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The Captain's Cabin Boy

Summary: "Good heavens, boy." Jack Sparrow drawled as he leaned back in his chair and looked at her, "Are you blushing?" he asked with narrowed eyes and Josette shifted in her chair while fixing the hat upon her head. "No." she mumbled as she avoided looking at her captain and his latest conquest. Jack studied her face before he smirked, "You're not a virgin, are you?" his eyes danced with mirth and she scowled. No, I am. But what I certainly am not is a boy. She thought as she remained silent.


The tattered shirt split open in two and a gasp left the young woman's mouth as she shifted her wide, terrified eyes to look at her Captain. Her green eyes showed nothing but panic while the corners of the pirate's mouth twitched with mirth.

She had been a fool to believe that she could keep her true identity from him for so long.

When she had run away she hadn't thought her insane idea through. The only thing that had been in her mind at the time was to escape Tortuga; nothing more. She had been desperate to get away from that house, if you could call it that, and away from all that wretchedness. The death of her father had been the catalyst. She couldn't live in that place alone. She had no means and no prospects. Death would have been better than turn out like her mother. She cringed at the mere thought. If it hadn't been for her father she would have left ages ago.

At the time she had no money at all and the only option had been to sneak in a ship; any ship. The Black Pearl happened to be the one that she had managed to sneak into. It had been easy; too easy in fact and she had been incredibly happy that no one could tell that she wasn't a boy.

Being Jack Sparrow's cabin boy was not an easy task, make no mistake. Not because of the work it accompanied but because of the man himself. That mischievous grin, the one that he currently wore on his face, had caused many unidentified shivers up and down her spine. In all her eighteen years she had never felt like she did when she was in his presence. He had a way of charming his way around anyone or anything. It seemed like no one could resist him and he knew it.

If someone asked her to describe him, she would have a serious difficulty to do so. He was neither good nor bad. He was both. He was smart, witty and he had a very strange sense of humor. He was a womanizer, crude, rude but most of it all he was a captain. He wasn't a prefect one but the crew knew that he had enough intelligence for the lot of them.

He had enemies and women waiting for him in every port and at the beginning the notion had been absurd but it was true nonetheless.

He wasn't a big man but he had an imposing presence. At the moment, with his sword just below her chin, he seemed gigantic to her and her trembles were making it obvious enough.

Her eyes darted around the messy cabin that she had yet to tidy after her Captain's latest tryst and she felt as if the room was closing in around her. She was almost certain that it had not been her that told him her secret. No, he must have figured it out on his own. He had been acting strangely towards her for the last couple of weeks. She had been a member of the crew for a good year and a half but it seemed like her luck was about to be over. The thing was that she had no wish to leave that ship; she had no wish to leave him.

Tremulously, she raised her eyes to his and he grinned widely as he leaned against his desk almost lazily. His eyes were dark and his posture lax, still under the influence of the rum he had just recently consumed.

"So, Joseph," he started then smiled as he leaned over and untied the cord that kept her braid together, "Josh." The nickname rolled off his tongue slowly while his eyes shone with curiosity and something else. His hand shook her hair out of the braid and it fell in auburn waves down her shoulders. He pulled back while still keeping the sword against her skin.

"Now I understand why there wasn't anything visible in those breeches." He commented as he gazed at her crotch, "And here you had me thinking that the ladies of Tortuga simply weren't doing it for you." He let out a chuckle as he brushed the tip of his sword up and down her neck. The coldness of the metal made her shiver.

"Now, are you going to explain to me why you're on me ship, lass?" his eyes changed and lost their playfulness. They darkened menacingly and she gulped.

"I don't appreciate deception, love." He hissed when she remained silent.

"No. You're simply the master of it." She replied, letting the words flow out of her mouth in her real, feminine tone.

Jack's eyes narrowed and he took a deep breath to calm himself.

"Let's take it from the beginning then, shall we?" he said to her calmly and she closed her eyes before she took a deep breath.

End of the prologue.

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