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Three words can change everything. Three words, followed by three more, followed by three more, and then followed by even more. Words that keep flowing out endlessly trying to come up with an adequate description for what sounds like fortune, acts like joy, yet feels like nothing but betrayal. My mind is frozen in place, attempting to acknowledge what is happening. I feel bolted to the ground as all the information is thrown at me. I'm sure my face must look numb, because my body feels that way.

My mother sits across from me on the floor of our main room. I'm looking at her suspiciously now. She's about to tell me what has happened that changed her. I'm sure of it. For years she has been entirely catatonic, that is until the last few months.

"We should talk...Katniss? Can we talk?"

"Um. Yes. I don't know. What is it?" I play it cool, as if I have no notion of what she is about to say. Unfortunately I've never been the smoothest liar.

"Nothing's wrong honey. Something's happened lately. I um, well...do you know Leon? The baker?"

"Of course I know him, Mom. He's... the baker." My mind is reeling. What does the baker have to do with this?

"Well. Uh, he's become something more than the baker to me. And, and to Prim too. Well, we started seeing more of each other since my birthday. Did you know his wife died two winters ago? I found that out a while ago..."

"What are you saying?"

"Well since my birthday we've been spending some time together and... Well, I just know its what your father would have wanted. For me to be happy again, for us to be a normal family again."

I sit back as the words make sense.

"You...and him..." I swallow and take a deep breath.

"He really loves me, Katniss. Really. And I do too. This is what your Father would have wanted, you know it is."

"Uh huh..." It begins to sink in, and I realize it's true. This is what he would have wanted. He was selfless, after all. It still feels like betrayal. Undeniably.

"So you're...together now?"

"He um...he proposed. Yesterday. In, in front of Prim. That's how she already knows. She's happy too. I think she really needed a father again."

"Oh. Wow. Isn't it kinda fast?" 'Please slow down.' I thought.

"It is, but I want to do this Katniss, I do..."

I just nod and stand up slowly. I can't figure out what to do yet. I should hug her, congratulate her, call Leon. Get to know him better than "the baker". Call Gale. Ask him what I should think. At the same time, I feel like I should be crying for my father, who should have still been here. All I can do is stand. No movement, just confusion.

[Two Months Later]

The big day goes a lot faster than I thought it would. They say "I do".They kiss. They have a public toasting, and most everybody is invited, seeing as the Mellarks are almost as well known as the Undersees. I'm happy for them. I really am. I'm standing in a flowery dress in a line of three girls behind my mom. Bridesmaids. I look across from where I stand, my new stepfather looks at my mom's eyes in a way that just tells me that they deserve to be happy together. I still think of my father. I'll always miss him, but I'm glad I finally have someone else help me take care of Prim and my mother. Behind him stands three boys. One I've gotten to know is Randy. He's the middle brother, and so far, my favorite. His dirty blonde hair reaches just below his ears. The older boy, Cameron, is entertaining at the very least. He is cocky, muscular, and popular with the ladies, if you know what I mean. The third boy is the shy, youngest one. His name is Peeta. We have had barely an entire conversation in a ll these past few months. But I'm determined to be his friend, pay him back, no longer owe him the debt. He was the boy with the bread that saved our lives. He saved my life for sure, along with Prim. Which is why I'm glad his father is saving my Mother's now.

Peeta's eyes drift over to meet mine for a split second before he blushes and is suddenly fascinated by his shoelaces.

We all party it out after the wedding. There's cake, dancing, and drinking. It's the most anyone in district 12 could ever ask for at a wedding. I actually enjoy myself. It's the first time in a while that I have a good time.

[Two days later]

I put my school things messily in a box, next to my bed sheets and spare knives for hunting that pass as cooking utensils if a peacekeeper ever asks. The box goes on top of two others of mine, and three of Prim's sit next to the pile. Hers were mostly filled with her clothes and keepsakes of animals she'd taken care of so far in her life. Gale silently steps into the room. "You girls ready?"

"Prim's in the bathroom. We'll be done in a minute."

He nods and picks up two of the boxes. I do as well, leaving one for Prim to carry. It's easy enough for her to handle. We wait for her on the porch and then begin the short trek to the bakery.

"So it's gonna be kinda different, huh? Not living in the seam?"

I nod. This is just another one of the things that I can't quite figure out my feelings about lately. Since it was right above the place where we would soon depend our lives on, my mother agreed to move us above the bakery with the Mellarks. It was different. I'd never thought of living anywhere but the seam...it was inevitable though.

[Hours later]

I hear a knock on my door later that night. It's Randy. "D'you need anything, Katniss?"

"No, I'm fine Randy. But thanks anyway."

He nods and leaves the room. Replacing his presence, minutes later, Peeta walks in and knocks a couple times on the open door.

"Hey." He mumbles. "Um...everyone went to bed except Cameron. The uh...the bathroom's down there." He points down the hallway. "You'll have to share it with a couple of us, but I cleared a shelf for you in the medicine cabinet for uh...y'know...your uh, girl stuff. If, if you need it y'know. 'Cause you're a girl. And girls have lots of stuff right?" His eyebrows scrunch together as he tries to read my face for a reaction.

I laugh a little. "Thank you, I am in fact a girl. And I do have stuff."

"Mhmm." He just nods. "Well I'm gonna go to bed. Night..."


I take a shower and fall asleep as well. We need to be awake early tomorrow because tomorrow are the interviews for the Hunger Games. Mandatory viewing for all in Panem, to watch those unfortunate twenty-four who would all but one, die. I feel bad for the girl from 12. Her name is Annalise. I just feel awful for her. She is 18 this year. Her last year, and then she would be done with the reaping. Wouldn't have to ever worry about being reaped again. She had a whole life in front of her and she gets reaped on her very last year. The odds were not in her favor.

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