Heroes Journey
Chapter III


" Inner speech "

' Thinking '

"Biju Talking."

'Biju thinking.'

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Chapter Begin

"Alright guys, why don't we start by introducing ourselves, you know our likes, dislikes and our dreams for the future. Mieko-san why don't you go first."

"Ok Sensei, I'm Uchiha Mieko, I like Training with my Kaa-san, I dislike my brother Sasuke and my dream for the future is to one day be a mother." Mieko told them with a discreet glance to Naruto.

"Thank you Mieko-san, Naruto-san you're up."

"Alright I'm Namikaze Naruto and I like training, ramen and fire. I dislike the time it takes to cook ramen and as for my dream for the future, well I haven't really thought about it."

"Alright, Shino-san it's your turn."

"My name is Aburame Shino and I like bugs, I dislike those who don't and my dream for the future is to become the head of the Aburame clan."

"Well then my name is Yuhi Kurenai, I like Genjutsu and eating dango with my friends. I dislike perverts and pigs who only want me for my good looks and my dream for the future include having a family and helping the three of you achieve your dreams." The woman said with a nervous smile.

"Anyway, normally a Jounin-Sensei like myself would test you guys too see if the three of you could actually make it as a team but luckily for you guys Hokage-sama wants this team to pass regardless of the tests outcome because of who's on it."

"Meaning myself and Mieko-san?"

"Correct Naruto-san." The woman nodded quickly noted that they didn't seem too happy about it.

"Now seeing as how I don't have to test you guys you have the rest of the day off and I want too see the three of you here tomorrow morning at nine o'clock."

"Hai Sensei." The three genin said as Kurenai nodded and left the area with a Shunshin.

"Naruto-kun, Kaa-san wants you to come over so that she can congratulate you."

"Sounds fun, see you later Shino." Naruto waved to the Aburame who nodded back.


"Kaa-san I'm home."

"I'm in the lounge room sweetheart."

Walking into the room with Naruto right behind her, Mieko found her mother lying down on a couch reading a book.

"Hey mom, Naruto's here."

Looking up from her book a wide smile appeared on her face when she saw Naruto.

"It's nice to see you again Naruto-kun." Mikoto said getting up from the couch and hugging the two of them.

It has been a while hasn't it."

Yes it has and congratulations on becoming a Genin Naruto-kun."

"Thanks Mikoto-chan. It was kind of easy though and Kurenai-Sensei didn't even test us."

"I heard about that but the two of you are a special circumstance."

"Yeah….. I know."

"That's good, now Mie-chan could you please go up to your room or go outside and train for a little bit I want to talk to Naruto-kun for a minute."

"Uhh alright Kaa-chan, see you later Naruto-kun."

"Yeah, See you later Mieko-chan."

While Mieko left the room Mikoto began to stare at the blonde in front of her.


"You know what Naruto-kun."

Grinning Naruto closed the gap between the two of them and wraped his arms around her in a hug.

Breaking apart after a few moments Mikoto smiled gently at him.

"I've missed those."

"What can I say, I'm a great hugger."

Giggling the woman had to agree.

"I suppose you are."

"Well other than the hug I suppose there's something else you wanted to talk about." The blonde raised an eyebrow as the woman began to walk away.

"Wait here, I have to get something from my bedroom, I'll be right back."

"Alright." Naruto shrugged sitting down on the nearby couch and waited a couple of minutes for her to come back.

When she walked back into the room Naruto was shocked to see she was holding a jar with a pair of eyes in it.

Before he could even ask her about them Mikoto answered his disgusted look.

"These eyes have been perfectly preserved for a while now and I wanted to ask you if you would have them implanted and make them yours."


"They were Itachi's." That simple statement stopped any further questions.

"And both Hokage-sama and I agree that you should be the one to have them."

"I don't understand Mikoto why do you want me to have the Sharingan let alone Itachi's."

"These aren't exactly your everyday run of the mill Sharingan Naruto, Itachi achieved something that only two other Uchiha have ever accomplished.

"Which is….what exactly?"

"The Mangekyou Sharingan."

"And that is?"

"The second stage of the Sharingan."

"So why do you want me to have them, surely you, Mieko or even Sasuke would be better suited for them."

"I wish that were true Naruto-kun, however the Mangekyou causes the user to go blind and then eventually die of an incurable disease."

"Not really helping your case here." Naruto quipped sarcastically with a roll of his eyes.

"Look Naruto, The Uchiha may not be able to wield the Mangekyou Sharingan without suffering the consequences but I believe you might be able to."

"What makes you say that?"

"The Kyubi."

Seeing the curious look on his face Mikoto continued hoping that she could convince him.

"With the Kyubi's healing ability plus the Uzumaki's Regenerative abilities, it's highly possible that you could use the Mangekyou without having to worry about it killing you."

"How do you know I won't go blind or die? There's still a very good chance that it could still happen."

"I know that Naruto-kun." She said softly "But the power inside of these eyes can't just sit inside this jar and go to waste and if there is a chance that someone can use these eyes without going blind then I want that person to have them."


"What do you think Kyu?"

"I think you should take them."

"Really? Why?"

"Unlike the Uchiha in front of you I know the full extent of the power behind those eyes.'"


"Long story short, the Juubi is partly responsible for the Sharingan's creation."

"So do you think you could stop me from going blind and dying?"

"I am the Kyubi No Yoko Naru-kun and because the Sharingan is partly corrosive in nature like my chakra then the chances of those eyes affecting you in any way with me inside you are pretty slim."

"You really think I should take them?"

"Yes you idiot, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, one that will open up a whole new world for you."


"Alright Mikoto-chan I'll take them." The blonde told her turning his attention back on to the woman.

"Thank you Naruto-kun."

"No problem…..I guess."

"I'll go and tell Hokage-sama about this later but right now you and I have some catching up to do."

"Alright." Naruto smiled as Mikoto sat down next to him on the couch.


A little later on in the day Naruto found himself walking through the streets of Konoha on his way to Higurashi Weapons and Supplies.

"You know Mikoto seemed really happy that I was spending time with her, maybe I should go over there more often."

"Yes and I'm sure that's the only reason why you want to spend time with her."

"What are you getting at?"

"Oh please Naruto, I don't have to be sealed inside of you to know that you are attracted to her." Kyubi scoffed with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"Can you blame me?"

"No I can't blame you, especially when you find what she's hiding from you."

"What are you talking about?"

"She's a Futanari like me Naruto-kun."

"What? How the hell do you know that?"

"Tch please, I've known for years."

*Sigh* "Look we are almost at the store now, so will talk about this later ok."


"Now, what type of weapon do you think I should use?"

"I don't know, It's not like I've ever used one."

"Great, thanks for the help." He remarked sarcastically as he reached the store.

Entering, Naruto was simply amazed at the huge collection of weapons the owners had.

Kunai, Shuriken, Katana, spears, you name it, they had it. What really caught his attention were the two largest weapons that were on the floor leaning against the wall.

A large Battle Axe and an equally large Battle Hammer.

"Excuse me sir, may I help you with something?"

Turning around Naruto came face to face with a beautiful woman. She had creamy white skin that was covered by a dark green Kimono and brown hair that was tied up into a bun."

"Damn that is one big chest."

"Really? That's the first thing you notice."

"What? It's true."

"Whatever pervert."

"You probably can, I'm thinking about starting to use a weapon, I just don't know which one to start using."

"Well you've certainly come to the right place." The woman said with a small chuckle. "Has anything caught your fancy?"

"Well this Battle Hammer for starter."

"This thing?" The woman pointed at the huge weapon. "It's not exactly the standard Shinobi weapon because of its size. I believe the only other weapons the same size as this Hammer are the Seven Swords of the Mist."

"It just keeps looking better and better."

"You know size doesn't matter right?" The woman asked him with a smirk.

"Tch, that's a myth and you know it."

"If you say so." The woman said snidely

"Anyway." Naruto decided to change the subject. "Why does it look so old?"

"Because according to the legend it is old."


"Well the story goes that way back when all kinds of demons and monsters roamed the land, there was a certain man that the people called a hero. The story goes that he used to walk the land with his Hammer and Axe saving innocent people and ridding the world of evil with his magical weapons."

"Magical weapons?

"According to the Legend his weapons were able to use the power of the elements."


"Well do you see those seals they have on their handles?" Seeing him nod she continued. "They're elemental seals, so of course he had chakra which made it possible but back then they didn't know what chakra was so they probably believed it was magic." The woman shrugged.

"Hmm, so is this his hammer?"

Chuckling the woman shook her head. "No these weapons were only made around 50 years ago in Iron country in memory of the Hero."

"Ahh I see, so what kind of elements are you able to use with them?"

"Any of them." The woman shrugged

"Oh alright." Naruto said picking the weapon up and was not at all surprised to find out that it was pretty heavy.

"So what happened to the actual Axe and Hammer?"

"Supposedly the Heroes son had the weapons destroyed when he went on his own journey."

"Why would he do that?"

"He had his own weapon, a katana and he wanted to make sure that no one stole his father's weapons while he was away."

"Why didn't he use his father's weapon's?"

"Like I said, he had his own weapon and he wanted to step out his father's shadow and create his own legend."

"Did he?"

"He sure did."

"Do you have any more stories? I'd love to hear more about them."

"I have plenty of stories about them, why don't I make us some tea."

"You don't have to do that."

"It's not a problem, this time of day the store is never that busy."

"Alright then if you're sure." He smiled. "I just realized that I never got your name."

"Oh how silly of me, I'm Higurashi Mayumi."

"True bow? Kind of fitting since you own a weapons store."

"Well technically it's my ex-husbands store but after the divorce he left the village and let me take over."

"I see, do you mind if I ask why you got divorced."

"I thought you wanted to hear stories about heroes not stories about my life."

"Well they both sound interesting."

Shaking her head she smiled at him.

"Let's just stick to the heroes for now."

"For now." He agreed.

"Good but I won't start until you tell me your name."

"Namikaze Naruto."

"Alright Naruto-kun, where do I begin? I guess it all started with how the father died….."


"This Hammer is pretty easy to use." Naruto said swinging the hammer around.

"I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to it then just swing and smash Naru-kun, what about the element seals?"

"Obviously I still need to learn how to use it properly and as for the seals, let's see what happens when I channel fire through it."

Holding the hammer horizontally in front of him, he channeled his Katon chakra through it and seeing one of the seals on the handle start to glow he slammed the hammer on to the ground and he wasn't disappointed when fire seemed to explode out of the hammer when it hit the ground. However he was surprised to see the fire disappear shortly after, leaving nothing but scorched earth behind.

"That's cool I was kind of worried that I would be starting fires all over the place when I used it. I need to find out more about this hammer."

"Sure and you still need to buy some Kunai and Shuriken because you "forgot" to buy some earlier."

"I needed an excuse to back." Naruto shrugged.

"You're really going to try and have sex with this woman?" Kyubi asked definitely sounding to Naruto like she was upset.

Surprising Kyubi by appearing inside the seal, Naruto kissed her lovingly and started rubbing her cock.

Moaning in to the kiss, Kyubi could feel herself start to harden when Naruto pulled away with a mischievous look on his face.

"Down girl."


"Ahh I was wondering when you would be back Naruto-kun."

"Heh, I just couldn't wait to see you again Mayumi-chan."

"That's sweet of you to say Naruto-kun." A small blush appeared on the woman's face that she quickly forced down. "So what can I do for you now?"

"There's a lot you could do for me Mayumi-chan."

She wasn't sure but there was something definitely suggestive in his tone.

"Like what?"

"Well I would like to more about the hammer and how to properly use it."

"And here I thought you just wanted to spend some time with me." The woman pouted playfully.

"I want to do a lot more than that."


Closing the distance between them Naruto repeated himself. "I said I'd like to do more than just spend some time with you."

Taking notice of how close he was, Mayumi took a step back but Naruto took a step forward keeping close to her.

"What exactly are you trying to say Naruto?"

Taking another step forward so that Mayumi could feel his hot breath on her skin, Naruto smiled.

"I think you know what I'm saying Mayumi-chan."

Taking a few steps back this time the woman let out a gasp when her back hit the counter her register was sitting on.

"Naruto I- We can't."

Quickly closing the gap between them again Naruto asked her

"Why not?"

"B-Because we, I mean I- we just can't."

"Why not?" Naruto asked her pressing his body against her

"B-ecause your t-too young."

"I'm legally an adult, but that's not the only reason is it?"

He didn't know what it was but there was a certain look in her eyes that reminded him of fear.

"N-No it's n-not but please Naruto we can't do this."

"Again, why not? Does this have something to do with your ex-husband?" he asked.


"What is it?"

"I...I can't Naruto poe-mmph."

freezing in shock Mayumi quickly registered the fact that Naruto was kissing her and after a few seconds she shocked herself when she started to kiss him back.

After a minute of kissing Naruto pulled back so that they could get some air.

"wh-what was that Naruto?"

"A kiss."

"I know that b-but why?"

"Do you really need to ask? I'm horny and your attractive."

"Naruto please we can't."

"You haven't given me any reason why, i mean you did just kiss me back which means part of you wants to do this."

"That's because a part of me wants to but trust me when you find out what my reason is you will agree with me.'

"We won't know that until you tell me what that reason is."

"I.. well I-I'm...No I can't tell you."

Deciding to find out if she was hiding a certain something he kissed her again however this time he was surprised she started kissing him back almost instantly.

Smiling into the kiss Naruto moved his left hand to the back of her head bringing her deeper into the kiss while his right hand slid down down her body slowly until it was resting on her waist.

Moaning into the kiss, Mayumi put her arms around his neck, she couldn't believe she was actually kissing someone she had met for the first time earlier in the day.

'It's now or never.' Naruto mentally shrugged as he moved the hand that was on her waist and slid it down between her legs until he found what it was he was looking for.

She was a Futa.

Pulling back from the kiss, Naruto looked her in the eye and saw nothing but fear and shame.

"So this is what you were afraid of?"

Not trusting her voice right now Mayumi simply nodded.

"Is this why your husband left?"

On the verge of tears The woman nodded again.

"Than your husband was an idiot."

"Wh-what y-you mean y-you..."

"Don't care whether you have a penis or not? no I don't. You see there's this woman i know who, like you is a Futa and sure it did take me while to get used to the fact that there are Futanari women out there but eventually i got used to it and when i decided to huh...give it a go i found that I uhhh found that i enjoyed...taking it as much as i enjoyed giving it."


"Seriously. So now yo know how i feel about your...condition are you still sure that you don't want to do th-mmph" this time it was his turn to be interrupted by a kiss.

Getting over the surprise pretty quickly he began rubbing her covered shaft while his other hand moved to her covered breasts.

Moaning, Mayumi couldn't believe she had a man who didn't care that she was a futa and she also couldn't believe that they were about to have sex in the middle of her store during the middle of the day where anyone could walk in and see them, although she had to admit that the very thought of them getting caught was turning her on.

Feeling her shaft harden Naruto moved his hands and still kissing her, untied the sash that was holding the Kimono together.

breaking the kiss, Naruto smiled at her and then got down on his knees, sliding her panties down aling with him, revealing her hard seven inch shaft.

Mayumi moaned lightly as the blonde gave the head of her cock a slow and teasing lick before he wrapped his lips around her and began to slowly bob his head up and down her length, alternating between getting as much of her as he could down his throat and licking the tip.

After a couple of minutes of sucking and slurping on her Futa-dick naruto pulled away giving the tip of her cock a few licks before standing up.

With a prideful smirk, Naruto pulled his pants and boxers down in one swift movement revealing twelve inches of hard cock earning a gasp from Mayumi but before she could make a move to grab it, Naruto moved beside her and bent over the counter.

Getting the idea, Mayumi quickly moved behind him with a smile on her face.

Grabbing her length she gently guided her cock into his rectum seeing as blow-job she had gotten from Naruto had lubed her cock up nicely.

When she was fully inside of him, Mayumi grabbed his hips and began to thrust in and out at slow pace gradually picking up speed until her hips became a blur.

"Your ass is so tight Naruto-kun i love it."



So engrossed as they were they completely failed notice a woman standing in the doorway of the store.

Nara Yoshino

She had come to the store to buy some supplies for Shikamaru since he was too busy cloud watching.

'Great now i have to walk down the street with an erection.'

turning around and stepping out of the store she still couldn't believe what she saw.

'There's actually a man out there that likes Futanari. Ren-chan needs to know about this.'


By now Mayumi had pulled out of Naruto and was now on her knees in front of him and grabbing his cock she moved her mouth on to the tip where she started licking him while one of her hands moved to her cock and began to slide her hand up and down stroking herself off.

Engulfing his cock fully into her mouth Mayumi began to slide her tongue up and down his length as much as she could while furiously working her hand up and down her own. Naruto couldn't take it anymore and when she moved her hand and gently cupped his balls and began to massage them he groaned.

"Uhh Mayumi-chan I can't take it anymore, I'm gonna cum!"

His words only seemed to spurn her on as she began to bob her head faster, obscene slurping noises filling the store.

It only took a few moments of feeling his cock constantly hit the back of her Mayumi's throat before he erupted.

Quickly swallowing his seed Mayumi quickly realised that she couldn't keep up with the amount he had so she pulled off of his dick and let rope after rope of his jizz hit her face, hair and her bra covered D-cup breasts.

When he finished cumming Mayumi licked her lips scooping some of seed into her mouth and savouring the taste.

'Wow, So much cum, i'm completely covered in the stuff and he's still as hard as before.' she smiled scooping some off her cheek,putting it into her mouth and swallowing it, much to Naruto's visual enjoyment.

Taking hold of his dick she only had a single thought going through her mind.

'This was going to be fun.'

Chapter End

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