Agrias frowned at Ramza, who was chortling to himself as they trudged up the hills of Grogh Heights a few days later. "That was a dirty trick you played on Wiegraf," she said in a disapproving tone. "It's cruel – and dangerous besides – to play with women's hearts like that, and you know it."

The squire made a dismissive gesture. "Bah, all's fair in love and war. It's not like I can do it again, anyway." He sighed wistfully. "Who knew heart disease ran in Horse's family? Still, what a way to go – entertaining three women at the same time! I always had a feeling he'd die in someone else's bed."

The Holy Knight snorted derisively. "He got off easy. He was just as likely to die at the hands of a jealous and broken-hearted lass or three."

"Like you?" Ramza teased. "Didn't you say you were immune to his charms?"

Agrias colored, but quickly schooled her expression. "That's in the past now," she stated coolly. She pointedly refused to look at Ramza, his knowing chuckle telling her exactly what he was thinking. The man was a brilliant leader, but sometimes he could be insufferably sexist!

Suddenly turning serious, the young warrior gestured for his companions to be careful. A group of Southern Sky deserters were blocking their path, and though they claimed to have had their fill of blood and death, they recognized his value as a heretic. That knowledge, and their desperation, fueled a renewed bloodlust. It was a fight for raw survival that neither side wanted, but one that no one could avert now. Ramza drew his sword and prepared to join the fray.

Before he could, however, he found himself drawn to a voluptuous woman wearing a curve-hugging green ensemble, one that showed off her hourglass figure to powerful effect. She batted her enchanting green eyes at him, then licked her lips suggestively. "Hey big boy," she purred in a sultry tone, "help me kill your friends and I'll give you an unforgettable experience."

Ramza's eyes glazed over. "Okay!" he replied dreamily.

Agrias sighed and slapped Ramza upside the head. It was going to be a long and thoroughly unpleasant battle.