (not understanding why)

"I can't tell... what the hell Lancelot is training me to be a better swordsman-err-woman" I confessed waiting to hear him laugh at my face and mock me till the sun comes up. But it never came he gave me a nod and told me to forget this whole conversation. Arthur Pendragon was the most confusing and irritating man ever.

The morning of Lancelot's trial finally came, me, Gwen and Merlin stood in the spectator's line to cheer on Lancelot. Both men were in armor staring at each other with their "manly" egos.

"Well, here we are. Your final challenge. Succeed and you join the elite. Fail and your journey ends here. Lancelot, fifth son of Lord Eldred of Northumbria," Arthur stated loudly as he went to flip an hour glass. "Your time starts now."
Arthur and Lancelot both put their helmets on and began to fight. Me and Merlin were both cheering and clapping loudly while Gwen grabbed Merlin's shirt anxiously every time Arthur would up Lancelot. The fight was spectacular! Swords clashing against each other with such force; Arthur had finally found a worthy opponent. Even though my mouth was cheering for Lancelot my eyes watched Arthur like a lioness. Arthur punched Lancelot knocking his helmet off slightly causing an 'eep' of concern to come out of Gwen. Arthur walked over to were Lancelot fell taking his helmet off and throwing his sword to the ground. My god he looks gorgeous I thought to myself silently biting my lips as Arthur pulled Lancelot's flag out of his belt. I silently cursed my head I should be focusing on Lancelot not how yummy Arthur looked in his armor, which was ridiculous thought at that.

"Shame!" Arthur muttered at Lancelot, but in a flash Lance got up and knocked Arthur off his feet and pushed his sword on Arthur chest.
"Do you submit, Sire?" Lancelot retorted to an astonished Arthur. All of a sudden guards went to go restrain Lancelot while Arthur angrily got up and grabbed his sword.
"On your knees!" Arthur barked at him.

"Arise, Sir Lancelot, Knight of Camelot" King Uther commanded as Lancelot the brand new knight Of Camelot drank in the applause and approval for him. The celebration afterwards was a grand affair. Arthur actually found out he didn't loathe Lancelot as he first thought he would; he was actually a good man to be around.

"Here comes double trouble" Arthur pointed out to Lancelot as Lyanna and Morgana walked arm in arm together laughing and smiling with Gwen. Arthur saw both of the women but his eyes stayed glue on Lyanna. She looked radiant with her curls all down her back (he would never tell anyone but he loved her hair down and wild) and wearing (his favorite) red and silver dress. Arthur swallowed hard and started to fiddle with his goblet. "Tell me, do you think her-I mean them beautiful?"

Lancelot, who was completely mesmerized by Guinevere truthfully, said "yes, sire. I do"
Arthur eyes remained on Lyanna even when her eyes met his and gave him a small smile. "Yes. I suppose she is" he also confessed.

Lancelot was startled and looked at his prince quickly in shock but sigh a breath of relief when he noticed that Arthur was not staring at hisheart but at the Lady Lyanna. He grinned to himself, nobody might have caught it but the prince looked like a love struck puppy. He wondered if any other of his friends saw the obvious feelings he harbored and if Lyanna felt the same way.

"You know what? I think our Sir Lancelot might have eyes for you, Gwen." Merlin teased Gwen who started to blush.
"Don't be silly" she insisted with an absent smile on her face.

"Gwen, come on! So what if he did? Would that really be so bad?" I pressed on to Gwen hoping she might actually admit her feelings, but my dear friend simply denied it. Merlin who was having fun teasing Gwen started to ask her silly questions
"So, come on. Just for the sake of argument. If you had to, Arthur or Lancelot?"
"But I don't have to and I never will." Gwen insisted but after much bothering by both of us she confessed "LANCELOT!"
We all giggled at her outburst even Morgana who was flirting with some other nameless knight turned around and gave us a smile. Unfortunately being friends with Gwen for years gave me an advantage when she was going to be as evil as she can get.

"My lady your turn…Prince Arthur or Lancelot?" she asked with a knowing smile. Merlin leaned towards us curiously awaiting my answer. My head screamed ARTHUR! ARTHUR PICK ARTHUR! But I silently shrugged my shoulders as my cheeks blushed a strawberry red. It looked like Merlin was about to say something yet was interrupted by Arthur's voice filling the banquet hall.

"Ladies and gentlemen please join me in a toast to our new recruit, our new knight of Camelot, Sir Lancelot." The room filling with applause and cheers for the new knight.

The celebration was short live for Lancelot though. The next day I am not sure how but King Uther found out about the seal of nobility Lancelot had was a fake and sent him to the dungeons. He was dragged in front of the court to confess to his crimes, to my surprise instead of Arthur being angry, he showed compassion and understanding. But the king being the king would have none of it. Both me and Gwen visited Lancelot in his cell, I left her and him have a little alone time. as we made our way out we saw Merlin with a grim face go down to visit Lance. After merlin, Lancelot received another visitor one that really surprised him.

"I should've known. How could I have been so stupid? You don't sound like a knight, you don't even look like a knight!" Arthur shouted walking into Lancelot cell.

"I'm sorry." Lancelot pitifully said
"I'm sorry, too. Because, Lancelot, you fight like a knight. And I need...Camelot needs..." Arthur honestly told Lance.
The two spent some minutes talking about the creature wrecking Camelot the griffin. Arthur shared the information that it was a magical creature and is rumored to only be killed my magic. Lancelot saw the worry in Arthur's eyes not just for him but for his people. He used to dream about fighting side by side with someone like Arthur, someone noble and just.
"let me ride with you, Sire." Lancelot about begged
"I cannot. My father knows nothing of this. I release you myself, but I can do no more. Now go before I change my mind." Arthur opened the cell and let Lance start to walk away until he turned around.

"I wish you the best sire" Lancelot explained to Arthur "especially with the Lady Lyanna, she is certainly a handful but you two seem perfect together, just like me and Gwen"

Arthur had a stun face as Lancelot continued walking a way from him. He was shocked at Lancelot's words but felt rush of joy of hearing Lance liked Gwen not Lyanna.

Morgana and I stood beside King Uther watching the knights prepare for their ride to meet the deadly griffin. I started biting my lip out of habit as all the knights bowed down to us including Arthur in return we bowed down. I silently prayed for his safety and turned around to walk to my chambers with my older sister.

I stood in my chambers with my sister both of us two worried to talk until, a frantic Gwen burst inside.

"It is Lancelot! He has ridden with the other knights! He is going up against the griffin" She cried out, tears welling up in her big brown eyes.

"shh he will be fine Gwen, don't worry" Morgana tried to soothe her down as I gazed out the window surprised that the knight made such an impression on her maid.

"But-But I know he wont live…it is not fair!" She continued crying as Morgana began to brush her hair to calm her down. I knew something had to have happen between the two of them because Gwen seemed a lot more attached to Lance then she ever let on.

"Lancelot is strong he will survive, everyone will come back to us!"I said my voice sounding stronger than it felt. I smiled gently and told Morgana if she could get Gaius to get something to calm Gwen's nerves.

When Morgana left to go see Gaius, I asked Gwen what happened between her and Lancelot. Gwen then proceeded to tell a sweet tale of how he came to ask her for some of her best armor calling her milady and gave her two sweet kisses.

"It was much better than Merlin" She gushed "I felt like the whole world disappeared when I was in his arms and now I will never see him again!"

I was slightly jealous of Gwen not of Lance but that she actually had someone who obviously thought the world of her. I have had a few suitors in the past but i didn't feel anything close to what my friend was describing; I also have never been kissed on the mouth and she has been several times! Where was my white knight? I tried not to think of my lack of a love life and tried to console Gwen.

"They are here!" Morgana burst in the door with a smile on her face "They defeated the griffin! and Gwen, Lancelot is with them!"

I sighed a deep breath of relief watching as Gwen happily got to her feet and walk quickly out the door. my sister and I decidedto followed her out. We asked one of the guards where Prince Arthur and Lancelot were but he said they were having a meeting with the King in private.
"I see you feel strongly about this, Arthur. Under the circumstances? A pardon, perhaps." King Uther suggested trying to please his son but still follow the law that held the land together.
"No, not good enough, Father. You must restore Lancelot to his rightful place, as a knight of Camelot." Arthur persisted to his father not understanding why his father was being so difficult.
"Never. The law is the law. The Code bends for no man." Uther shouted at his soon trying to make him see sense.
"Then the code is wrong!" Arthur argued to the man he called his father. The doors of the throne room burst open to reveal Lancelot coming forward. He stated that he was leaving Camelot. Arthur feeling a comrade in Lancelot started to protest on his behalf

"I lied to you both and now there is conflict between you. I cannot bear that burden, as you should not bear mine. I must start again, far from here. Then maybe one day fate shall grant me another chance to prove myself a worthy knight of Camelot." Lancelot truthfully confessed not wanting to to tear about the prince's relationship with his father the king.
"But...Lancelot, you've...already proved that to us." Arthur again defended Lance
"Maybe But I must prove it to myself. Your Highness." Lancelot bowed down to the two men "Prince Arthur."
Lancelot said his goodbyes to everyone he befriended in his short time with us. He gave me a big hug and told me I was a wonderful swords woman. I made him promise to keep in contact with Camelot. Watching the rest of the group to say their goodbye's the must heartbreaking clearly being Gwen and him. Deciding to leave Gwen some alone time with the loss of Lancelot I started to walk around the castle courtyard, where I happen to see Merlin hanging around.

"Merlin!" I called out walking over to him "How are you?"

"Better than Gwen I take it" "he admitted "but I must say I will miss sir Lancelot"

"I have a strong feeling this wont be the last we see of him" I replied hoping to Avalon it was true. I left him to go find and do some ridiculous task for Arthur as i enjoyed the fresh air. The whole town seemed to be in a happy buzz with the good news of the beast being defeated. I felt a giant tug on my braid as I walked through the castle; I quickly spun around hitting my face again on something hard. That something hard is Arthur's chest...again.

"Are you sure you are not attracted to my chest?" Arthur joked arrogantly as I turn slightly pink.

"In your dreams Arthur, What do you need?" I sighed putting my hands on my hips.

Just to offer you a chance of a lifetime… since you want a trainer and I am the best out there, I will teach you" Arthur told me.

"Really! Oh wow. Wait why?" I asked knowing something had to be up.

"Because if you insist on learning how to wield a sword I rather you do it with me so you don't hurt anyone " he began to tell me "I need to make sure the people of Camelot are safe from you and pointy objects"

"Why you little arrogant pri-"

"See you tomorrow morning bright and early ...don't be late!" He interrupted me with a smirk on his face turning around walking back to Merlin.

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