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~*~*~*~*~*HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA~*~*~*~*~*

Chapter 2: playing with fire and you will get burn

I've got a question on my mind
You can answer in your time
Just don't freeze like a deer in the headlights

Sometimes it's the risk of getting hurt
That's beautiful and worse,
Is being numb feeling nothing at all

A little pain lets you know your alive
We gotta live and love not just survive

Hearts that don't love can't be broken
A dream stays a dream if not woken
If you never bleed then you won't understand
Come pick me red roses with your bare hands

I'm standing right in front of you
But you don't know what to do
It's the fear of thorns that keeps you out of the garden

Be brave, be the fool, you've never been
'cause i'll be here to kiss you skin

Bo's point of view

I removed my shirt and grabbed my gym clothes to change into them. Thanks to Paco who decided to take a short cut but was really a longer way to the gym and like the dumb ass that I was I followed him, it wasn't until I heard the warning that I realized that Paco tricked me. I growled at him and demanded him to take me to the gym or else I will kick him in the one place no guy would want to be kick at.

He agreed and took us to the gym the minute the late bell rang, when Garrison saw us entering the class he yelled at us for a good two minutes telling us that the next time we were late then he would without a doubt give us both a detention. So here I am now changing with a bunch of seven or so girls glaring at me all because Paco decided to bring me to class. Guess that Paco is Fairfield High's hottest bad boy. Oh well not my fault that that Paco decided to take me to class.

As soon as I was done I did my hair in a ponytail left the changing room and headed for the gym. When I entered I saw that it must have been free time since all the girls were on the bleachers while the boys were either flirting with the girls or playing on the court. I looked at the court and saw a nice spot all by itself. I headed over there to practice on my routine.

I stretched out; first touching my toes without bending my legs, then crisscrossing them and switching them, afterwards I stretched out my arms by holding my hands behind my back and bending backwards after I reached twenty I threw my body so that it was standing straight. Next I raised my hands to the sky palms facing up and lean back. I kept leaning until my palms touched the floor and my body was a perfect arch.

Paco's point of view

Antonio, Junior, some other guys, and I decided to play basketball. Every now and then I would look at the bleachers to see if Bo was there. I don't know why but I wanted to see her in those short shorts that all the girls were wearing.

Stop it Paco, you have a girlfriend!" I mentally shouted and continue to focus on the game.

"Damn that's hot," Antonio said eyeing at something.

I turned to see what mi mejor amigo (my best friend) was looking at. When I caught glimpse of what he was looking at I had to agree with him that was hot. Hell not even what half the cheerleaders did came close to it. Bo was doing some stretches; she lifted her right leg like a ballerina once it was perfectly straight with her toes pointing the air. She then slowly dropped her leg and slowly lifted the other.

"What are you guys looking at?" mi primo (my cousin) asked. I grabbed his head and turned it to where Bo was. Bo did a stretch that made her chichis stick in the air.

"Damn, that's hot."

Bo then did a hand stand rested her head on her hands and just stood there. She seemed pretty content with the way she was that she swing her legs back and forth. She looked as if she was in her own little world as she closed her eyes and swing her head from side to side.

"I'll be right back," before I could stop myself I was already half way to where Bo was. When I got there Bo must have heard me since her eyes pop opened and looked at me.

"Can I help you?"

"Huh, what?" I said snapping out of my daydream that involved a certain gymnast bending back and me doing things to her that I should only be doing to Julianna.

"Excuse me, did you hear me?"

Once again I was snapped out of my daydreams and looked at Bo's chocolate eyes.

"Oh I just wanted to see what you were doing,"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

I bit my tongue so I wouldn't say anything.

"Nothing, just stretching for something, if I had to guess it involved your gymnastics?"

Bo rested her hands underneath her and I had to resist the urge to look down there.

"Well Fuentes, you guess right I am getting ready to practice for my routine."

"Why don't you join the cheerleading?" I asked out of the blue.

Bo lifted herself up and whipped her head up, I caught a whiff of her hair and it smelled…good. Normally girls were shampoos that smelled like a tropical rain forest or a tropical fruit but Bo's hair smelled like an exotic flower and vaguely familiar.

"And make a fool of myself by jumping around like an idiot and screaming for a team that I don't like, thanks but I rather have my teeth painfully pulled out."

I laughed.

"So you rather have all your teeth pull out then join a simple cheerleading team?"

"Yep," she said nodding her head.

I laughed at her; she really was fun to hang around with.

"You know what I think?"

"No not really but I'm pretty sure you're going to tell me,"

I rolled my eyes and told her what I thought.

"I think that underneath that baggy shirt you're probably not really a girl,"

Bo scoffed she then pointed to her C maybe D cup chest.

"Either you're too blind not to notice my boobs, or you roll the other way."

I stared at her chest longer than necessary Bo must have realized this because she dropped her hand and took a small step back.

"Well querida one I'm pretty sure that if I was blind then the moment I saw your chest I would have probably gotten my sight back and two I don't roll that way,"

She took one small step back trying to get away from me.

I gave her a cocky grin and decided to annoy her I took a step forward invading her space. Bo's eyes met mines and I couldn't help but smirk.

"Well querida, are you going to keep backing away from me or are you going to show me more of your perky privates," I whispered in her ear. I caught a whiff of her lotion and smelled cherry blossoms. Damn is this girl a florist or something?

I pulled back and saw a light rosy color spread across her face. I backed away because I felt my heart beating louder than a drum at a rock concert.

"One of these days querida you and I are going to get in trouble."

She scoff and turned away from me, her ponytail was about to slap my face but I caught it. Bo turned to see if I was going to pull it I will admit I was tempted but I did something different. I brought her hair to my nose and took a whiff of it.

"Your hair smells nice, different but nice."

Bo looked shock obvious not what she thought I was going to do.

"Thanks, my daddy bought me three bottles of shampoo when he took his trip to Mexico. It's azaleas."

No wonder it smelled familiar mi tía (my aunt) Kiara has her house full of them reminding my dad and uncles of Mexico.

"It smells nice," was all I said as I allowed her soft hair to fall between the V's of my hands, I watched as each strand of hair fell on her back. I mentally shook my head turning away and walked back to my friends.

Bo's point of view

I watched as Paco left to go join his friends; I mentally shook my head and tried to ignore the feeling that I was having when Paco was touching my hair. I turned my head and saw that every girl that was sitting on the bleachers glaring at me. Really, are you freaking serious? Finally at my breaking point I threw my hands yelled at them not caring who was here or not.

"Take a god damn picture sweethearts, trust me it last fucking longer!" everyone-minus coach Garrison-turned to look at me as if I lost my damn mind.

"What?" this time I didn't care. Everyone turned to go back to what they were doing. I just rolled my eyes and continue with my routine, I did backflips, front flips, round off, cartwheels anything that could take my mind off a certain Mexican boy.


I quickly changed into my regular clothes and practically ran out the door. I swear I am about to get into a fight, and it's not even my second day. I got out and reached the door in record time. Once I stepped out I saw that everyone was rushing to their cars or afterschool activities.

"Yo Bo!" I turned and saw my little brother with some cute girl. Wait a minute that was Josephine!

"Hey Kendall," I said eying him and Josephine.

"Jo, I like you to meet my big sister Bo, Bo Jo."

"Umm…Kendall we already met,"

"Ya'll did?" he asked looking back and forth between us.

"Uh yeah and from the looks of things you made some new friends," I said jerking my head to the three boys walking up to us.

"Yo Kendall don't forget hockey try outs this Thursday and Friday." One of them said.

"I'll be there,"

"Alright, see you then." The three boys left and I couldn't help but be happy that my brother found some friends.

"Now shall we go? The twins are probably wondering where we are,"

"Sure, sure later Jo." Kendall said smiling at the blond. Huh wonder what's going on there?

Kendall turned to me the minute Jo left.


"Nothing, so…when's the wedding?"

I ran to my bike with him on my tail laughing the whole way there. When we reached my bike I was surprise to see Paco and Julianna along with the rest of the Fuentes standing next to my bike. They looked up to see me running towards them.

"What?" I asked but before either of them could answer Kendall came behind me grabbed me in a headlock and gave me a knuckle sandwich.

"Take it back," he said burying his knuckles deeper into my scalp.

"Take what back?" I said laughing and not putting up much of a fight.

"You know what, I swear Bo just because your my older sister don't think I won't kick your ass!"

"Okay, okay I take it back!" I said laughing. He released me and I couldn't keep the silly grin off my face.

"No really when is it?"

"Okay that's it," he was about to punch me when Jo made a loud coughing sound. Kendall turned to her and quickly took a step back. He blush a bright red and I had to bite my lip so I wouldn't laugh.

"Umm…Jo is this that boy you were telling me about?" a cute brunette asked.

Jo blushed lightly and tried not to look at him. Okay screw holding back this was just too much. Without thinking I busted out laughing.

Paco, Julianna, the cute brunette, the three boys that were obviously triplets, Cruz, and Jo looked at me as if I lost my damn mind, oh if they only knew.

Kendall smacked me in the back of my head and glared at me. I just kissed his cheek, grabbing my helmet I looked at my brother.

"Umm…this is Kendall he's in three of my classes."

Oh this was too much she was practically giving me dirt to dish out on them.

I wrapped my arm around his shoulder.

"You know Kenny," I only call him Kenny when I'm playing around with him.

"Daddy is always ready just say the word and-"

"Bo not another word or else I'll take away Mr. Bananas,"

"You wouldn't."

"Remember who was the one who hid him and didn't give him back to you for eight months, or I can make him Pabu's new chewing toy,"

Pabu was our pet ferret we found him as a baby abandon by his parents and we just couldn't leave him alone so we took him in our care and made him apart of our make shift family. I mean we were all orphans so why not add another orphan to our family?

"Fine you win this round,"


We turn to the family staring at us.

"Sorry about that," I said suddenly feeling sheepish.

"Don't worry about it, I'm Cecilia, Jo's sister."


"I'm Junior; I'm in your gym class, these are my brothers Enrique and Juan."

"Nice to meet you,"

"You already know Paco right Bo," Jo said refusing to laugh, I thought back to lunch and how what I said about her and Cruz being related to Paco.

"Yes, I do right Cruz?" I said winking at him so he caught on the joke. Cruz saw it.

"Huh? Oh wait, oh."

I laughed he was just too cute no wonder Kira was with him. There was a silence and I could see that Julianna was glaring at me. Kendall notice and didn't like it one bit.

"Is there a problem?" Julianna looked at him and gave him a sweet smile.

"No, no problem here,"

"Really cause it seemed like you were glaring at my sister,"

Leave it Kendall to go overprotective. I decided that it was time for us to leave.

"Ready to go Greece?"

He looked at me and knew that I wanted to get out of here. He grabbed his helmet and sat down I got behind him and turned on the bike.

"Whatever you say mutt,"

I turned to the Fuentes.

"Nice meeting you, well almost all of you," I said looking at Paco. I started my bike and off we went.

"SO who was that boy?" Kendall shouted.

"Some guy who thought it might be fun to mess around with me,"

"Huh, so when's the wedding," he said mimicking what I said earlier.

"After yours and Jo,"

Kendall didn't say anything afterwards guessing I was right, my bro has a thing for a certain Fuentes.

Paco's point of view

Me, Julianna, and the rest of the Fuentes decided to go to Ernie's since it was still too early to go home. When we got there we went to our usual spot. Cecilia turned to Jo and began to interrogate her.

"So who was that cute boy?" Jo blushed a bright red, damn if mi tio finds out than that boy is a dead man.

"His name is Kendall Freeman and-"

"Freeman? Don't tell me he's related to Bo."

"Well Julianna he did call her his sister so I'm guessing that they are brother and sister." Cecilia said sarcastically.

Julianna just scoffed and ignored her.

"I think you have a stalker Paco," Juan said. I turned my head and saw Bo, her brother, and two girls walking with her. The girls looked like they were the same age as Jayden and Jason. Bo was holding the brunette's hand while Kendall was holding the girl that looked Asian. The two girls were each holding each other's hand.

Bo walked up to the counter and the owner looked at her, he smiled at her. Bo must've said something because Ernie just smiled and nodded his head, then I remembered how Bo told me that she worked at Ernie's for the summer. Guess she still worked here since she talked to him about something.

Bo and her siblings sat down at the table.

Bo's point of view

I just finished telling Ernie if I could have today off since I had homework on the first day and that I wanted to spent time with my girls and Kendall.

"So, what do you guys want?" I asked them. The girls looked at each other than back at me.

"I want a chicken quesederia," Trini said.

"Me too!" my other little sister said.

"Alright Kendall?"

"Just get me a giant chocolate chip cookie."

"Ha, you funny bro." I said getting up and ordering our food, I wasn't getting Kendall his cookie if he got one than the girls would want one and I didn't want to spoil their dinner. Okay truth was I didn't want to get in trouble if Dad or Daddy found out that they ate sweets before dinner.

I order the food and paid for it. I went to sit down but a certain Mexican was standing in my way.

"Are you following me?"

I just shook my head.

"No, if I knew you were going to be here I would have suggested we go somewhere else now if you excuse me I need to get back to my brother and sisters." I grabbed the drinks and went back to my siblings.

When I sat down Kim and Trini both had matching grins.

"Bo who was that guy?" a grinning Trini asked.

"Just some guy I'm paired up with for chemistry class."

"Are you sure it's only class that you guys have chemistry in?" Kim asked me. I almost choke on my drink when she said that.

"What *coughs* made you think that?"

"Cause your blushing," Kendall said short and simple.


"A blush never lies," Kendall, Trini, and Kim said together.

"Okay first of all I don't like him, second of all he has a girlfriend, third of all-"

"You're attractive to him," Kendall said smirking at me.

"How can you say that? I only met him you can't expect me to fall in love like that," I said snapping my fingers.

The three looked at each other and smiled.

"Now my sweet mutt; who said anything about love?" Kendall asked.

"Uhh, duh, umm…Kendall want to help me with my routine?" I asked lost for words.

The twins and Kendall just smiled and shook their heads.

"Sure Bo, whatever you say."

"Can we come to Bo?" Kim asked me.

"Sure girls come on,"

The three of us headed to the beam since it was the one thing I suck at the most. I quickly stretched and hopped on the beam.

"Alright Bo remember it's just like when we use to walk on the ledge of the building only different."

I smiled at his encouragement. I did a few simple tricks a split in the air a split here and there before I got down to the hard stuff.

Paco's point of view

I saw Bo performing some weird gymnastic tricks that involved some tricks that I doubt Julianna could do.

"Wow, she's really good." Cecelia commented and as much as I hated to admit it she was right. Bo was good at what she was doing. Too good if you asked me.

"You know, I think she should be in the squad," she said since she was co-captain with Julianna.

"What your kidding right?"

"Nope, in fact I'm going to ask her to join the squad." She got up and headed to were Bo was Juli followed her. something tells me that this wasn't going to end well.

Melt me on the path where love could begin

Hearts that don't love can't be broken
A dream stays a dream if not woken
If you never bleed then you won't understand
Come pick me red roses with your bare hands

Make me feel i'm worth it
Don't love me with gloves on
Pick me roses roses with your bare hands
Make me feel i'm worth the scratches

Hearts that don't love can't be broken
A dream stays a dream if not woken
If you never bleed then you won't understand
Come pick me red roses with your bare hands

A little pain lets you know you're alive
We gotta live and love not just survive

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