Chapter 33 The Final Act

"I need some clean water here!" ordered Katara as she let the blood filled water drop into a small container before moving across the ash covered floor.

"Here." stated a fire nation civilian as she held up a small vase partly full of water, with a quick flick of her wrist the water flew up from the vase. The water gathered around her palm for a moment before she placed it on the bloody wound in the center of a young man's chest. The man winced in pain as Katara went to work healing the wound however within moments the man's breathing eased as his wound began to heal. As she finished healing the man she noticed a tattoo of a red and black sea raven on the man's arm. Her eyes widened as she turned back to the man who's life was still in her hands he was a member of the same group which had killed her mother.

It would be so easy to lift the water off his chest to stop healing him, there was a whole room full of people who needed her help. She could go heal one of them and let nature take its course on the man. She wouldn't kill him nature would, for a moment she was temped but in the end she finished healing the man. She lifted the blood soaked water off the man before putting into the now overflowing container of blood laced water.

"Clean water!" yelled Katara as she moved toward the next wounded fire nation however instead of moving on she stopped mid step as she looked out the broken window at the massive ball of earth which was now floating over what remained of the bay. Slowly those who could walk out of the destroyed home which was being used as the medical center, all over the remains of the Fire Nation capital people and the search teams stopped and watched as the giant ball of earth floated over the remains of the city.

"What is that?" asked Suki as she, Sokka and Toph stood beside one of the search teams as they stood on top of the remains of one of the home.

Outside the medical center where the refugees had been gathering Zuko stood just as transfixed at the massive ball of earth which hovered above the remains of the capital of the most powerful nation in the world. He was so transfixed on what was going on he didn't even notice as Katara moved to his side.

"Katara!" yelled Aang as he rushed toward the water bender unaware of massive attack which was hovering over them. "You will not believe what just happened."

"Aang." Said Katara without turning away from the coming attack.

"Ozia has been killed by Azula…" started Aang as he followed Katara's eyes toward the massive ball of Earth hovering over the city. Just then the massive ball of earth began moving toward the ground at a high rate of speed.

Down in the massive shadow of the oncoming attack Naruto stood between Sakura and Sasuke with the Kyuubi behind the three of them. Even massive size of the Kyuubi was dwarfed by the oncoming attack of Pain and Madara. Naruto's mind went into over drive as he tried to figure a way out, they could jump onto the Kyuubi and they may have a chance to get out of the direct impact but right below them was a volcano. With the size of the object, even an indirect hit it would reawaken it and no one could outrun a volcano. There was no escape none of his justu could make a mark on it, they were trapped if they stayed they died and if they ran they died. Slowly Naruto turned his gaze toward Sakura, the look in her sea green eyes told him she had came to the same conclusion they would die here.

At the same moment Sasuke lowered his head, he knew that while Susanoo could possible protect him from the impact but Susanoo only went from the ground up and the volcano would get him. His thoughts turned away from his death to the young woman he had saved.

"Goodbye Azula." Whispered Sasuke as he turned his head toward where Azula should have been up near the edge of the blast creator only spot Azula a few hundred yards away from them also looking up toward the oncoming attack. At almost the same moment she turned and looked toward him with her golden eyes.

Naruto opened his lips to say something but before he said anything a booming voice filled the air.

"Get on me and hurry." Yelled the Kyuubi as Naruto grabbed Sakura's hand and ran as fast as possible toward the Kyuubi, at the same moment Sasuke bolted toward Azula grabbing her hand as they bolted toward the Kyuubi. Naruto and Sakura jumped up grabbing onto the thick orange fur on the back of the Kyuubi's neck. The Kyuubi didn't even wait for Sasuke and Azula to get on instead he scooped them up in one of his tails before jumping up. Everyone's eyes widened as the Kyuubi landed on the side of the massive ball of earth, digging his claws into the earth as he ran across the surface of the ball once he reached the top he spun around and with all his might jumped toward the remains of the city.

"Trying to run away are you?" inquired the Deva path as he, the real Pain and Madara raised their hands up as the massive ball of earth became covered with chakra which led back to the three of them. The three of them moved their hands as the massive ball of earth followed their command as if it was a ball on the end of a rope. With a simple move of the hand the ball changed course as it flew toward the Kyuubi.

"Hang on." ordered the Kyuubi as he used some chakra to spin around in midair so that he faced the coming attack. Before anyone could say anything else a massive amount of chakra began to build up in the Kyuubi's throat so much so that it began to leak out of the creaks in-between his teeth. Naruto quickly realized what was going on as he gripped on tighter to Sakura and the Kyuubi as the amount of chakra whipping around caused the wind to increase to hurricane strength.

Then in one massive release of energy Kyuubi sent a beam of pure chakra straight toward the chakra covered ball of Earth. The beam of chakra clashed up against the massive ball of earth and chakra stopping it in midair for a while they just seemed to hover in midair the force of the chakra laced wind holding them up. The winds kept growing stronger and stronger as a bright light began to build up at the point of impact.

"More chakra." Ordered the true pain as he and Madara keep putting more chakra into their attack as they tried to match the power of the nine tailed demon fox.

While Naruto and Sakura where barley holding on as the wind whipped around them Sasuke and Azula where even worst state since they didn't have as Kyuubi's head protecting them from the wind and they were hanging on by one of the nine tails. Finally the winds grew too powerful as both of Azula and Sasuke went flying off the Kyuubi. The chakra laced wind began to cut into anything it touch as deep gashes opened up on the Kyuubi's body. In order to protect the two of them demon red chakra covered them in a small doom holding the winds back.

"Sasuke!" yelled Naruto as both he and Sakura watch the two of them fall toward the ground at the same moment that they fell a blinding flash of light caused everyone around the city to cover their eyes as a massive shockwave of pure energy shot out in every direction. All around the remains of the Fire Nation capital people hit the ground shielding themselves from the oncoming attack.

"Get down!" yelled Zuko as threw Katara onto the ground covering her with his own body as a wave of energy rushed over them. The energy kicked up the ash covered ground and caused more buildings to fall. Under Zuko's body Katara held her breath as a rush of light and wind rushed over them before suddenly everything became deadly quiet as she opened her blue eyes and looked up in-between a gap in Zuko's arms only to see that everything had stopped. Flecks of ash and pieces of wood just floated in midair as if gravity itself had somehow had been turned off.

Slowly she turned her gaze toward the battlefield and there hovering over the spot where the giant ball of earth had been was now a dark spinning hole.

"By the spirits." whispered Katara before the entire black hole shot outward in a powerful explosion which caused the ground to shake, then as suddenly as it started it ended as Zuko stood up allowing Katara to stand up.

"Is it over?" asked Aang as he stood up as a strange calm came over the entire area.

"I don't know." answered Zuko as a rumbling sound filled the air as his head snapped toward the source only to see the side of the creator give way as water from the bay floated into the creator. The water began to cover over the remains of the once great capital city of the Fire Nation.

"Where is Naruto, Sakura and that fox?" inquired Katara

"I don't know." answered Zuko

In another place seemly far away from the battlefield of the Fire Nation Capital in a totally different world Lady Tsunade sat behind a desk in the Hokage building looking over a small mountain of paperwork which had built up over the days. She had found that she had been less focus on work than normal since Naruto and Sakura had left on their mission. This mission was unlike any she had ever sent out before, this one took place in another world. She knew she would sleep better the moment the two of them where back.

Without any warning the ground began to shake causing the glass of water on the edge of the wooden desk to fall off shattering into dozens of different pieces. As the water soaked into the carpet around her desk a dreaded chakra filled her senses causing her head to snap toward the window. For a moment nothing seemed to be there and then a massive shape slammed into the ground in the distance causing the ground to rock again so violently that it caused Tsunade's chair to jump a good three inches off the ground. By now Tsunade was on her feet as she looked into the distance, then just visible over the walls of the Leaf village and on the edge of the horizon a towering pillar of smoke began to rise. Out of the smoke a massive figure began to take form, a figure with nine flicking tails behind it.

"That can't be." stated Tsunade as alarms all over the Leaf village went off as ninjas began to rush toward the walls fearing that a repeat of the attack almost 16 years ago would be repeated.

To the south of the Leaf village the Kyuubi was getting back on its feet as Naruto and Sakura slowly stood up. The Kyuubi wasn't without injury as he held his front right leg off the ground bright red blood flowing from a spot where a broken bone pushed out from under his skin. The demon healing chakra was already at work healing the broken bone. Thousands of deep cuts some larger than a man's body covered the Kyuubi's body.

"What was that?" asked Naruto as he stood up as the dirt from the massive fall they had just took began to settle back onto the ground. He could already tell that they were not in the fire nation capital, there was no sign of ash in the sky.

"There was so much chakra being pumped into that attack who knows what happened?" confirmed Sakura as she stood beside Naruto as the dust began to settle as both of them saw the stone faces of the Hokage's in the distance.

"We are home." Said Sakura with a smile "All that chakra must have been almost like a teleportation justu but between worlds."

"Very possible." Stated Kyuubi as his silted eyes stared the dust filled air "But did we come alone?"

With a single flick of his massive tails the dust flew away with the force of a gust of wind. Before them the spot where they landed was covered with broken and destroyed trees. There impaled on a broken tree was the deva path of Pain, his Rinnagan eyes gone. His whole face from the nose up was gone thanks to the chakra laced wind had cut him to pieces. One of his feet was missing and same with both of his arms. The real Pain lied in a broken twisted remains cut into at least a dozen pieces. Then ling over the remains of once mighty oak tree was the bloody remains of a third Akatsuki robes.

"The chakra winds got them." Reported Sakura "It's over."

Sakura turned toward Naruto only to notice that he didn't seem as convinced about the fact that it was all over, his eyes were locked on the third empty blood soaked Akatsuki cloak which had been diced into multiple pieces.

"Naruto, no one could have made it through those Chakra laced winds unprotected." stated Sakura as Naruto slowly nodded his head, still unsure.

"That means that Sasuke and that Fire Nation Princess is dead as well." Added Naruto as Sakura blinked as she remembered how they fell unprotected through the chakra laced winds. If they Kyuubi had just survived his wounds no way they could.

"So it will seam, maybe it is for the best." Added Sakura as Naruto blinked as he looked at Sakura. "They were of two different worlds, if they stayed in the Avatar's world Sasuke would have been the most power person there and the Princess would have been hunted down for what she did. If they came here they would still be hunted down by either the Akatsuki or the ninja nations. But in death they can be at peace."

"Maybe, but I am still not sure if he is dead or not." Reported Naruto as he noticed movement of dozens of ninjas heading down the nearby road heading toward them. Likely it was the ANBU vanguard heading into what they must believe to be the fight of their lives against the demon Kyuubi. "This is going to take some explaining."

"That is a major understatement." Reported Sakura "I wonder if the others are ok."

"I am not sure if we will ever know." Reported Naruto then without another word Sakura pulled him into a kiss which caused his eyes to widened, before he closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.

Minutes later teams of ANBU fully armed stormed out of the tree covering with drawn swords and kunai only to find Naruto kicking a stone and Sakura sitting on a tree trunk.

"Hello." Said Naruto as the ANBU's stood there stunned as they looked up at the Kyuubi which had lied down on the ground to rest and heal. "Do you happen to have anything to drink, I am out of water."

"Water?" asked a stunned ANBU his eyes locked on the Kyuubi.

"Yes." Stated Naruto "Oh don't worry about him, he is my summon now."

"You can summon the Kyuubi?" stuttered the ANBU as Naruto nodded his head. "I am not looking forward to explaining this to the Old Lady."

"After you finish with her want to go grab some food together?" asked Sakura as Naruto smiled at the idea.

Three months after the destruction of the Fire Nation Capital, the Fire Nation was still in a state of confusion. The loss of the Capital had caused everything to changed, the military might including the once powerful fleet was destroyed and the army wasn't in any better shape. Even the climate had changed the meteor strike had created a winter causing winter to come early. A whole years' worth of fire grain had been lost meaning that without food from the fields in the Earth Kingdom mass starvation would take place.

The new Fire Lord Zuko stood in the balcony of the modest house in the New Capital City, watching a group of five ships sail out of the bay. Three of the ships flew the flags of the Water tribes two from the North and one from the South, the other two had the seal of the Earth Kingdom flying on top. Up in the sky Zuko saw the flying sky Bison disappeared in the clouds the avatar going somewhere unknown to the fire Lord.

"What are you looking at?" came a sudden voice as Zuko spun around to see Katara standing there dressed in a deep blue robe.

"I thought you would have been on the ships or with the Avatar?" asked Zuko surprised at she was there. Slowly she walked over and leaned on the stone railing.

"I have volunteered to stay back and to be the ambassador of the Northern and Southern water tribes." Explained Katara "Besides what am I going to do? Travel the world with Aang, I already did that and someone has to be here to make sure you follow all the agreements you made between the other nations."

"I see." confirmed Zuko "So I guess we are going to see a lot of each other."

"Yes, we are." confirmed Katara as she moved slightly closer to the fire lord. "Have they found anything Naruto and Sakura?"

"No." stated Zuko knowing that nothing would ever going to be found, the capital city was gone and whatever was left was under hundreds of feet of cold deep water. It was official resting place of thousands of people including his father and his sister, even though he wasn't sure that she was dead or not last anyone saw she was moving into the creator before the explosion.

Far…far…away a golden coin flew through the air as the merchant man grabbed the gold right out midair.

"Thank you." Thanked the food merchant as a woman with a long red cloak stood up from the small roadside food stand. The woman didn't say a word as she moved out into the street only to see a man in a dark cloak standing there waiting for her.

"Let's get going." Said the woman as she looked toward the man with golden eyes under her hood. The man simply nodded as his jet black eyes stared into her golden eyes as the two of them started down the almost empty remote country road.

Well that is it, the end of this story. After a long delay it is over. I hope you enjoyed the ending including the openness of everything. Now I thank you for staying with this story even though it had all the delays. Thank You, Wilkins75.