Chapter 31 The Final Battle Part 3

Streams of red hot fire flew out of Ozia's hands his rage fueling his fire bending skills so that even without the extra power of the comet it was by far the strongest fire bending that young Avatar had ever been up against. Out of fear of harming the self-proclaimed Phoenix King Aang kept using his air bending to avoid the attacks all the while putting out fires with a mixture of water and earth bending.

"Will you stop this?" yelled Aang as he used his staff to block the ferocious fire assault. "The city is gone aren't you worried about your people or your family?"

"No, I will honor them by killing you." responded Ozia as he sent a flaming kick toward the young Avatar which he saw as being behind the mass destruction of the capital city of his kingdom.

"We should be joining together to stop them." Rebutted Aang as he gestured toward a massive battle between forces far beyond them taking place only yards away. For a moment Ozia turned his gaze toward the battle just in time to see the remains of a building break apart under the blows from a pink haired young woman who was fighting against a raven haired older women. Nearby a blonde hair man with silted blue eyes was fighting four people all with orange hair. Meanwhile a black haired young man was glaring at a masked man as each other tried as if waiting for an opening to attack. Then there was the fact that in the middle of it all was a giant nine tailed demon fox with deep red eyes. The fox was using its multiples tails to strike at the four orange haired men whenever there was an opening. Aang's words fell on deaf ears as Ozia kept up his assault on the avatar as he was joined by half a dozen royal guards which had survived the crash of the airships.

Deeper in the massive creator which used to be the Capital City of the Fire Nation a young female ninja did battle against an older one. As Sakura sent her fist through Konan's chest only to have the impact area break apart into a mass of papers which floated away.

"Damn it fight me." Yelled the ticked off Sakura as she glared at Konan as she broke apart into thousands of small pieces of paper before reforming above her.

"I do not wish to fight you." Admitted Konan as two massive paper wings appeared out of her back "I extend you the same offer I gave to your lover when he was impersonating you."

"And what offer is that." snapped Sakura

"Give us the Kyuubi and we will let you live in peace, that is all we want." Stated Konan as Sakura lowered her head a bit.

"The Kyuubi has caused Naruto-kun nothing but trouble…maybe it would be for the best if we just gave them the Kyuubi." offered up Inner Sakura before Sakura's head snapped up as she glared at Konan telling her the answer without saying a word "But surrendering is against both Naruto-kuns and mine nature."

"I guess I already know your answer." Stated Konan as she looked into the eyes of the young ninja.

"Yes." confirmed Sakura as she ran though hand signs the moment she finished a giant boulder shot out from the ground before hanging for a moment in front of Sakura. Before Konan could figure out what she was doing Sakura punched the boulder sending thousands of shards of earth flying straight at Konan. Konan tried to avoid the attack be opening up holes in her paper self however there was too many rocks as a few ripped into the paper causing Konan to flinch in pain.

"Very well, you leave me no choice then." stated Konan sadly as she raised her hand into the air for a moment before pointing it at Sakura "You will die along with your boyfriend and upon your bodies we will build a peaceful world."

"Bring it on." Stated Sakura as never ending stream of paper shot out of Konan's arm straight at Sakura.

Nearby Sasuke had sword pulled as he glared at the other Uchiha member standing across from him.

"I believe I have been kind by offering to allow you to bring your princess along with us back to the ninja world." Stated Madara

"And I may have taken you up on your offer however you made two critical mistakes." Responded Sasuke as he pointed his sword straight at Madara "First you worked with my brother to kill my clan and then you killed Azula's friends who happened to be two people I totaled in Mai and Ty Lee."

"Then I will just have to take you the hard way." answered Madara as he reached into his cloak pulling out a long pure black war fan.

"I am going to enjoy killing you." Stated Sasuke as he rushed forward as their weapons clashed against each other their faces coming within inches of each other. Suddenly a chirping sound filled the air as Madara looked down as he saw a that Sasuke's free hand was covered with his favorite justu the Choridi. To avoid the attack Madara phased out allowing both Sasuke and his attack to pass right through him. The two quickly spun around to face each other again, Sasuke's hand still covered with the Choridi.

"I thought you would have remembered that ability of mine from the last time we fought when I was working with that fool Deidara." Stated Madara.

"I did and I learned you can handle a direct attack." answered Sasuke as paper bomb he had placed on the ground behind Madara exploded sending the two of them flying head over heels. Madara quickly formed a hand sign as a wooden hand shot out from his hand which quickly dug into the ground allowing him to pull himself away from Sasuke who had to dig his sword into the ground to prevent himself from slamming into the remains of a building, he had released the Choridi during the blast to protect himself from hitting himself.

"Detonating a paper bomb so close to yourself is asking for death even if there was a person standing between you and the blast." stated Madara as he looked at the young Uchiha studying him, the look in his eyes told him all he needed to know "But then again reckless moves is common for a man in love."

Sasuke lowered his head a bit before a bit.

Across the battlefield Naruto and the Kyuubi was doing battle with the four remaining Paths of Pain. The Preta path along with the Asura path was trying to keep the Kyuubi at bay using a combination of redirected energy blasts from the Kyuubi himself used by the Preta path and heavy mechanical rockets fire from the Asura path. The two paths with the help of the other two remaining paths used their joint sight to watch the Kyuubi's nine thrashing tails which would constantly slam the ground in an attempt to crush them. While the Preta and Asura path did battle with the Kyuubi the Human and Deva paths did battle with Naruto himself.

"Air style air bullet!" yelled Naruto as he sent a stream of chakra laced air toward the human path who quickly formed a hand sign before moving his hand in front of himself. At once a white barrier of chakra appeared in front of the path protecting itself from Naruto's attack. The moment the attack was blocked Naruto felt his feet leave the ground as he was dragged toward the Deva path of pain. Quickly Naruto dove into his weapon pouch pulling out a single kunai with a paper bomb on it, with a flick of his wrist he sent the kunai flying straight at the Deva path who had to release his gravity pull on Naruto to avoid the attack.

Across the battlefield Madara stood with his back to the fight between paths of Pain and Naruto and the Kyuubi. Sasuke knelt in front of him with his sword still in the ground.

"I must admit I am surprised at that development, I never entertained the idea that you would fall in love into any of my plans." admitted Madara as Sasuke lowered his head "Love is a powerful emotion which can make those inflicted with it lose the ability to think straight. It was the Hokage and the council who ordered your clan to be executed focus your anger on them."

"No one forced you to help them." answered Sasuke as he stood up his head still down as a dripping sound filled the air as a large drop of blood landed in the ash covered soil. Madara's eyes widened as he realized what was coming next. "And for that you will pay."

Reacting on nature Madara jumped to the side as Sasuke's head snapped up as he opened his blood covered eye. Instantly everything in his direct line of vision caught fire with the black unending flames, however Madara had moved out of the direct line of sight but the human Path of Pain who had been focused on Naruto hadn't. Instantly the path of Pain was covered in black flames which burned flesh and melted bones. The three remaining paths of pain turned their attention to their burning link and the moment was all that was needed for another blow to be struck. While the paths had all their eyes focused on the burning path the Kyuubi took the opening and with two paths which had been doing battle with him was crushed under the strike from his tail.

"You provided support to your former teammate." Stated Madara with some anger as Sasuke deactivate his Amaterasu.

"It isn't just me." answered Sasuke as he looked at the feet of Madara at Naruto's paper bomb laced kunai which he had thrown at the last Pain. "He is helping me out as well."

Before Madara or Pain could do anything the paper bomb exploded sending Madara flying upward as Sasuke jumped up with his sword ready to strike. Madara's eyes widened as Sasuke brought his sword down barley missing him. The blood in his eye had obstructed his view enough to save Madara from a death blow but his mask was cut in half as his true scared face was revealed.

While the battle was raging between the ninjas what was left of the fire nation military around the capital was just getting back on their feet. Most of them didn't understand what they were seeing in the massive hole caused by the comet impact but they did know how to follow orders. At the moment the orders where simple pull back and evacuate all civilians, while this confused some of the hard core soldiers who wanted to attack most of the soldiers could tell from the battle they were outmatched and their only choice was to pull back, most appreciated the fact that whoever was sending out the orders wasn't sending them into what appeared to be a suicidal attack, only a handful knew it was the disowned Prince Zuko which was sending out the orders.

"I want this group sent out at once!" yelled Zuko to one of the privates in the army as he pointed toward a line of carts which had been hitched to the back of a fire nation flame tank. The carts where full of wounded civilians unable to move on their own. The Prince's hand was covered with blood from him helping the wounded who had been coming from all around to the central point to be evacuated out of the city. By now the ash had started to fall down over the entire area blanketing the normally tropical city in a sick dark gray snow.

"Yes, sir." confirmed the solider as suddenly an even loader voice filled the air.

"Who is in command here!" yelled the voice as Zuko turned toward the voice to see a face he had only seen a few times in his life, mostly when he was walking into a war meeting behind General Nio. The head staffer had multiple blood covered rips in his uniform and his wounds was covered with ash.

"I am." Answered Zuko as the man turned his eyes toward the fire nation prince.

"Your prince Zuko, a traitor to the fire nation." yelled the man as Zuko nodded his "Then I am placing you under arrest."

"Are we going to do this?" asked Zuko as the man looked toward the fire nation troops who hadn't moved a muscle since the order was given. "Because we have more important things to deal with."

"You are a traitor, so the next in line for command will take over." stated the aid as he looked around only to notice Katara healing some of the wounded with her water bending abilities as fast as she could. "And get that water bender too."

"She is healing people so leave her alone as for who would take over, the question is who is alive?" inquired Zuko "The palace was totally destroyed along with all the generals and their staff. I am amazed you even made it out alive. You are the highest ranking commander officer we have seen."

"I was visiting an outpost on the outskirts of the city when the blast happened." Explained the aid as he stutter a bit in shock. "You have no honor left you can't command."

Slowly Zuko bent down scoping up a handful of ash before raising his hand into the face of the aid.

"Do you know what this is?" yelled Zuko as the aid backed away "This is all that is left of thousands of people, tell them that honor matters now! What matters now is that we save as many people as we can."

"Yes…yes, sir." Confirmed the staffer "What are your orders."

"I just gave you your orders, save as many people as you can." Snapped Zuko as the man rushed off to follow his orders as Zuko turned around only to see Katara was standing behind him. She was covered with so much ash and blood that only a few specks her blue water tribe clothing could be seen. Her face had just as much ash and dirt on her as anyone else she was no different than him. "What?"

"It's just you sounded like a Fire Lord just then not a kid." Explained Katara

"None of us are kids right now." explained Zuko "And thank you for helping my people."

"I am not helping your people." countered Katara as Zuko raised an eyebrow "I am just helping people, at the moment we have to set national loyalty aside."

For a moment the two of them smiled at each other as they both of them moved slightly closer to each other. Then the ground rocked again causing them to turn their gaze back to the battlefield where the giant Kyuubi was swinging at something with his massive tails informing everyone that the battle was still waging.

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