Isabella swan was bullied as a child. She finally moves away, at age 8. When she is 17 she turns into a vampire, she decides to move back to Forks about 9 years later, to her surprise all her bullies are turned into vampires as well. when she comes to find all of them are changed, she asks herself will she ever be able to forget and forgive? as she becomes closer to Edward, the questions becomes more potenet in her mind, she always wonders, but never knows. . .


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Chapter 1


"How dare you, you don't just walk away from me like that!" Edward Cullen yelled behind me, tears in my eyes from what had just occurred… what always occurred. he bullied, he always had, him, his friends and worse his family. They had done this since I was 6 years old, I was 8 now. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and it slammed me against the school hallway walls. I could feel a bruise coming; it'll be there tomorrow or tonight.

"Im sorry," I said tears coming out. He put his hand on my neck. I looked away from his glowing green eyes.

"Look at me!" he yelled but still quiet so no one would hear. "Now, you don't leave till I tell you…!"he paused " you tell any one that I hit you, I swear, your dead, do you hear me, DEAD!" I never have before why would I do it know, besides no one would believe me, if they had looked at who their parents were, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen, the nicest people I know. if they had looked at their grades, or how they acted when anyone was around. but if they set all that aside and knew that all the bruises I came home with was from their hard hands, and terrible minds, they would believe me when I said it was them, all of them.

"o-o-ok" I said with out breathing… finally he let got and pointed to down the hall way, dismissing me. Then my heart came back to normal pace. Then I saw her, my heart sank, I saw her!

"Come here, smelly" that was me … Smelly… I looked at her with such a sad face for I knew what was coming. it had been Rosalie, Edward sister and she was as determined to keep my life a living hell as much as he was. I walked towards her, her arms folded with such disbelief in her eyes, as if she had just seen me kill somebody.

"what did Edward say to you?" she said in a tone I had heard over and over again from her, in fact I had never heard her normal tone of voice.

"h-he told me t-that i-I wasn't a-allowed t-to l-leave until h-he said I c-could" I said with a stutter, I had this because I was afraid, afraid of what she has done just as much as what she could do.

"Let's enforce that rule shall we, lets engrave it to your skull so you always remember…." she said pulling me to the girl's restroom.

I walked out with blood on my hands and a towel wrapped around my neck know what she had written with a knife onto my skull, just under where my hairline and the space between my ear went.. She had engraved:


I ran home knowing my dad would just say it's a phase, that I got bullied because I had no social skills and that if I talked to people and let them know who I was, they would like me…

I ran to call my mom that same day, telling her I needed to come home, that I couldn't take it anymore…

It wasn't till last year that I had to leave her; from what I had become I just couldn't stay with her. Knowing that she thought I was dead, kind of made me feel better, it's a better reason then the real one, I was a vampire. I had gotten bit, on my way from a friends house, my mom soon had a call from the police telling her that I had died in a car accident coming home… except they didn't find a body. So they declared me dead, my mom devastated but it was better then her being dead from my thirst.

Which I soon had gotten over, six months later. After Charlie had moved to be close to my mom, my death had brought them together, forks was a perfect place to live, mostly because I wanted to show the Cullens what had become of me… not the vampire part but when they bullied me I put on weight, now I had an hourglass figure. I used to have glasses I now had contacts. I had dry, greasy, short brown hair, now I had long brown curls all the way down to the middle of my back. I was different, I wasn't that awkward little girl any more that sat in the back of the class writing on my jeans, I was now the girl who had every guy fall for her, I had golden eyes that pretty much no one could resist and long brown mahogany hair, with bit of red that would show in the sunlight, but no one would be able to see it. but if you looked at my personality, I was PLAIN JANE I wasn't that outgoing or funny, I think they had fallen for my looks, and I didn't think that I was that pretty either.

i was a vampire now so, I knew this time in forks It would be different…

I walked into my 7 bedroom, 4 bath 2 kitchen house, which was located in the woods. I was living alone but I had a lot of money that I had gotten from, well before I was a vegetarian, I went after rich men with lots of money, I drank their blood, I had taken all the money, now I had so much left over. I spent most of it on charity but put 40% of it in a bank. That of course was under a different name. But since I needed no food, a lot of money was spent on this house. And I dare say clothes, I hated shopping, but I needed to wear clothes.

Living in forks would be an easy place to hunt, right as I got here I smelled 3 dear just outside of the woods! Easy prey, I thought to myself. With my inhuman speed, I was still not used to; I unpacked with such pace I was done with in the hour. I soon walked out side of my house to get the mail. I walked back inside reading them.

Izzy Valdez

582 lindear road

Forks, WA 856958

This was my new name; I of course, would not be able to use my real name, Isabella Swan. They would recognize me now, I barely looked like me. The old me. I now had eyes that changed color, pale skin over all I just didn't look like my old self. People wouldn't recognize me unless they had seen my transform or if I had told them, they wouldn't look to see if I was that little 8 year old girl that was beaten up constantly.

Just then I heard a knock on my door, I quickly ran to the door, my inhuman speed giving me a head ache. I opened it slowly, thinking who would come to my house? No body knew I had lived here, right? it was a man and what I supposed was his wife, his golden blonde hair shining in the light, light, oh how much I missed going out into the sunlight. His wife had caramel brown hair that was something I would never even imagine would be a natural color if it was, God must really love her. I listened for a heart beat . . . none.

"Hello?" I said in my ringing voice.

"hello, you must be Izzy Valdez," I nodded, " I am Carlisle Cullen ," he put his arms around his wife, " this is my wife, Esme," he smiled, a vampire by his and his wife's beauty. I didn't hear a heart beat im pretty sure they didn't hear mine either, but neither of us said any thing. I then noticed that this was just no ordinary stranger this was the Dr. Cullen, the one and only.

"Nice to meet you," I said flashing my smile towards him and his wife. "Would you like to come in?"

"Only if it's ok with your parents," Esme said her voice was a singing tone much prettier then mine. She has to have some sort of family; I don't know what I would do with out mine . . . Esme thought, I could already tell, she was still the same Mrs. Cullen, I knew 15 years ago, would they others stay the same just as well?

"Well, then you must, you see, I live here all alone, my parents died and I became emancipated, moving to this small town, Forks," I smile but it hurt me to think of Charlie and Renee dead… I shuddered they had just saw it as me rejecting the tears; I saw it in their eyes. She's a vampire, I mustn't say anything, she seems rather new to this life, I don't want to scare her. Carlisle thought. We have to talk to her soon; I think our family would get along just nicely.

I soon looked into their mind some more, poor girl, and they both thought she lives here in this big house alone? Carlisle thought by himself. That's rather odd; she doesn't have any other family?

"If you insist," Carlisle said in a tone that was lovely. She has such a beautiful home, Esme thought.

"What a lovely home," Esme thought, she walked in and I walked them into the living room. Vampire? Esme thought.

"Well, it's much bigger then my other house," I said

"Did you live in forks, before this?" Carlisle said she looks like a person I used to know, so familiar. He thought.

"Um, for a year, then moved with my mom and soon came back," I said, had he recognized me? She looks like... No it can't be… Carlisle thought.

"You look like a girl that used to live here it must have been you, when did you live here?"

"When I was… well you know what they say, everybody has a twin out there some where," I didn't bother pretending to be human, considering they were vampires themselves. But that didn't stop them from blinking at squirming around as humans do, they must be old vampires, they have this human-thing down. "But to answer your question, it couldn't have been me, "

Hmm… interesting… Esme thought. "Oh, excuse me for the assumption." Carlisle said.

they soon left, just as I closed the door, I shuddered at the thought that I was just in the room with a person who was related to the people I swore to hate. They had come over to greet me, to tell me that they were the people that lived in the closest house that was near me, and that if I ever needed anything to come to their house. They were vampires, so that must, mean the others too. I instantly froze, that meant one life time of torture might have not been enough for the Cullens, and maybe they wanted to torture me for many more to come. . .

They came to my house every week after that, I grudgingly let them in every time after that. I soon found that my 3 enemies were going to the same school I was to go to when school was to start up again. All of them, 3, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmet Cullen, They were beautiful then, what about now? They probably look like models for some high end mag. now. I had found out that they were different then who, rather what, they were, before, I didn't believe it one bit, but one part of me wanted to. Apart of me wished they were different that no one else went through the same thing that I went through. But apart of me wanted to know that they suffered. I wanted them to never forget, that they chased me out of town hoping I never came back…

Would that change their minds about me? That I wasn't smelly belly? Would everything change just because we were vampires? Would everything be just the same . . .? I knew I was invincible but part of me was scared to death about what I had to face . . .

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