When asked how they met, Sherlock and John tell very different stories.

"I met Sherlock at Harefield. He was a year younger so we didn't know each other. So, one day after lunch most of the students were outside in this courtyard and there was this loud, ungodly noise. It was like this screeching and grinding and explosion and then this girl started screaming and screaming.

"All of us heard it and this panic just swept through the crowd and everyone started running. It was like being in the middle of a riot, everyone was pushing and scrambling. I broke out of the crowd and kept running. I glanced over and Sherlock was next to me. So, the two of us were running together and that's when it hits me.

"Everyone heard the sound and started running. Everyone else heard it and started running away from it. Sherlock and I heard it and immediately started running towards the danger.

"So yeah that's how I met Sherlock. We were the only two kids crazy enough to run towards danger not away from it, and we've been running together ever since."

"John was a year ahead of me at Harefield. He put out my jacket when it was on fire and has been following me ever since trying to get me to behave."

Author's Note

This is the first of many 221b drabbles. I thought I would start with a little AU.

Many thanks to my beta JibberingThoughtsOfFle and my inspiration tsukinoblossom.