AN: For those familiar with NCIS LA, this story's set about half way through season 3 therefore events that occurred in the second half of season 3 and beyond have not happened yet.

Chapter 9

They both arrived at Kensi's apartment.

"Um, I'm sorry for the mess, didn't expect any visitors," said Kensi nervously.

"I can't see any mess, it just looks lived in," answered Chuck smiling.

"Yeah, right," responded Kensi.

"Did you want a coffee?" asked Kensi.

"Sounds great, show me the kitchen and I will take care of it," said Chuck.

"Ah no, you are my guest and I will make the coffee, but you can help," said Kensi

They both went into the kitchen, it was small but functional. It looked like most appliances didn't get much use, except for the microwave the characters on the buttons had all but disappeared.

"Sorry to disappoint Chuck, but not much of a cook," said Kensi.

"Hehe, well that makes two of us. I used to think I could make one meal, but I found out recently that people haven't been telling me how bad it really was," said Chuck sadly.

"But I can order take away with the best of them," added Chuck.

Kensi had a little laugh then put her hand to her head.

"Headache?" asked Chuck.

"Yeah starting to come back, and I don't have any pain medication," said Kensi anxiously.

"I thought ahead, and got Ellie to give me a little something from her samples," said Chuck and gave her the blister pack.

"My hero," responded Kensi.

After Kensi had made the coffee, Chuck attempted to pick both his and Kensi's mug up.

"Chuck let me take them, you will end up spilling the coffee and burning your other arm," said Kensi.

"Thanks, sorry i'll be better in a few days," said Chuck nervously.

Kensi just looked at him seriously.

"Chuck, why are you apologising to me?" asked Kensi.

"Well here I am, supposedly looking after you and I can't even carry your mug," said Chuck.

"I think injuring your arm while saving me, gives you an excuse for not carrying the coffee. I should be doing everything and anything I can do to make sure you are ok," said Kensi shyly.

"Ha, I'm fine, it is not me that has concussion and a possible head injury, a little more serious than a sprained arm and rope burn," said Chuck.

They were now sitting on the couch, with a comfortable distance between them.

"You sure this couch will be ok?" asked Kensi.

"Yep it will be fine, you wouldn't have a spare blanket though would you?" Asked Chuck.

"Yeah I will get it for you" said Kensi getting up then swaying a little before sitting back down holding her head.

Chuck quickly moved next to her and wrapped his arm around her.

"Kensi you ok?" asked Chuck.

"Ah yeah, sorry I think I tried to stand up a little too quickly, and got light-headed," said Kensi.

"Maybe you should get changed, hop in bed and rest," said Chuck.

"Yeah maybe, I'm sorry I'm not the best host," said Kensi.

"Sssshhhh stop being silly, just tell me were the blanket is. I will take you to bed and then you can just relax," said Chuck.

"Is that what you say to all the girls?" asked Kensi.

Chuck blushed.

"Oh that is so adorable," said Kensi.

"Have you finished teasing me?" asked Chuck.

"Yeah, I think so," said Kensi.

"Well I'm sure I will know it if you change your mind," said Chuck smiling.

"You right to walk to your room, or you want some help?" asked Chuck.

"No I will be fine," said Kensi smiling.

"Don't forget to have the door open before you get in bed, I still need to wake you up, to check on you during the night," said Chuck.

"Yes Doc," said Kensi smiling.

Kensi had eventually headed off to her room to get ready for bed, but Chuck couldn't help smiling at the easy banter they had developed.

The first couple of checks had gone without incident, but before Chuck could head into Kensi for the third hourly check, he heard her screaming.

He ran in immediately, ran to the side of her bed, he found her still asleep and attempted to wake her.

She stopped screaming and woke up, staring at Chuck she quickly wrapped her arms around him breathing heavily.

"Kensi is it the pain? Tell me what's wrong?" asked Chuck.

"No it was just a nightmare, sorry Chuck," she said as she let go of her iron grip around his neck.

"Um ok, was it a normal thing, or different?" asked Chuck concerned.

"What do you mean?" asked Kensi unsure.

"Oh, I guess in our job it's pretty normal for nightmares, but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't related to your head injury," answered Chuck shyly.

"Oh, no um it's pretty common unfortunately," said Kensi.

"Did you want to talk about it?" asked Chuck.

"Um, it's related to my Dad's death," said Kensi.

"Oh," said Chuck sadly.

"He reportedly died of a car accident while on duty, but I always thought it was suspicious. Kind of haunts me, he died when I was pretty young. My dad and I were pretty close after my mom left," said Kensi.

"What was his name?" asked Chuck.

"Donald Blye, why?" asked Kensi.

The flash hit him quickly, feeding him the information on Kensi's father.

"What did he do?" enquired Chuck seriously.

"He was a sniper instructor, why…shit do you know something? " asked Kensi excitedly.

"Ah, no but I can have a look in the intelligence archives for you," said Chuck.

"But that might get you into trouble," said Kensi.

"No, as long as you don't say you got it from me. I have access to some archives that isn't audited. But that means I can't give you a copy of any of the intelligence," said Chuck.

"That would still be great, thanks Chuck," said Kensi giving him another hug, this time more affectionately and not out of fear.

"I'm sorry," said Kensi.

"It's ok, I will not read anything into it, It's been a challenging day," said Kensi.

"Yeah I guess, it's not every day you nearly die, and get saved by a super hero," said Kensi with a smile.

"What no, I was talking about meeting my sister sheesh, and who is this super hero you speak of?" asked Chuck.

"Get out, go on I want to get some sleep before you next have to wake me again," said Kensi.

Chuck now knew that Kensi's dad wasn't just an instructor, but a member of a black ops sniper squad working for the agency.

He forced a flash on a few other people in the same team.

Something strange was happening with the members of that team.

After several more flashes and information retrieval, he had collected enough information for Kensi. He will need to wait till he can cover the flash with an opportunity to use the imaginary archives, only then will he be able to let Kensi know.

After several more cycles of waking and checking on Kensi, it was finally the next morning.

Kensi woke up first and came out from her room and found Chuck still asleep on the couch, she didn't want to wake him. She started thinking about what she was going to do for breakfast; she wished she could cook something for Chuck to thank him for last night.

The best she could do was toast and coffee.

"Hey what're ya doing?" asked Chuck.

Kensi turned around, and as soon as she saw him she broke into a fit of laughter.

"What?" asked Chuck.

"You just look so adorable with the nerd shirt and the bed hair, or should I say couch hair. I didn't see what it was you were wearing last night," said Kensi with a big smile.

"Hehe, Ellie tells me when my hair gets too long it makes funny animal shapes" said Chuck.

"Awwww, when was the last time she said that?" asked Kensi.

"Last year," said Chuck shrugging.

"You Chuck Bartowski, are one of kind," said Kensi.

"Awwww and I'm sure there are many people who are glad of that," said Chuck.

"Yeah, I am sure there are plenty of people who are glad there isn't another Chuck in the agency, all bad I'm sure," said Kensi.

"Maybe, but I was thinking more personal than that," said Chuck.

Kensi looked at him strangely.

"I'm not very proud of how I treated Hanna," said Chuck.

"That's the most recent relationship you had?" asked Kensi

"Yeah that's the one," said Chuck sadly.

"Why what happened?" asked Kensi.

"I went on a mission in Paris and I met her on the plane. One the flight we talked a bit but I didn't think much of it, but I gave her a business card of my cover job, she had just lost her job and I felt bad, and said if she was ever in town I could get her a job. I thought I would never see her again, but she turned up in the store, took a job then kind of pursued me. " said Chuck.

Chuck looked to see Kensi was still listening.

"So you weren't flirting with her on the flight?" questioned Kensi.

"Well maybe, but it was all just to fit in, and it was easy to keep the conversation going," said Chuck before he continued.

"We started going out, but the lying to her was too hard, I couldn't have a relationship with someone who I wasn't honest with. So I broke it off," said Chuck.

"Ok, um so you started going out with her, lying to her was difficult so you broke it off," said Kensi

"Yeah," responded Chuck.

"What part are you not proud off?" asked Kensi

"All of it," said Chuck.

"I shouldn't have gone out with her knowing I would have to lie to her, I shouldn't have lied to her, and three breaking up the day after we had slept together," said Chuck sadly.

"So yeah the timing sucked," said Kensi.

"Yeah," said Chuck.

"Can I ask you a question?" asked Kensi.

Chuck nodded affirmatively.

"Have you ever lied to me?" asked Kensi

After a beat.

"Kensi …um," said Chuck.

"Ok, what about, is it about Walker?" asked Kensi accusingly.

"No not really, It's just that certain things I can't tell you because of security clearances, to not keep things from you I kind of chose to stretch the truth a little, maybe used metaphors when explaining some things," said Chuck gulping and feeling very low.

"Kensi, I'm sorry I wish I could be completely honest with you about all things," said Chuck.

"Will you ever be honest with me about all things?" asked Kensi

"God I hope so," said Chuck.

"If I had enough security clearance, could you be honest?" asked Kensi.

Chuck only looked up into Kensi's eyes with hope.

"Would I need clearance like you, or could it be less?" asked Kensi.

"Clearance like anyone on my team would be enough," said Chuck.

"Have you ever lied to me about your feelings, or something between us, or even your past relationships?" asked Kensi

After a beat

"No," said Chuck.

"You had to think though?" asked Kensi.

"It is probably…I just haven't told you everything," said Chuck.

"About your feelings?" asked Kensi nervously.

"Oh no not that, um previous relationships," said Chuck.

"That's ok Chuck, I haven't told you all about my past relationships so that's ok. But can you promise me that you will not lie to me about anything that doesn't need clearance, better yet say you can't answer," said Kensi.

"Um what if I want to surprise you?" asked Chuck.

"Good or bad surprise Chuck?" asked Kensi.

"Good hopefully like a gift or a party or something?" asked Chuck smiling hopefully.

"Ok yes, but nothing else," said Kensi.

"What if it's to protect you or so you don't get worried?" asked Chuck hopefully.

"Absolutely not, Chuck you can't choose what you are going to tell me, thinking you know what is the right thing for me to know is not the way to have a relationship," Said Kensi.

Chuck only responded with a nod and slowly cowered under her stern uncompromising gaze.

"Can I use metaphors can I say I can't tell you, but how about I use a metaphor?" asked Chuck.

"But if it's classified, wouldn't it be best just to say that you can't tell me," said Kensi.

"Well, sometimes in the agency things get pretty grey. For example when you asked about Sarah and I and our history, I had to use some metaphors, I would just have to say I can't tell you," said Chuck concerned.

"Do the metaphors change the meanings or intent?" asked Kensi

"No not really," said Chuck.

Kensi only sighed.

"OK let me explain that a different way, Sarah and I were together but I thought she was going to leave on a different assignment. I had already turned down another job with the agency, that would have seen me on her team," said Chuck.

"I then did something, voluntarily, because I was the only person that could do it," said Chuck.

Kensi only nodded.

"But any of the details are highly classified, and this relates to the reason Sarah wanted her and I to leave the agency," said Chuck.

Kensi was quiet and deep in thought,

"You have probably already told me too much, haven't you?" asked Kensi.

Chuck sighed and didn't know where to go from here.

"Kensi I really like you, and I don't want this to come between us, but for your safety and the safety of others around me, I really need to leave it as that. And if you can't handle that then…then maybe even a friendship will be too much," said Chuck sadly.

"Hey, you are not getting out of your hospital duties that quickly Chuck, besides I do understand and I am not ready to give up on this before we even start," said Kensi.

After breakfast they each had showers and got ready to head off to the hospital for their tests.


"How did your tests go Kensi?" asked Chuck.

"Ok no lasting damage, just need to take it easy. How about your arm and burns?" asked Kensi

"Yeah ok, they don't think I will need any grafts, but want me to come back in a few days, X-ray revealed no broken bones." said Chuck.

"That's good, did you hear we have a briefing scheduled at the boatshed this afternoon?" asked Kensi

"Yeah, any idea what it's about?" asked Chuck.

"Um no, but I thought you might have had more information," answered Kensi.

"Nope in the dark just as much as you," said Chuck.


Everyone was at the boatshed and the briefing started almost immediately, as Chuck and Kensi arrived.

"Agent Bartowski are you injured, what is the nature and explanation of the bandaging on your arm?" asked the General.

"I'm sure Bartowski just tripped over his own feet," said Shaw with a smirk.

"No, Agent Bartowski saved my life, we were out rock climbing and there was an incident, I was unconscious and descending to a possible death. Agent Bartowski for lack of a better explanation came to my rescue," said Kensi proudly.

"Agent Blye are you ok?" asked Hetty with both Callen and Sam looking on concerned.

"Yes Hetty, a rock knocked me unconscious, I have had a CT and X-ray this morning, other than concussion I was given a clean bill of health. Agent Bartowski suffered much worse than myself," said Kensi sadly.

"Agent Bartowski please explain was this part of a mission?" asked the General.

"No ma'am, I was going rock climbing with my brother-in-law and a friend, I invited Agent Blye along to help foster better relations between the agency and the NCIS," said Chuck.

A snort was heard coming from Shaw

"Was your cover compromised?" asked the General.

"No ma'am the friend in question was ex NSA John Casey," said Chuck.

A whimper was heard coming from Sarah.

"Agent Shaw and Walker do you have something to add to this?" asked the General.

"No ma'am," they both responded.

"Then I would appreciate keeping the inappropriate noises to yourself," said the General.

"What is the status of your injury Bartoswski?" asked the General.

"Well, nothing too serious, really just a sprained wrist and rope burns," said Chuck.

"Ma'am the burns are serious and may need skin grafts" added Kensi.

"You attended the hospital together?" asked the General with her eyebrows raised.

"Yes ma'am, Agent Blye was in no condition to drive and my sister arranged for the tests. Agent Blye is correct, the burns may need grafts but they'll make a decision once the swelling has abated," said Chuck.

"Sounds like a Bartowski family affair, how did you get severe rope burns Agent," asked the General.

"General, Agent Bartowski completed what I could only describe as a miracle as he basically freefalled down to me, then used his arm and his rope to slow his and my descent after he had caught me" said Kensi.

Everyone's faces showed surprise and disbelief.

"Kensi, if you were unconscious how did you know all of this happened," Shaw said overly pleased with himself.

"Well his brother-in-law, awes..Devon recorded the event on his phone," said Kensi.

"Has this recording been secured?" asked the General

"Yes ma'am I made sure to remove the recording," said Chuck.

Sighs of disappointment came from both Callen and Sam.

"Don't worry guys I got a copy on my phone before it was deleted" said Kensi smiling.

"While I appreciate that the event was significant to you Agent Blye, I ask that all copies of the video be deleted. If Agent Bartowski's exploits were seen by the wrong people it would compromise his cover," said the General.

"I understand General, before I leave the boatshed the video will be removed," said Kensi confidently.

"Are you mission capable?" asked the General.

"Ma'am it would depend on the mission, but I'll be back close to full capability by seven days, pending the unlikely event of needing the grafts" said Chuck.

"Well the reason for the briefing is because while going through the Intelligence recovered by Agents Bartowski and Walker, we have identified that a meeting will be occurring between Volkoff and his contact tonight, he is arriving on his private Jet at the LA airport within the next few hours. I can't stress the importance of finding out who he is meeting," said the General.

"General, do we know were the meeting will be held?" asked Sam.

"Agent Hanna we only know that the meeting is scheduled for 7pm tonight, and not the location. This is why we must follow Volkoff from the airport, but we must not make him suspicious otherwise we will lose the opportunity," said the General.

"Bartowski and Blye are benched for this mission, but will be in the van coordinating the operation," said the General.

"Agents Walker and Shaw can you handle tailing the target?" asked the General.

"Ma'am, I suggest that we split up into three teams. Agents Hanna and Callen in one vehicle with Agents Shaw and myself in two separate vehicles so we can share the tail among the three," added Sarah.

Shaw was about to interrupt when the General responded.

"Mission planning with you, just make sure we all stay in contact with the van," said the General.

"Hetty, I would like to request that we use a mobile NCIS van with Eric?" asked Kensi.

"Granted, Mr Beale sort out the logistics with Agent Blye," said Hetty.

Both the General and Hetty disappeared from the screens.

Both Callen and Sam came over to Kensi immediately after the briefing.

"Show us that video before you delete it Kensi?" asked Callen.

Kensi connected her phone to the screen and started playing.

Everyones eyes were glued to the TV, even Shaw was watching. This was the first time that Chuck had seen the video.

After the video finished most were just nodding in appreciation, Sarah seemed ready to explode.

"Chuck, what the hell were you thinking, you nearly killed yourself, even if you have such little regard for your own life you need to start considering those around you," she said storming out of the room.

'What was that all about?' thought Chuck as he was about to follow her.

Chuck was then distracted as Callen and Sam approached him.

"That was one serious move there Bartowski," said Sam.

"Yeah were you in the circus?" ask Callen.

"No, nothing like that it was basically pure instinct, didn't really have time to think." answered Chuck.

"Whatever it was, thank you," said Sam.

Kensi, Callen and Sam disappeared out of the room talking and joking leaving Chuck and Shaw alone. Shaw came up to Chuck and whispered so no one or any listening devices could pick up.

Chuck wanted to get outside to find Sarah, and find out what was going on with her.

"Trying to impress her with the Intersect, lucky you both didn't die," said Shaw with distaste.

"Shaw I really don't care what you think, but just so we are clear I didn't flash, if I waited for a flash Kensi would be dead." responded Chuck with such conviction in his eyes it shook him.


Sarah didn't know what had happened; she was so angry with Chuck, but could not explain the intensity behind that anger. This constant questioning of her feelings for Chuck was starting to become unmanageable. Shaw was also irritating her even more than before. She knew they could have made the tail work with just the two vehicles, but she just wanted any excuse, to not be alone with him.

Shaw was definitely not in Sarah's future, and Chuck was her past and it looked like he was moving on. She knew she had no right to begrudge Chuck; she was the one that rejected him. She knew in Prague that he wasn't rejecting her, thanks to Carina's video, but then it was still devastating . When she told him that she was with Shaw and they had no chance she felt empowered over him, and felt like she held all the cards. Seeing him with Hanna hurt, but part of her always knew it wouldn't last, agents and civilians just don't work. But with Blye it was different.

Sarah needed to get away from the boathouse before Chuck came out, and caused further problems with his questions.

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