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The team arrived at the cave a few minutes after the mission was completed. They were happy that they were able to complete the mission. Lagoon Boy smiled as he greeted Miss Martian with a kiss.

"I'm gonna hit the showers." Conner said as he walked back to his room. Tim gave him a look that said something along the lines: "You're in big trouble". Thankfully, Dick held Tim up.

Lagoon boy shared a look with Beast boy and looked at their retreating team mate and the other who was making out with one of their teammate as well. Little did they know that it wasn't about that.

Conner took his time in the shower. He didn't want to face an Upset Tim. Hopefully, Dick was still talking to him. He stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist after. Tim was already sitting on his bed, frowning at him. "Why am I in trouble?"

"You. Moved. Without. My. Signal." Tim glared at him.

Conner rolled his eyes and proceeded to get dressed. "It worked out for the best, didn't it?" Conner looked at him.

"You're an ass." Tim frowned at him.

Conner removed the towel and threw it in the hamper. He walked towards Tim. "I know I am." Conner said as he moved closer to him.

"And what?" Tim asked, his voice rising a bit. "You're not gonna apologise?"

"I'm not gonna apologise for something that I needed to do." Conner told him, stopping infront of Tim. "Besides, I'm fine."

Tim scowled and attempted to punch him but Conner held his wrist. "Something could have happened to you."

"Don't." Conner gave him a stern look. He sat beside Tim and pulled him closer. "You need to stop worrying, Tim."

"I know." Tim buried his face in Conner's chest. "I know but he was suffocating you and…"

"And M'gann got there in time. I'm sorry I made you worry." Conner made him look up. "I'm fine, Tim. We were great. You were great."

Tim smiled and leaned up to peck Conner's lips. "You were great, too."

"I'm glad you think so." Conner smiled and kissed Tim.