OK. So.

I had retired this story. However, my sisters were not happy about that, so I told them that if anyone (other than them) showed interest in this story continuing, I'd continue it.

Lo and behold, a little while ago, I got a guest review saying just that. As such, I do indeed plan on continuing this story.

However, to be honest, I'm not sure I really like where I've gone with it (plus, I actually kind of forgot part of what I was going to do next because I didn't outline this story...heh heh...) and would like to rework it, which might involve editing some previous chapters and such. I might even start over. Probably not from the VERY beginning. But I don't know. When I get some free time, I'll just try to rework it and write some more, 'k? And it'll be good, I hope and pray.

Now, I have read some slightly more modern Peanuts comics, but to be honest, I'm not sure if I'll include many newer characters. Previously I didn't even include Sally (I was reading VERY old comics), but I may put her in. Dunno. Peppermint Patty probably won't appear because 1) I don't think I could get her personality right and 2) I don't actually like her that much. xD Plus, too many characters is too much of a distraction, I think... I just don't know.

Speaking of getting personalities right...uggh. My portrayals of Lucy and Linus were pretty lame...Ah well. "my BLAaaAaaNKEEET" "give me a SANDWHIIIICH" Yeah. It's really impressive how I portrayed the subtle nuances of their personality, right?

Weird how Snoopy hasn't appeared yet in this story in any capacity, huh? There's no particular reason for that, other than that I'm just not sure I could get his personality right. He might appear later.

So yeah. Come back later to see the story reworked and continued (maybe).

Now, I'd be tempted to just upload this note as the next chapter, BUT FanFiction Dot Net doesn't allow chapters with no story content. Thus, I am also publishing the start of what was going to be the next chapter of this story. You can see part of the reason why I know I need to do some reworking...

Charlie Brown gulped. He knew he had to do the right thing. But how could he possibly follow Shermy without him noticing?

Meanwhile, in a different universe, in Gotham City, Batman was having a birthday party.

"I created two new gadgets for you," said Alfred. "One can teleport anything to another dimension and the other one can turn you invisible."

Batman's eyes widened. "Really?"

"Yup," said Alfred. "They both take 100 AA batteries to operate, however."

Batman cursed under his breath.

"Unless they're infused with a shard of everlasting tears, and they are," said Alfred, grinning.

"Good," said Batman.

"But the shard will dissolve into nothingness after 36 hours, I'm afraid," Alfred said.

Batman cursed again. "Why is it called 'everlasting' if it wears off so fast?" he said angrily.

"Because," Alfred said matter-of-factly, "it's a shard of everlasting tears, not everlasting power. So, see, it quickly runs out of power, making you sad. Get it?"

"Not really," said Batman. "Let's try them out."

"OK!" said Alfred. He pointed the alternate-reality teleporter at the invisibility device and pressed the button. It disappeared!


The answer to that question, however, is not important right now.

Meanwhile, in Peanuts world, a small object fell into Charlie Brown's hands. "What's this?" He looked at it. It looked like a pin with a bat-shaped button on it. He put it on. He pressed the button. He turned invisible!

"GAH!" said Charlie Brown. He pressed the button again. He turned visible!

He took it off and stared at it, awestruck. He didn't know how it came to fall into his hands, or even how it came to exist, but he soon realized it had fell into his hands for a reason.

Just then, he read what I just wrote of this chapter.

OK, this is just a little cheap, he thought. C'mon, StoryMaker, could you really think of NOTHING better? But in the end, it didn't matter. He pressed the invisibility button and ran after Shermy. He normally couldn't have caught up, but thankfully, a reaction between the shard of everlasting tears powering the device and Charlie Brown's mopey personality created a field of speeding-up energy that -

"AUUUGGGH!" yelled the readers, so I got rid of that part.

However, Charlie Brown nonetheless ran fast enough to see Shermy approaching the purple personalitifier. However, Charlie Brown saw that, curiously enough, there was another cardboard box next to the personalitifier! It was labeled, "InteRdamenshinal TelePortER".

When you have to bring Batman into your Peanuts story that has already crossed-over with Calvin and Hobbes, you know you have a problem... xD