This will be my crowning achievement. It's been months, I know. After watching all the seasons of the 'modern' doctor who I have decided to take on a very big challenge of my favorite pairing of all time. Eleven/Rory. We are going to go far ladies and gentle men but I need you to review and tell me what you think. I need your emotion as well. Not just my own. So without further interruption lets dive into A Good Man and A Better Man. This is based along the episodes of where Rory dies the first time and all the way to the Pandorica opening. I am changing a few things and it's a bit of a AU.

The soft hum of the TARDIS had become a lullaby to anyone who had ever slept there. Many companions had. From humans to those who weren't so human. The Doctor had had many companions, some extraordinary others fantastic. It was true the in the back of his mind that he'd never forget Rose, but somehow in his 11th regeneration he had learned not to think of her. How could he when he had the glorious Amy Pond to run around the universe with? He'd never met such a fantastic companion such as this. From the crack in her wall, to never being able to forget him no matter how broken the time stream got. She was the one and only 'Girl Who Waited'.

Now something that extraordinary had to have something just as incredible to go along with it. No one would have expected a 'down to earth' young male nurse. Everyone would have presumed it to be The Doctor, for who could be any more extraordinary than him and Miss Amy Pond. Oh how they were wrong. For Rory Williams was more than just fantastic and glorious. He was the man who could not die, always waited and was never overwhelmed.

Every single companion to ever step into the TARDIS was always overtaken by a sense of culture shock. It didn't matter if it was Rose Tyler or Jack Harkness. Every single person had had some kind of reaction to it. Everyone, but Rory Williams, the Last Centurion,when this moment had occurred it had not only surprised the 11th but it had taken him off guard. Who did this man think he was with his sarcastic nonplused attitude?

So the Doctor set out on a mission to impress him at every turn. To make his face brighten in wonder, that is what he wanted. He knew Amy was impressed with him and enamored with him. Oh the 11th knew he was a selfish madman in a box. Ah! He didn't care, he wanted to be if just for this one moment. So he took them on fantastic adventures through time and space. He took them everywhere he could and did everything in the sake of being the best. It was beautiful. Until the day Rory died. It was the first time reality hit The Doctor in a very long time.

It was just a dream wasn't it? The Dreamlord has said so. Though seeing Rory's ashes on the floor was far to real for the Doctor. He agreed with Amy, he'd die for Rory if it meant bringing him back. It was an odd feeling. He had done it plenty of other times. Though fear had always drove him to it, for once in all his nine hundred and more years he was doing it for the person out of unselfish and unhindered feelings. Rory Williams had to live.

Oh and how he did live. Though to take it any other way then that he grew closer to Amy was just an understatement and the Doctor knew there was no way he could come between that. So his selfish hidden nature began to sink back into his mind and the TARDIS itself. Things began to happen that were unexpected. That defied every law of time there had ever been. The universe was turning, and the Doctor wanted it to turn the other way.

Rory twitched as he heard a clunking noise. Oh how did Amy sleep through these nights when the Doctor was tinkering away at his precious TARDIS? The boy nurse groaned desperately trying to fall back to sleep but after ten minutes more of the awful banging he got up grabbing a shirt and some kind of trousers before making his way into the main hub of the TARDIS. There he found the Doctor under the large machine banging on a useless bobble that resembled a corkscrew, in fact Rory was pretty sure that's what it had been. After a moment of watching the man work Rory coughed."Um..Doctor?"
There was a pause in amongst the toil and finally the young old man looked up from his work his face brightening and his brown eyes scanning the person who had come down to his lair of wires and bits and pieces."Rory! What are you doing up?" He inquired and then blinked as the other gave him one of his many looks that told him he had said something rather stupid.

The 11th stared at his hammer and then at Rory and then back at the hammer."Oh I woke you up didn't I?" He dropped the hammer on the ground and Rory jumped inwardly groaning."I apologize I wasn't able to sleep and thought I'd give the old girl a tune up." Williams shifted to lean on a piece of railing as the Doctor began to ramble about the TARDIS and its many gears and bobbles. He always looked so alive when talking about the machine. It had been awhile sense he had first 'died' real or not and it still bothered him. The fact that not only Amy but also the Doctor, the savior of the universe risked their lives just on a whim to bring him back made his head spin. He could understand Amy, she had proven time and time again she loved him even though the way she looked at the man he was watching now made him doubt himself.

What bothered the young nurse was the raggedy Doctor. He had every right to just find another way around the dream and forget Rory. Take Amy with him and run away in time and space. However he hadn't. He had done it for Amy most likely, he had seen how he looked at his fiancée. Though even then for some reason it bothered him more and more. He had been bursting at the seams to ask. Just once. He had always put it off because of Amy or because the TARDIS had went whirring away into some kind of dangerous situation. Now would be the perfect time to do so. Rory shifted awkwardly and had just noticed the Doctor had stopped talking and was now staring at him perplexed. He almost flinched when the taller man stood up and moved to poke his forehead.

"Something bothering you, Rory?" the 11th asked as the nurse fidgeted. He always did enjoy this bit. How Rory wasn't always good at putting what he wanted to say to him in words. If he only knew that later on Rory would change his life forever. He had seen a hint of it in Italy when he had spoken up and spoken the truth about how the Doctor was a danger to others. It had hurt, but oh how true it was.

"Why did you uh save me then?' Rory found the words tumbling out of his mouth as he stared up at the other who stared back for a long time. He could see the lines on his forehead creasing as the brilliant man had to think through what Williams could possibly be talking about. Then the light bulb flickered on and the lines disappeared.

"Rory your still on that? It was a dream…nothing more." The Doctor turned to go back to working but stopped as he felt another question looming in the air.

"I know but what if it hadn't been? Why didn't you stop Amy from risking her life? You care so much about her." Rory argued this point by stepping further into the area the Doctor was and watch the 11th's back muscles tense beneath his shirt and rustle his brown hair absently.

"Rory,Rory,Rory." Doctor turned to look at the human. Why did this ordinary boy always see right through him at the worst of times? He could not possibly tell him the truth."I am brilliant….I would have know if it was real." He lied. The Doctor always lied. Though he could see this was having no affect on the young nurse at all.

"Your still ignoring the fact that I am saying if the dream was hypothetical." Rory pushed crossing his arms using Amy as an excuse. He watched the other fidget like he did when he really didn't want to answer a question.

"Oh Rory why don't we go somewhere I've never even taken Amy!" The 11th breezed past and Rory sighed deeply following the other up the steps as he started hitting dials and pulling levers.

"Doctor…." Rory dropped it sighing deeply and moved to hold on as the TARDIS jerked making the sound it always did when traveling through the vortex. It finally stopped and the 11th grabbed his sonic screw driver and his key as he made his way to the door popping his head out and grinned looking back at Rory.

"Come on then Williams." 11th chirped stepping out after some time of arguing with himself Rory stepped out to and looked around as people bustled by closing the door behind him."Doctor where are we?" Though at the moment the other wasn't listening and was now at a fruit stand peering at an assortment of clearly alien fruit. He was going to continuing ignoring Rory for the next three minutes as he examined the fruit with some concern.

Williams always knew this was a bad sign. Especially when the doctor pulled out the screw driver just to check a fruit on some random stand in the middle of some ancient town, oh this day couldn't possibly get any worse. "So what is it now Doctor? Man eating fruit?"

"Precisely." It always confused Rory how though the man was thinking and tuning everything else out that he could hear question like that without any problem. "Madfructa is a species of alien that comes in the shape of every day planet fruit." The Doctor warily put the fruit down."When it's taken home and someone goes to bite in-

"Doctor." Rory stopped the other before he went off on a tangent and pointed for the TARDIS."Let's not Amy would kill us if we went on adventure on our own." The 11th gave the other a wiry smile when he said the word adventure."Doctor don't you dare." It was to late though the raggedy man was already scrambling through the streets sonicing something every few moments and Rory had to chase after him.

Two solid hours of dodging man eating fruit and their caretakers later and Rory was collapsing on the TARDIS floor as the Doctor began moving dials and levers as he heard fruit pelting the outside."How was I supposed to know this was their planet?" The doctor said to no one in particular. Williams just stayed on the floor panting for air. This was ridiculous. He could handle most of the things he saw, but seriously, apples with teeth, that was pushing it a little bit too far. Rory groaned and blinked as arms moved around to pick up him into a standing position and hands moved to brush the dust and the fruit grime off of him.

"You were right Rory we should have left; now I think the Peach ambassador is going to be very miffed at me." Rory watched the other as he shook fruit juice of his fingers and then a smiled cracked on his face as he laughed. The 11th looked at him with a very serious face."That's not funny; the fruit aliens aren't very forgiving." Rory continued to laugh leaning on the hub of the TARDIS.

"Doctor we were chased by alien man eating fruit." Rory snerked and the Doctor appeared even more perplexed before he realized truly what the other was saying and began to laugh to."I can't believe we were running from grocery store food." He added and then both men sank to the floor as they laughed commenting back and forth with horrible fruit puns. The 11th sniffed wiping away a tear from laughing so hard and finally looked at Rory who gasped for air laughing a bit more then drew his eyes to the other noticing his face had taken on that stoic look again. They weren't very far away from each other, not even a foot. Their arms touching and even their knees grazing one another.

"Rory." The doctor began lightly as he watched the other's pupil's shift under the lighting of the TARDIS."I saved you because I am a selfish." This was not what Rory had been looking for as an answer to that question at all. What did that mean exactly?

"Doctor you don't have t-

"No Rory you deserve an explanation." He pressed looking off at something absently."I did it because I wanted you around more then I wanted Amy." There was a clear haze of tension settling between them.

"How can that be? Amy is the girl…" Rory was very confused as he stared at the doctor who had now gone to staring out amongst the workings of the TARDIS walls. There was a long pause before the raggedy man finally answered.

"I wanted to impress you." He looked at the other again their foreheads almost touching."More than I have ever wanted to impress anyone before." The 11th continued after a moment."You walked into this TARDIS without the admiration I had seen in all my other companions and oh how I wanted to prove you wrong." No don't say that. Rory felt himself tensing up. Why was he saying these things? The Doctor couldn't mean all this."Your Rory are the most complicated human being I have ever met."

The tension dissipated and something else shoved its way into the space between them. Hesitation, frustration, confusion, every single emotion had suddenly become very raw. Rory swallowed hard unable to look away at the eyes staring into his. He knew the 11th wanted some kind of answer or reaction but he couldn't muster anything that seemed sensible. He felt his face grow hot. The Doctor, this madman, wanted to impress him? He had already done that. Though from what he said he hadn't done it enough to satisfy himself.

"Doctor y-

"Oui, you two where are you?" The sound of Amy snapped both men out of their own little bubble of emotions and the 11th scrambled up moving to Amy and began his tirade of telling her what had happened on the fruit planet. Rory moved to sit on the couch leaning back and closing his eyes. He was tired and confused. He didn't know what his mind was doing to him. It was not what he had expected at all. Which was to be expected with the doctor, he made you think impossible things the kind of things that should never be but you ached for them like they were the very life force of everything and anything.

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