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This is going to be a NarutoXFuta-Harem story.

There will be some smut but I have an actual story….sort of planned out for this so it will be an actual story with lemons In it …occasionally.

Rated M for violence, sex and language

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Heroes journey

Chapter One

"THATS IT KYU FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS!" A redheaded woman screamed out in pure ecstasy as the demonic woman known as the kyubi no Yoko slammed her 12 inch cock inside of Uzumaki Kushina, who just happened to be Kyubi's Jinchuuriki host

Now as you just discovered Kyubi is what people would call a F'utanari Woman

For those of you who don't know what a Futanari is well, that's a woman that has both female and male genitalia meaning she has both a vagina and penis.

"OH KAMI KYUCHAN- IM CUMMING!"" Kushina screamed loud as her juices squirted onto the ground of the forest of death and her cum shot out of her own futanari dick and coated the grass white with the sheer amount of semen that exploded from her own 12 inch dick.

"Oh Yami" kyubi moaned feeling Kushina's ass tighten around her cock.

Knowing that she couldn't hold herself any longer she exclaimed "I'M GONNA CUM KUSHI-CHAN!" the demonic woman moaned slamming her cock inside the redhead one last time going in as deep as she possibly could and unloaded what felt to Kushina like a gallon of cum inside the uzumaki's ass.

Getting a disappointed groan from Kushina, kyubi pulled out of the Woman and admired how Kushina's ass would seal itself up after every time not letting any cum escape.

That was all thanks to the Uzumaki clans regenerative ability. Kyubi didn't have anything to do with it. The only thing the Vixen was responsible for was making Kushina's dick as big as hers is.

"That was great Kyu-chan." Kushina panted falling to the ground in exhaustion.

"Hai I always love how your ass is just so damn tight every time we do this." kyubi said getting Kushina to blush in embarrassment.

"Minato doesn't know what he is missing." the demon vixen stated cupping Kushina's hairless and dripping mound. "I still can't believe you're still a virgin Kushi-chan."

"Hai, that's because Minato-baka is disgusted by my penis." Kushina told her sadly.

'probably just jealous that her's is bigger than his.' The demoness thought to herself

"And you still want to have his child." kyubi shook her head.

"Hai but I feel that that is nothing but a dream that is slipping away and will never come true." Kushina responded.

*Sigh* "I'm sorry Kushina….you could always just get him drunk." she suggested smiling cheekily. "I mean tomorrow is your one year anniversary.

"Maybe" the woman shivered as kyubi began to rub her slit

"Well, I say you should at least try it. But until then." She leaned forward and hunched over Kushina's back, her erection rubbing against the red-heads ass, her hand still rubbing the woman's pussy and her F cup breasts squashed against the woman's back. "You and I are going to have some fun." she purred in to Kushina's ear making said woman shiver with anticipation.

"Then what are you waiting for Kyu fuck my tight ass." Kushina moaned.

"As you wish my futa slut." lining up her cock with her free hand and plunging straight forward into the woman's cum filled ass.

"Oh kami!" Kushina moaned as her mouth made a perfect 'O' when Kyubi began thrusting in out of her ass hard and fast.


The next day Kushina decided to Kyubi's advice and get her husband drunk, normally she wouldn't have done that but she really wanted to lose that virginity and if she became pregnant ...all the better right?

"So here he was the Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure No Sato drunk and currently getting a hand job from his beautiful and busty red-headed wife.

"Kushi-chan." The man moaned.

"Mmm you like that koi?." She asked dropping some saliva on to his prick to lube it up some.

"Hai kushi-chan." he slurred before he realized why she was so good at jacking a man off.

Seeing his whole body stiffen, Kushina groaned inwardly before fetching a sake bottle that was conveniently placed nearby and handed it to him which he accepted before he drank half the bottle in one go.

'Thank kami's he's already drunk and lying down.' Kushina Sweat-dropped.

After having swallowed his cum that came out depressingly fast, shehad handed him another drink that he drank immediately.

Lowering herself onto his now, thanks to her, hard cock finally about lose her virginity to the man she loves she thought to herself. ' It's just too bad it had to be done this way.' she frowned before she felt his dick, which was 5 inches smaller then hers, something she had always been proud of. She moaning in pain felling a cock inside there for the first time as she lowered herself down to the base.

When she felt she was ready, she began to slide up and down his shaft

'Thankfully my hymen broke during training years ago." She thought with a moan

Minato who was really drunk by now,felt something tight, wet and warm around his dick, and something smack continuously against his thighs every couple of seconds, instinctively began to thrust his hips.

Unlike Kushina he wasn't a virgin, how could he be, ever since the academy he was constantly surrounded by fan girls.

Kushina who felt her husband thrust upward moaned loudly in pleasure and smiled as she noticed he was too far-gone to care about anything but the fact he was having sex.

gasping Kushina slowly picked herself up before dropping back down on top of her drunk husband. Gyrating her hips slowly, Kushina began to pant as she felt Minato's cock repeatedly slide against her inner walls, changing her direction into swirls Kushina's pants turned into lewd moans as her tongue hung slightly from her mouth. she groaned in disappointment as she felt an all to familiar feeling build up inside her. 'Nooo, I-I don't wanna cum yet.'

Slowing herself down in a attempt to push her climax back she grinned happily when the feeling slightly subsided.

Speeding up his thrusts Minato couldn't help but groan as he felt Kushina's womanhood tighten around his shaft

"Oh Kami!" She moaned out happily, snapping her legs against blondes waist, Kushina began to thrust her own hips up an down , Synching up with Minato

"Mhmm! Harder! Fuck me harder!" The red head screeched as the man's moved so that they covered the red head's ass.

Giving the rump a tight squeeze before lifting it up along with Kushina's body He began to quicken his pace as not just the room but the house was filled with the screams of pleasure coming from Kushina as she couldn't hold it in any longer and came, her juices squirting down Minato's length and balls before staining the sheets.

"Cum *hic* Cumming!" Minato grunted putting more power into his thrusts, He groaned louder as he felt Kushina tighten up against his invading shaft

Kushina's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt her man's tool twitch inside her violently. Cum inside me!" She panted, grinning happily as Minato slammed inside her once more erupted inside her tight former virgin walls and straight into her waiting womb.

"Oh Kami." She moaned collapsing on top of her husband in exhaustion.

'He's probably going to hate me tomorrow.' She thought to herself hearing Minato snore softly.

'It's worth it though' she smiled to herlsef before closing her eyes and hoping that she became pregnant.

Inside the seal kyubi was jacking herself off.

"YES" She's no longer a virgin. I hope this means that I can finally get some of that tight cunt."


Six years: 9 months later...

"Is the Uchiha compound usually this creepy of a night time?" A six year old blonde boy by the name of Naruto Namikaze said to himself as he made his way to Mikoto's house.

Why was he in the Uchiha compound on his way to the clan heads house? well ….he was invited over there for dinner.

"Kyu-chan I'm a little scared." he said looking around.

"I'm sure everything is fine Naru-kun but if you are scared maybe you should hurry over too the house."

"Hai." he said beginning to run as fast as his little legs would take him.

He had found out about the kyubi on his fourth birthday, she had reached out to him inside his mind and since then they were the best of friends

Of course at first he was scared and didn't understand how it was possible that she was inside of him but after she had explained it all to him…..after dumbing it down a couple of times, he understood.

It turns out that she was sealed inside of him by his own father who had sacrificed himself to the Shinigami, in order to save the village after kyubi had began to attack.

It was at this point kyubi had begun to cry as she told him why she had done it.

It turns a masked man had forcefully released her from her previous container and controlled her by using his Sharingan on her. Which, when told, Naruto immediately knew she was talking about an Uchiha.

Back to the story and...

"Waahhh!" Naruto tripped and fell face first into the ground making kyubi giggle at him.

"It's not funny Kyu-chan he tried to get out, spitting out some dirt from his mouth in the process.

getting up he looked down to see what he had tripped over. "An arm?" He wondered

"What? Something is going on here Naruto I suggest you run as fast as possible to the house now.."

Agreeing with her, he nodded looking around and seeing bodies littering the compound.

"Are they..." He trailed off

"I'm afraid so.. Now hurry up." She ordered making him start running again.

A couple of minutes later as he was about to enter the Uchiha matriarchs house he hears a scream.

Running inside he reached the lounge room where he saw Uchiha Itachi, holding a katana, standing over Mikoto who was crouching over and protecting her daughter Mieko while her son Sasuke was unconscious off to the right of them.

"Please Sochi don't do this." Mikoto begged her eldest child

"Sorry mother, but this is something that must be done." Itachi said emotionless.

Before she could respond, Itachi's neck was grabbed by a whip made of fire, gasping Mikoto looked over to where the whip came from and saw it in the hands of Naruto.

"Naruto-kun?" she said shocked as Itachi fell too his knees in pain. He could feel the flame slowly burn through his skin but for some reason he couldn't escape.

"AARGHH!" the teen screamed as the whip tightened around his throat and started suffocating him as it continues to burn him.

Mikoto watched horrified as her son was being burned and strangled I front of her and her children and she also couldn't believe that her sweet little Naruto was the one doing it.

"Naruto-kun!" She shouted running over too the boy and hugging him.

"Please stop Naru-kun." she whispered in his ear making him stop immediately but the damage was already done. By the time he had released the whip Itachi was already dead. The fire had burned straight through his throat and killed him.

Mikoto pulled away from the blonde and looked him in the eyes. And saw something that made a shiver roll dine her spine, his ocean blue eyes had slits in them before the turned back to normal.

Looking at Mikoto he started crying. Because he had just realized what he had done. Seeing this Mikoto pulled him into her chest.

"It's ok Naruto-kun you did a good thing, you protected me and my children from Itachi." Kissing his forehead she said "Thank you Naruto-kun." softly as he just cried harder.

"I was so scared Mikoto-chan, I saw the bodies all over compound and when I got here I saw him standing over you and I… * sob*… I just panicked. I didn't think that I'd…" *sob* he cried harder burying his head into her chest.

Sighing sadly, the woman just held him tighter and started rubbing his back whispering into his ear trying to calm him down until his body slumped against her as he fell asleep due to emotional exhaustion a few minutes later.

Picking his slack body up she placed him on the couch before she moved over to her children who had fainted.

Picking them both up and placing them over her shoulders she walked them to their respective bedrooms and put them on their beds before she walked back downstairs to Naruto. Sitting down on the couch she gently placed Naruto's head on lap and started crying.

'Why did this happen, why did Itachi do this?'

*knock knock* *SMASH* "Mikoto-san!" Hiruzen Sarutobi yelled out as he entered the house with fifteen ANBU shuffling in brandishing kunai.

Gently placing Naruto's head back on the couch she stood up.

"Hokage-sama." She said wiping tears away as the Hokage realized there was no longer any danger. Releasing a sigh of relief he asked Mikoto "How are your children?"

"Sasuke-kun and Mieko-chan are alright, Itachi is dead."

"You did the right thing Mikoto at least you and your children are fine."

"I wasn't the one who killed him." she said plainly.

"Then who was it?" The old man asked

"It was Naruto-kun."

"NANI? What do you mean?"

"He came into the house and stopped Itachi from killing us. He's asleep right now so maybe you should wait until tomorrow so he can explain to the both of us how he was capable of killing itachi." She said walking back to the couch and put his head on her lap again and started stroking his hair.

"Hai I believe that would be would be for the best." Hiruzen

said smiling sadly.

"ANBU! Remove all the bodies from the compound!" the Hokage ordered as the ANBU immediately went to work with a "HAI"

Thank you Hokage-sama but I should inform you that I will be keeping Itachi's eyes."

"Why would you did that?" he asked genuinely confused

"He had the Mangekyou Sharingan and I will be giving it to Naruto-kun some time in the future as a thank you for saving our lives." She stated making the man frown.

"Won't he go blind in the end?" He asked trying to remember what little information he had on the Sharingan.

"That may be but I can only hope that the Kyubi will stop that from happening.

"Hmm I suppose hoping is all we can do." He frowned not really liking the idea.


Inside the seal naruto was currently crying in the arms of Kyubi who was trying to get him to calm down.

"Naruto-kun you heard what Mikoto said, you did what you had to save their lives."

*Sob* "but I didn't mean to kill him."

"You wanted to be a shinobi Naru-kun and unfortunately killing is apart of that life. If you hadn't killed him he would have killed you and then he would have killed Mikoto, Mieko and Sasuke and you didn't want that too happen did you?" She asked getting a shake of the head from the blonde as she held back a small moan as his soft hairbrushes over bare nipple.

'Why did I have to be naked again? she asked herself. 'Oh yeah, to get him uses to me having a dick.' she reminded herself licking her lips.

"Am I monster Kyu-chan?" he asked suddenly snapping the demonic woman out of her thoughts.

"Of course not Naruto you did what the right thing was to do and saved your friends you are not a monster Naru-kun you're a very brave and noble boy." she smiled at him that made him smile back.

"There you go, there's that cute smile I was waiting for." she ruffles his hair getting a pout from the six year old.

"Kawaii!" She squealed hugging the boy tighter.

"Kyu-chaaaan." the boy whined managing to wriggle out of her grasp.

Giggling she smiled "Gomen Naruto-kun your just so cute." she said getting a blush from the Jinchuuriki.

"I think you're cute too Kyu-chan." He said making the vixen blush slightly from the compliment.

"Thank you Naruto-kun."


The next day Naruto woke up with something poking him in the head

'Could the Uchiha be a Futa like me?' kyubi wondered.

Feeling movement on her body Mikoto opened her eyes quickly and froze.

'Damn it I'm hard, I hate morning wood and I'm sure Naruto-kun can feel it. Hopefully he doesn't know what that is yet.' she said to herself.

Seeing Mikoto wake up he smiled to her.

"Morning Mikoto-chan."

"Morning Naruto-kun." She smiled back as naruto sat up.

"Are you alright after last night?" She asked him

"Hai Kyubi-chan and I talked about it last night." He said looking around the room.

"Where did Itachi's body go?" Naruto asked her

"ANBU came and removed him last night while you were asleep." She informed him getting a nod from Naruto.

"How are Mieko-chan and Sasuke?

"I don't know, I stayed down here last night with you, I should probably go see them."

"Hai." Naruto said moving off the couch and headed toward their rooms, Mikoto right behind him.

Opening Sasuke's door you could tell right away that when he has woken up from fainting he hadn't gone back to sleep all night.

Moving over to shivering form Mikoto wrapped him up in a tight embrace whispering that it was alright now.

It was at that moment however that a loud scream was heard

"Mieko." Mikoto froze as she Sasuke and Naruto all ran to her room. When they saw her she was crying with her knees hugged to her chest.

Walking over to her Mikoto and Sasuke hugging hugged her with Mikoto repeating to her what she had said to Sasuke earlier.

Getting the feeling that he should leave them Naruto silently walked out of the room and back down stairs before he left the house.

"Kyu-chan how did I use that whip last night?" Naruto asked.

"It's because I have complete control over fire Naruto-chan and using a whip of fire is one of the abilities I'm able to use... When in in my human form anyway." She mumbled the last part.

"That's awesome." Naruto exclaimed to her in his mind.

"If you like that Naru-chan then you're going to love this."

"Because I have control of fire... It can't hurt us. Which means that if we are ever hit with a katon Jutsu you won't even be singed… although your clothes are different story.' she told him remembering a few times when Kushina got hit with fire.

'At least she had a nice body, Hmmm nice DD tits a nice right firm and round ass and a tight cunt that was like a waterfall when she was turned on.' She thought to herself her 12 inch Futa cock getting hard at the memories of a naked Kushina.

"Kyu-chan what's that?" Naruto asked appearing in his mind scape and seeing Kyubi's dick.

"Uhh… it's… uhh...nothing Naruto don't worry about it." she said nervously turning around so he could no longer see it."

'Get yourself together girl. Luckily he's only six and is too young to know about the human body.'

Seeing her penis softening she turned around to face him. "So what are you doing in here Naruto-kun?" She questioned changing the subject

"I'm already at home Kyu-chan. I came to see you." a small sweat drop appearing on the back of his head.

"What? How can you be home already? Didn't you just leave the Uchiha's house?"

"Umm yeah like fifteen minutes ago Kyu-chan." causing the vixen to blanch.

'Man. I was out of it for fifteen minutes thinking about Kushina.' She thought to herself.

"Oh." She said "and you came in here to see little old me did ya?" She asked smiling cutely.

"Of course I did Kyu-chan your my friend and I wanted to talk to you."

Wrapping him up in one of her tails, she hugged him to her body and smiled.

"Well what did you want to talk about?" She him cutely.

Stroking the tail that was wrapped around his waist causing the vixen to purr, he asked

"Could you read me A tale of a gutsy a ninja?"

"Again?" *sigh* "I suppose so Naruto-kun." she said snapping her fingers and making a book appear out of thin air.

Making sure he was comfortable she began...


An hour later a repeating booming noise was heard throughout the mindscape.

"What is that Kyu-chan!" Naruto yelled over the noise covering his ears.

"Someone's knocking on your door Naruto-kun, you should go and answer it.

Nodding, he left his mindscape and quickly answered the door revealing Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"Jiji!" The boy exclaimed hugging his surrogate grandfather.

"Naruto-kun nice to see you looking well." The old man smiled.

"Of course I'm well Jiji I'm awesome!" the boy stated getting a chuckle from the old man."

"Naruto, do you know why I'm here?"

"Is it about last night?" Naruto asked, guessing correctly.

"Yes it is and from what Mikoto-san says it was you who killed Itachi by using a whip made out of fire is that true?" Hiruzen asked.

"Hai it's true." the blonde nodded while a look of shock crossed over the face of the Hokage.

"How did you do it naruto?"

"I don't know Jiji." the blonde lied. "I just Itachi standing over Mikoto who was trying to protect Sasuke and Mieko-chan and then I just... Wanted to stop him from hurting them and that's when the fire came out of my hands."

'Hmm it could be a kekkei genkai but going by who his parents were I don't believe so… Minato didn't have one and well….Kushina could make chains come out of any part of her body but it was never anything elemental like this fire whip...it is possible this has something to do with the kyubi and if that is the case I'll have to keep a closer eye on the boy to make sure nothing bad is happening to him.'

"Very well Naruto-kun if something like that happens again I would like for you to tell me about it so that we can try and figure this out ok?" The man asked though it was more of an order.

"Hai Jiji"

"Good." he said, ruffling the boy's hair and chuckling slightly at the blondes pout

"Now Naruto-kun I'm also here to tell you something important." Hiruzen stated acting all serious as naruto tilted his head to the side in curiosity.

"What is it Jiji?"

As of next week Naruto-kun…. you will be starting at the Shinobi academy." the man smiled before the all the wind suddenly left his body as naruto started hugging the life out of him.

"Thank you Jiji your the best." the boy exclaimed happily

Smirking the man had to agree with him.

"Naruto-kun I want you to come with me so that you can meet someone."

"Who is it Jiji."

"His name is Yamanaka Inoichi"

"Who's that?"

"He's a...psychiatrist and we just want to make sure that after what happened last night that there weren't any negative effects on your mind." The old man exclaimed as Naruto's mouth made an 'O' in understanding.

Taking the boys hand he said. "He's waiting for us in my office Naruto-kun so let's go."

A few minutes later they were in the Hokage's office.

"Inoichi-kun thank you for waiting for us."

"That's alright Hokage-sama. I assume the boy knows what's about to happen?" Inoichi asked

"Not quite I only told him you were a... Psychiatrist"

'Psychiatrist?' "Oh ok then I suppose I should explain a little bit. Naruto-kun in order to...examine your mind, I am going to have to use a Yamanaka clan Jutsu to enter your mind and see if there are no negative effects. It's just a precaution to make sure the kyubi doesn't try anything.

"This will be fun." Kyubi chuckled to Naruto who knew that in fact it wouldn't be fun.. At least for him anyway.

"Ok Inoichi-kun I'm ready."

"Okay Naruto-kun." the man said placing a hand on the blonde's head and sent chakra into it.

And I'm going to end things here for now….sorry about that one