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"Move! Move!"

"Two direct hits on enemy's right flank. They're falling back."

"Press forward! Make sure that they don't regroup!"

Havoc sighed as he loaded his E-blaster again. It had already been three weeks since Chad, Crystal, Annabeth and the others left to the Material domain. Due to the worry of there being a breach of security, communication with them had been small. Still Havoc had faith in his family and knew that they would want him to concentrate on the current situation at hand.

"Havoc the enemy is sending another wave of troops." Wolf shouted as he dodged enemy fire. Havoc nodded and got up as he fired several more rounds from his E-Blaster towards the Centurion troopers. Three were killed instantly while four more were badly wounded. A large Destroyer with an arm cannon fired at Havoc, trying to hit him. But Havoc managed to dodge it and returned fire, striking the Destroyer in the eye.

"Press forward! Keep pushing them back while they're still weak!" Havoc shouted as he drew his sword. Once everyone had their weapons out they charged the enemy. Havoc slashed through three Destroyers and ten Centurions. The others were holding out well, though now and then he would see a couple of Vanguards and Sentinels fall before the enemy.

A roar caught Havoc's attention causing him too look up. Flying towards them was Cross, a dragon morphing Vanguard. He was in his dragon form and let out a large breath of blue fire, vaporizing a large portion of Centurions. The Destroyers took cover and tried to hit the flyer, but the Vanguard's armor protected him from such attacks. This gave the other Vanguards to strike back at the enemy. Cross then grabbed a handful of Destroyers and Centurions and once he was high enough in the air, he dropped them towards the ground below.

Havoc then concentrated on the energy in his sword and then brought it down, letting loose a large wave of energy, cutting down the weaker Centurions and Destroyers. His allies cheered as they surged forward pushing the enemy back. But then a black fireball struck a handful of Sentinels, incinerating them. Havoc looked up just in time to see Apocalypse land right in front of him. The leader of the Destroyers sneered as he pulled out his own sword and pointed it towards Havoc.

As Havoc readied his own blade he told the other Vanguards, "Circle around us and engage the enemy. I will deal with Apocalypse here."

The others nodded and went around the two leaders, crying out war cries as they attacked the Destroyers. Havoc brought his sword up and got into a stance, taunting Apocalypse. The Destroyer leader raised his blade and charge, and soon the two swords collided and the battle was on. They separated and Havoc fired a ball of ice at Apocalypse. His foe merely smacked it to the side and then spread his wings out and charged Havoc. Havoc spread his own wings out and flew into the air, dodging Apocalypse's attack and then slammed him to the ground. But Apocalypse punched Havoc in the face and then kicked him backwards. Havoc countered by unleashing several fireballs at Apocalypse, forcing the destroyer leader to use his wings as a shield. Then he pushed back Apocalypse and brought his sword down on him. But the Destroyer Leader managed to dodge and landed a punch onto Havoc's cheek, sending him crashing into a building.

"My lord!" Teridax shouted from above. Apocalypse looked up and saw the Fade's forces coming through a portal opened by the Destroyers. Soon the demons descended upon the Vanguard's forces. Apocalypse laughed as he was the army being surrounded on both sides. But suddenly another portal opened up and warriors of the Veil came pouring through to assist the Vanguards.

As he emerged from the rubble Havoc smirked at the shocked expression of Apocalypse. "You didn't think we wouldn't be prepared for something like this?" He asked as he drew his sword and charged again.

Chad got out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. As he walked to the living room, he saw a note on the table. It was from Annabeth, "Please come to the bridge. Love Mom"

Chad sighed and pulled on some pants and a shirt. After he got his shoes on he opened the screens of his window and could see a blue planet coming into view. Before it was a large fleet of ships that bear the marking of the Dominion. That was when Chad remembered that they were going to stop at the Dominion's capital planet after retrieving the stone.

When he arrived to the bridge he saw only his Mother, Scar, Mein-dos, Zero, Thomas, and Jam looking at the screen as a person appeared. He was a Yuraham judging by his appearance. And the way he was dress meant that he was a pretty big shot among the Dominion.

Scar saw Chad walking up to them and then turned towards the Yuraham on the screen. "My Lord Fendo, allow me to introduce you to our captain Chad Jackson son of Havoc."

The man named Fenis bowed his head in respect. "I am honored to meet the son of God's Great Angel."

Chad raised his eyebrow and looked at the others. They just shrugged and just to follow along. Chad cleared his throat and looked up at the Yuraham. "It's an honor to meet you as well. We've contacted you due to the request of landing on your planet for a bit of relaxation."

Fendo nodded, his head bobbling. "Of course, it would be an honor for us to play host for such holy warriors like yourselves." The Yuraham said, "I shall inform the fleet commander of your arrival."

When the screen went black Chad asked, "Are the usually like that?"

Thomas shrugged. "Most of the time. We somehow tend to deal with it." Then he turned towards Jam. "Go and make sure that the Fleet Commander has receive the order to let us pass. The rest of us shall prepare for the welcoming committee."

"Welcoming committee?" Annabeth asked.

Scar smirked. "These guys like to celebrate our arrival with a big void parade and stuff."

And with that they all headed back to their rooms to prepare for their landing. A few minutes later their chosen landing port was crowded with loads of people with banners and waving hello towards the Vanguards.

"Wow it's almost as if we're stars or something." Crystal murmured next to Chad as they exited the ship. Several squads of soldiers were waiting for them with a transport carrier in front of them with its doors opened. Leaving the Sentinel troopers to keep an eye on the ship, Chad, his team, Mom, Ram, Tyson and Russell all boarded the carrier and watched as it took off from the ground and headed towards the palace. The palace clearly stood out from the rest of the city. It was made of a glowing blue material and was way bigger then the other towers around it. A dome was positioned in the center with a tower coming out of it. The tower was connected to multiple other towers some of them were even floating. Ships flew all around it and small specks that were people could be seen down below it. Also a large wall circled it, cutting it off from the rest of the city.

"So cool" Chad said as he looked out the window. Soon the ship docked at one of the many hangars of the palace. Waiting for them were several Elders, the leaders of the Dominion, along with Royal Guards. They wore gold and black armor and had large spears that shined from the sun's reflection. The Elders were wearing simple garments except with markings on them. As Chad's team got out the Elder at the front bowed his head in respect. "Greetings oh holy angels. My name is Denard, High Elder of the Dominion."

Suppressing the urge to snigger at the comment of being called angels, Chad replied. "Thank you for your hospitality. We just wish to stay here for a few days until we can decide our next move."

Denard nodded eagerly. "Of course young master. In fact we were just about to have our once in a year celebration for our governments founding. It would be a great honor if you would join us."

Chad turned to the others who nodded. Then he turned to look at Denard. "It is us who would be honored High Elder."

A few hours later after settling in the guest rooms, the team was escorted to the throne room, where many tables of food were set up for people to eat. Almost all the different races of the Dominion were there, though they were mostly politicians or high rank officers. Outside the palace Chad could hear people partying down in the city, cheering over this special day. Chad had to admit that he felt pretty good, finally a chance to relax. He smirked a little as Mein-dos was surrounded by his fellow kin, who were asking him questions. And when he was invited to sit next to the High Elder himself, he couldn't say no.

"So I must ask young master, what mission has God sent you on that you bring such a large force of Vanguards with you?" Denard asked.

Chad took a quick glance at his Mom, to see if it was all right to tell him. She paused for a moment before shaking her head. Chad turned back to Denard and said kindly, "I'm sorry Elder but the importance of our mission requires that I do not tell others who are not part of it. I hope you understand."

Denard nodded. "Of course young master. I never meant to intrude on your sacred mission, just curious."

Elsewhere on one of the balconies of the palace, stood Rad. He was out of his armor and into a more leisurely outfit; a red buttoned shirt and blue jeans. However he still had his rapier strapped to his waist. He continued looking up at the sky, the stars shining brightly tonight.

"Never thought you as the star watcher type." Crystal said from behind. Rad turned around to see Crystal walking up to him. She had taken her armor off and was now wearing a blue tank top and blue jeans. Her black hair flew in the air thanks to the breeze. Rad couldn't help but stare a little until he was brought back to reality when Crystal asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Rad sighed as he looked back up to the sky. "I'm just wondering if Havoc is okay? He's been like a father to me since I first came to the Vanguard."

Crystal raised an eyebrow. "You never knew your real dad?"

Rad shook his head. "My mom was a terran and my Dad was a Firstborn. My mother died when I was born and my Dad disappeared a few days after Havoc became leader. So Havoc saw it as his duty to raise me since I had no one else to care for me."

Crystal couldn't help but feel sorry for Rad. To had grown up without knowing your real parents must have been really hard for him. Sure she hadn't had Dad in her life but she had her Mother who cared for her whenever Mark got hostile towards her or Chad.

Crystal put a hand on Rad's shoulder and said, "Well I'm sure that if they were still around they would be really proud of their son. And if they weren't then they are idiots."

Rad looked at her for a moment before offering her a smile and then taking her hand in his. Crystal blushed a little but kept her hand where it was and the two both looked up at the sky. It was then that Crystal swore that when this was all over she would make sure to spend as much time as she could with Dad, to rekindle that lost bond of father and daughter.

The next day everyone was preparing to head out. As Chad gave his final thanks to the Elders he noticed Zero hanging to the side. He also appeared to have something in his hand, and it was glowing too. Curious Chad walked over to him. "Hey Zero what's that you got?" He asked.

Upon hearing his voice Zero automatically hid the device. "Nothing" He murmured and walked away. Chad didn't know what his problem was, but he had this feeling that he wasn't a normal Vanguard. And thus he decided he would keep a better eye on him.

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