For our school Play we did Bugsy Malone, and I was cast as Louella (as well as a bunch of other un-named characters). My strange brain, being the way it is, managed to think of a way to link all the characters to Louella, and create a story. Hopefully that clears up any confusion you may have... Obviously I don't own Bugsy, but I hope you enjoy and please Read and Review!

In the speakeasy the music was loud and the lights shone brightly. The show girls were singing the famous 'Grand Slam' song, and Louella was feeling ashamed at being able to sing the words quietly alongside them. She knew she shouldn't have felt so guilty being there but she knew inside that she was betraying Dandy Dan big time. It wasn't just the fact that she was with another guy at the time; it was because she was there- in Fat Sam's Speakeasy.

When the song finished and the showgirls left the stage Louella sat and contemplated her situation. Dandy Dan had been ignoring her lately; his schemes with the gang to rid Fat Sam of his establishment seemed to be way more important to him. She sighed. Maybe it was time to go home.

Just as she got up to leave a commotion started in the speakeasy. Everyone screamed as a bunch of Hoodlums burst into the room. Louella couldn't believe her eyes. It was Bronx Charlie and the rest of her husband's gang, right there in the doorway. Each of them held up guns and began to fire rapidly. Louella, unlike the rest of the occupants, knew what they contained and quickly hid under the table to avoid the splurge. She'd overheard Dandy Dan saying 'it was a revolutionary weapon that could take out their enemies from a distance of a few metres'. As the gang ran past her table splurging the unfortunates that had not hid, Doodle tripped and fell to the floor- dropping the gun in the process. He quickly pushed himself up. As he did so he spotted Louella. He paused stunned, trying to work out if it really was his boss's wife or not. Louella gasped as Doodle noticed her and desperately tried to think of a way to get out. She grabbed a nearby chair and chucked it at him. He scarpered before it hit him and she sighed in relief. But the nearby call of Bronx Charlie caused her to panic again.

"The gun Doodle, you dummy! Get the gun. You can't leave the gun!"

Louella scanned around and spotted the gun lying where Doodle had just fallen. She couldn't risk him seeing her again and realising it actually was her. Just as he ran over to pick it up she kicked it away from her, further into the middle of the speakeasy. He tripped again only managing to hold himself up as he ran forward after the gun. Once he had retrieved it he stumbled backwards, and decided to try and catch a glimpse of the girl he had seen before. Yet again Louella panicked as Doodle made an attempt to find her. If he saw her, she knew he would report it to Dandy Dan. Doodle stumbled backwards against the table Louella was hiding under and she screamed. However it made no difference to Doodle as the rest of the speakeasy was also shrieking and screaming as well. Bronx Charlie and Yonkers , tired of Doodle's useless efforts to retreat with the gun, ran in and grabbed him, dragging him back out of the speakeasy.

Once the gang had left the noise died down. Fat Sam poked his head out of his office door and looked around before quickly smoothing out his suit and hurrying into the speakeasy.

"Ok everybody, it's ok! Nothing to worry about now! Back to your tables. Razamataz! Music!"

His little speech went unheard to Louella as she rushed out of the speakeasy. The gang were nowhere to be seen, but she knew she was going to have to get back before them.