The first thing Jane Kirk saw when she swam back into consciousness was the pissed off face of her bondmate - not that he would ever admit to being pissed off as anger was after all an emotion but after 3 years together, 2 of them as a bonded couple she knew all of his facial expressions and she knew exactly what he looked like angered.

But why, she wondered, was he angry?

The last thing she recalled was sitting in her chair on the bridge bored senseless. It was not like she had yet again got herself injured in yet another away mission gone wrong; all they were doing were star charting.

"Adulteress" he hissed at her "Bond breaker".

"Excuse me" Jane's eyes nearly doubled in size as she tried to figure out what her bondmate was on about but she could not read him; his side of their bond was locked down tight, something it had not been since they were first bonded and she found she did not like it.

"Who is he? Who is your lover" Spock hissed, his face blank but his eyes furiously conveyed ever emotion he was not able to repress and she shivered as she registered the blind fury in his eyes directed entirely at her.

"Lover?" was he accusing her of being unfaithful?

"Who is the father to your unborn child." Her husband demanded "Who dared laid hands upon you, who dared take what is mine."

"Child...?" Jane was more than lost now "Spock, I'm not pregnant; we both know that's impossible after all you can't..." she left it hanging.

"Precisely" came Spock's clipped reply "The child that you carry cannot be mine so who have you been dallying with, who have you been being unfaithful with behind my back."

"Nobody" Jane replied still bewildered by what her Vulcan was accusing her of, "Spock you can't be serious..."

"I will remove my belongings from our, from your quarters" He interrupted her abruptly, "I trust that you can accept that our relationship has now come to the conclusion that many had warned me about. I should have known better than to have committed to a relationship with someone who had such promiscuous tendencies. I should have known better than to think you would be faithful"

"Spock" Now shocked to tears Jane looked beseechingly up at him "You can't be serious... we are bonded surely you would have known if I was unfaithful..."

"I have always respected your privacy." Spock interrupted her "I will have vacated our quarters by the time you have been discharged and I will move myself to beta shift, I trust that you will have the decency to avoid me until such time my transfer is approved."

"Transfer" Jane whispered not able to believe the turn her life had taken.

"I will not watch as you swell with another man's issue, I have put through my transfer to head quarters and I trust that it will be approved promptly due to the circumstances."

Utterly confused and emotionally devastated Jane could only watch as her bondmate or was it now ex bond mate? Turned on his heel and walked out the door as Bones walked in

Bones" Jane sobbed "Spock..."

"How could you" Bones demanded his hazel eyes furious, "I thought you had finally grown up, I thought you had finally settled down and then you pull something like this."

"But I didn't" Jane tried to defend herself but Bones was on a roll.

"I always defended you, I always said that you would settle down when you found the right man and I thought you had... I really thought you and Spock were the real thing so how could you fuck him over like this. I know the green blooded hobgoblin and I have not always seen eye to eye but do you know how in love with you that man is" Bones continued his rant "You should have seen his face when I had to tell him you were pregnant; not even I could accuse him of being emotionless. He even made me test him to ensure that he was in fact sterile, that the VSA had not got it wrong."

Breaking off and just shaking his head as he looked at her in utter disgust, "I have transferred your case to M'Benga – I can't look at you right now.

And with that two of the most important people in Jane's life walked out of it.

The next couple of weeks were sheer hell on Jane; the news had obviously filtered through the crew because while still being professionally courteous while on duty they avoided her like the plague while they were off duty; most looking at her like she was something they had stepped on.

Nyota Uhura had gone one step further and had cursed at her in 5 different languages as she pointed out how Jane had broken Spock and how she deserved to burn in hell and how she (Uhura) had always suspected that Jane would crash and burn like this.

Jane had tried to talk to Spock but he had evaded her with a skill that had to been see to be believed and when he couldn't he had dealt with her by reverting back to the stone faced emotionless robot she had accused him of being at the beginning of the mission before they had gotten to know each other, before she had fallen in love with her stoic, reserved First Officer.

Her friendship with Bones was in tatters, he had obviously sided with Spock; something she would have never believed possible if she had not seen it with her own two eyes.

At least that she could understand; Bones had been badly burned by his ex wife who had maintained that their daughter, Joanne, was his up until she had filed for divorce then all of her affairs had come out of the wood work and it had turned out the child that Bones had raised for five years, the little girl he had loved more than life itself had not been his but some man his wife had been screwing on the side.

It had left Bones with a deep hatred of infidelity and people who practiced it; people like Jane.

Or so everyone though.

But the truth... the truth was she had not slept with another man since the five year mission commenced; first because she was trying to prove herself an responsible and committed captain who could keep it in her pants and then... and then because she had fallen so deep in love with her gorgeous Vulcan First officer that she could not contemplate letting another man touch her let alone fuck her.

So how then was she pregnant? M'Benga's tests had put her around the four week marks.

Four weeks that, like the last three years, she had spent every night making love to her husband and spending every night in his arms; when she had the strength to even think about it she wondered where she was meant to of have the time to have an illicit affair; they spent 93 percent of their time together; both on duty and off.

They were only separated when Spock was in his lab; usually when she was asleep seeing how he had never needed as much as her.

She had not even been on a way mission that she could blame this on alien interference, as they had been star charting for the last 6 weeks.

But she could not convince anyone of that; everyone had apparently taken poor heartbroken Spock's side and they were too busy death glaring her to bother to listen to her.

Every friend she had thought she had made over the last couple of years had deserted her; Sulu was ignoring her.

Chekov was sending her betrayed looks.

If looks could kill then the heated hatred in Uhura's would of flayed her alive.

Even Scotty, usually the most neutral of all people, was not directly talking to her unless in the line of duty.

Things, she decide morosely, could not get worse.

But of course they did.

Admiral" Jane saluted sharply "We did not expect you."

Pike just looked weary and tired as he looked at her

"I know but I was in this sector at Starbase 9 for business when I got ordered to report to the Enterprise" he told he shortly

"Why" Jane could not help but frown; why would command order Pike to the Enterprise while they were just star charting.

"Captain, I need to talk to you in your office. Privately" Pike ignored her question.

Frowning as she escorted him to her office she wondered what this could be about; admirals usually only visited star ships in the bleakest of times and except from her personal life she had really not fucked up lately.

Showing Pike into her office she sat down behind her desk and stared at Pike who was acting weirdly; they had always had a good working relationship and he had always been a mentor to her so why was he acting so... cold.

Unless of course he had heard about her supposed infidelity, Spock had been his First Officer first; and she knew her bondmate (her heart refused to name him as anything else) his friend.

"Captain Kirk there is no easy way to say this" Admiral Pike looked like he would rather be anywhere but here.

"Say what" Kirk tried not to panic; nothing good ever came out of a sentence like that.

"Captain Kirk, as of regulation 459 section two , you are hereby relieved of command and you will be escorted off of the Enterprise and shipped by to Earth where you will be court marshaled on charges of conduct unbecoming an officer and commander.

"Excuse me" Kirk studied Pike's face was he kidding?

"We have received a staggering amount of formal complaints and transfer request from your crew; they are refusing to serve under someone they find so" Pike seemed to struggle for words before going on "Dishonorable. It seems they do not trust you, Captain Kirk, and I do not need to tell you how dangerous that is for a Star ship crew. Usually we would not interfere over such a private issues but we cannot ignore so many complaints."

So, Jane mused, even Command knew about her pregnancy and supposed infidelity, not that she should have been surprised after all at the least M'Benga's would have had to file a report on her upcoming bundle of 'joy'

"We cannot sit by idly when a crew threatens to rebel. Or leave the service if they are not allowed to transfer" Pike continued

Jane could not speak around the lump in her throat then jumped as there was a knock at the door.

"Enter" responded Pike.

Giotto and two of his security goon's walked in "Admiral you request us" he asked ignoring his Captains presence.

"You are to escort Captain Kirk to the transporter where she will be transported to Star base 9." Pike ordered not meeting Jane's pleading gaze.

Too stunned too even resist Kirk found herself frog marched between two security goons to the transporter bay.

Upon entering the bay she was shocked to find her bondmate waiting for her; face even more expressionless than usual.

"Spock" Jane broke free of her escort to race to him, planning on making him see sense, to make him mind meld with her so he could SEE her innocence but when she went to lay a pleading hand on his arm he shook her off roughly; making her fall back only just catching herself.

"Captain Kirk" he intoned in an emotionless voice "My lawyers will contact you to arrange a time and place for the disseverment of our bond when the Enterprise concludes its mission and arrives back on earth."

"Spock" Jane's voice and body shook "Please don't do this"

"I did nothing" Spock grated, watching with no apparent emotion as she was escorted onto the transporter pads "It was you who choose to have an affair. It was you who shattered our relationship with your lies and betrayal."

"But I didn't" Jane could do nothing but sob; the famous Kirk charm and wit long gone "I never cheated on you Spock, you have to believe me. The child has to be yours; there is nobody else it could be."

"Energize" came her unforgiving bondmate response and she felt the familiar buzz of her atoms being dissolved and when they were put back together on Starbase 9 transporter pad she found herself alone looking at unfamiliar transporter Techs.

Captain Kirk" A star fleet official approached her.

"Not for long" She muttered

"Your transport is ready to leave, Captain." The official either had not heard her or was ignoring her like everyone else in her life.

Escorted to the departing shuttle with all available speed Jane Kirk was left looking out at empty space wondering what the hell had just happened.

One minute celebrated hero of the Federation and decorated Star Ship Captain the next an unfaithful whore and social pariah?

Jane had never really gotten Bones statement that Jocelyn had gotten Earth in the divorce until now.

Spock hadn't just gotten the Earth but he had somehow managed to have gotten the rest of the universe as well.