This is a rewrite of one of the stories I gave up on, at the beginning parts are only slightly different but bigger differences will come up in later chapters.

Chapter 1 A New World

In a destroyed abounded stronghold two brothers did battle, these two brothers where Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha. Two of the last members of the Uchiha clan bent on killing each other no matter what it took. Sasuke to get revenge on his older brother for killing his family, Itachi secretly fighting to save his brother from himself. However there was a third member of this battle and he was about to show. Sasuke screamed as he tried to force even more chakra out however he released an evil power he had long suppressed. Giant white snakes shot out of his body forming a giant seven headed creature. However Itachi had a creature of his own, the Susanoo. This creature around Itachi was the perfect defense and with its sword it became a perfect form to attack.

"Ah, it comes." said a weak and dying Itachi, his own strength left was his will to save his brother.

The Susanoo quickly cut off the heads of all but one of the giant white snakes. That last snake opened its mouth as a naked man with pale white skin appeared.

"Ah…finally." hissed the man "I should thank you Itachi for pushing your brother so that he ran out of chakra, it gave me the opening to take him."

"I don't think so Orochimaru." said Itachi as the sword of the Susanoo pierced the snake Sannin of the hidden leaf.

"You think something like that can destroy me?" laughed Orochimaru before a pulling sensation told him what was happened. "The Totsuka Blade?"

"The Totsuka Blade?" asked the spy of the Akatsuki Zetsu to his second half

"A sword that Orochimaru always wanted." explained the other half of Zetsu "It seals anything away into a world in which one will spend all of time in a drunk stupider."

"I see." said Zetsu as Orochimaru was dragged into a sealed world, leaving Sasuke free of the effects of Orochimaru.

"Now Sasuke it is time to end this." stated Itachi

"I will not let you kill me." stated Sasuke as he tried to stand only to fall back down to his knees.

"No…little brother I will not save you I will save you from yourself." said Itachi as suddenly Susanoo's red flaming sword turned blue. "There is a hidden ability of this blade I can send you to another world where you can spend the rest of your days at peace."

"I will kill you." stated Sasuke

"You already have brother this will take the last of my chakra." stated Itachi "But you will safe from Madara Uchiha."

With that Susanoo's sword pierced Sasuke as it started to pull him in. Sasuke yelled and cursed but it was no use, he was going in and there was nothing anyone could do. As the world around him disappeared into nothingness.

"I love you little brother." said Itachi as Sasuke disappeared into nothingness, then Itachi Uchiha fell to the ground as his heart pumped the blood out of his body and onto ground. Itachi closed his eyes and smiled as life left his body

As Itachi lied dead on the ground in a pool of his own blood his brother Sasuke Uchiha opened his eyes to see a clear blue sky above him. He slowly got up holding his bloody right arm and looked around the thick bamboo woods. Normally his mind would be racing trying to figure out he suddenly found himself in a bamboo forest, since they were not native to fire country however his injuries took up most of his thoughts. Slowly he walked down a foot path which lead him to a dirt road, he could just hear the sounds of people other sounds that would be common being carried by the wind.

"Why can I hear a village?" thought Sasuke "There is no village near the fort."

He walked into the village only to see it halfway burned down and the people dressed in strange mostly green dress. The villagers looked at him confused at what they saw. Suddenly a man ran up to Sasuke for a moment Sasuke thought about fighting.

"Don't worry I am a healer." said the man as Sasuke let his guard down and let him be lead into a small hut. "Where you attacked by the fire nation?"

"Yes." said Sasuke reading the eyes of the healer.

"Ah…you're lucky to get away." said the Healer as he lied Sasuke down and began healing him.

Meanwhile on another battlefield a member of the Akatsuki Tobi stood on a tree branch. Below him stood the team of the Leaf ninjas gathered to save Sasuke by capturing Itachi. They were all looking at him as slowly a creature appeared beside him. It looked like a cross between a plant and a man.

"It is over, Itachi Uchiha is dead." said Zetsu

"Ah what a surprise." said Tobi before his voice changed "No not really it is what I accepted.

"However Sasuke is gone." reported Zetsu as everyone eyes widened as Tobi was caught off guard.

"Where is Sasuke!" yelled the blonde haired young man with warm blue eyes Naruto Uzumaki

"Itachi sealed in into another universe." reported Zetsu

"This is an unplanned setback." stated Tobi "However it is one that can be worked around. Now until we meet again."

With that Tobi disappeared however Kakashi Hatake the copycat ninja of the Hidden Leaf saw a Sharingan eye hidden under the mask of Tobi.

The next morning Sasuke awoke to the sound of screaming and battle.

"Please don't we are a peaceful village." pleaded a man on the other side of the door.

"A peaceful village is normally where rebels like to hide." said a female voice "Now prepare to die."

With that the familiar smell of burning flesh filled Sasuke nose as screams filled the air. Slowly Sasuke stood up still holding his side but lucky his arm seemed to have regained most of the modernity. Sasuke stood up picking up his sword which had been placed on a small table along with his weapons. He opened the door to see a dozen buildings on fire with man in black and red armor running around setting more buildings on fire using hand sign less fire justu.

To his right where three girls, maybe a year or two younger then himself. One was dressed in dark red and black, her black hair was pulled into two small buns before running down the front of her shoulders. In her hands was what looked like a modified kunia. Beside her was another girl dressed totally in pink. Even her pants where in pink and her pink shirt stopped to show her midriff, her brown hair was pulled back in a long hair. She had no clear weapons on her however beside her was another girl and clearly the leader of the group. She was dressed in black, red and gold armor, her golden eyes was unlike anything he had seen. They screamed power and rage, two things he liked.

"Now we know the Avatar and his allies are in the area where is he!" demanded the girl

"We don't know." said the Healer

"Well that is too bad for you." said the girl as her hands was unglued in blue fire "Now die."

The Healer closed his eyes as he prepared for death, a death that wouldn't come. He opened his eyes to see the man he was healing stood their holding the hand of the fire nation princess back.

"Thank you." said the Healer

"I care not for you." said Sasuke as he glared into the eyes of the girl "However you healed me and I am repaying that, now leave before I change my mind."

The Healer quickly ran off toward the woods as a large group of soldiers gathered around their princesses.

"You should have joined him." said girl as she pulled her arm free of the strangers grip. He was dressed like nothing they had ever seen he had dark purple pants with a white blood stained shirt with an open front. He looked like he had gotten out a hard battle and was still healing.

"He is kind of cute." said the pink clothed girl

"Shut up Ty Lee he is our enemy." said the black clothed girl

"Ah you're no fun Mai." said Ty Lee as Mai glared at her.

"Will you two both shut up." ordered the armored girl.

"Yes Azula." said Ty Lee

"Now as for you guards kill him." ordered Azula as the guards moved forward and with one movement they all sent fire balls at the stranger. The fireballs combined turning the area into an inferno that no one should have been able to survive in.

"Too bad he was cute." said Ty Lee as she along with Azula stood looking at the flaming spot where the young man once stood, now only black charred ground remained.

"Even in my weakened state your attacks where slow and weak." stated Sasuke as Azula and the others turned and looked to their left where the young man stood untouched by flames.

"How did he do that?" asked Ty Lee

"I don't know." said Mai

"You two are impressed by a little speed." said Azula all the while thinking "What is up with this guy that kind of speed is unheard of."

"I want this over so." stated Sasuke as he channeled chakra into his eyes as his Sharingan activated. Instantly even Azula's eyes widened at the sight of the man's eyes changing from black to red with black commas "So I will end this now, I regained enough chakra to end this fast."

The surprises to everyone apart from Sasuke electricity started dancing around his body before gathering in his arm.

"How is that possible he is controlling lightening?" screamed Azula in her mind.

"Chidori Senbon." stated the man as needle like forms of lightening shot out hitting the guards in the chest right in the heart killing them before they hit the ground. Somehow the girls had escaped their needles.

"That was scary." said Ty Lee as she looked at the needle of lighting still sticking out of a tree.

"And impossible." said Mai as looked at the young man, he had fallen to his knees and his eyes had returned to black.

"Apparently not." said Azula with a smile "Who are you?"

"Sasuke Uchiha." stated Sasuke as he stood up and formed another chidori in on his left arm

"Ah…a strange name I have never heard anything like it in the fire nation." said Azula "Where are you from?"

"I am a missing ninja from the Hidden Leaf village." stated Sasuke

"Ninja isn't that sort of the training you got Mai?" asked Ty Lee "Is the hidden Leaf one of the schools?"

"Yes, and no." said Mai "Yes, It is the sort of training I got by I never heard of the hidden leaf."

"It is one of the five major ninja nations." stated Sasuke as he looked down "The Totsuka Blade."

The moment her enemy lowered his head Azula sent a bolt of lightning toward Sasuke. Azula smiled because at this range it was a guaranteed kill however Sasuke simply raised his hand as the chidori cut Aluza's lightning bolt in half sending two bolts to either side of him. Azula's eyes widened as Sasuke kept thinking out loud as if cutting a bolt of lightning in half was nothing.

"Orochimaru said something about the Totsuka blade and its sealing ability including sending people to other worlds." explained Sasuke "Itachi must have done that…I am from another world."

"Different world?" asked Ty Lee

"I think he means different worlds from the old legends." stated Azula as Mai, Ty Lee and even Sasuke looked at her. "Legend state that our world is but one tread on a great web with multiple worlds and all joined together by the spirit world and the realm of the dead."

"That makes as much sense as anything else, he is from one of those worlds." said Ty Lee "So you have no idea what is going on do you?"

"All I know is there is some group called the fire nation." said Sasuke as he went searching for information.

"That's us." said Ty Lee with a smile

"I think he would have figured that out since we had fire benders." said Mai as Ty Lee blinked.

"Ya, I guess you're right." said Ty Lee "Because only fire nation can fire bend well apart from the avatar."

Suddenly Sasuke started laughing.

"What is funny?" asked Ty Lee

"You're telling me that you can only use fire based justus?" said Sasuke

"What you can do more than fire and lighting?" asked Azula

"Of course but I have Lightening style chakra with fire as my second but I can still use the other three elements if I should need them." said Sasuke

"He is like an Avatar, he can use all four elements plus lightening." thought Azula "He could be very useful."

"Sasuke Uchiha I would like to make you an offer." said Azula as Sasuke looked at her "You join us in our hunt for the Avatar and we will give you all the information we have how you can find a way home. You do want to go home don't you?"

"Yes, there are still two people I need to kill." said Sasuke, he didn't like deals but he needed them.

"Then we have a deal." said Azula

"We do if you have the power to make this deal?" said Sasuke

"I am princess of the strongest nation in the world and no one but my father is above me." said Azula

"Very well." said Sasuke as he walked forward.

"Goody we now have a guy on the team." said Ty Lee as Azula's eyes narrowed as she glared at her friend.

"Yes, but before we do anything let's get those wounds look at by a true healer." said Azula as they headed toward their rides before heading back to camp.

I hope you liked the first chapter of this rewrite, new chapters will come quickly so I hope you stay around. If you haven't read the old story please don't it may spoil things for you and things will change. I thank you Wilkins75