Part III

Picturing a Lung

Arthur Shultz walked down the prison hallway. He hated seeing his cousin, but he was the only family he had left. He was annoyed having to fly all the way from his hometown in Heidelberg just to see what Jason had done this time. He knew his family had a mean streak, but at least be smart about it. It was one of the reason's he was finally being inducted into his society back home. He was good at what he did, not to mention, he left no evidence and no trace to follow. It was no wonder the Reaper Society wanted him.

He finally came to the visiting area and sat across a glass panel screen, waiting. Then his cousin, Jason Schnell sat down. He seemed tired, but satisfied. Arthur rolled his eyes; he had a feeling his cousin had just had a bit of fun with the inmates. He shook his head in annoyance. He caused way too much trouble and had no sense of how to keep himself under control.

They both picked up the phone and began talking.

"You'd better have a good reason for me coming here." Arthur said in German.

His cousin responded in German as well, although he'd Americanized it so much, Arthur wanted to take his scythe and rip his ears off it was so terrible. He knew sending his cousin to America was a bad idea.

"As a matter of fact, I found something that might be of interest to you." Jason said, smiling.

"Oh really?"

"Yes and one I'd be happy to oblige in helping you with, but first, you must do me a favor."

"I'm not doing any favors until I know what it is you think I'll be helping you with."

Jason raised his eyes and shifted into his jaguar state. Arthur never understood how his family of Hassliche could even consider mating with a species as reckless as the Aufbehen-Freuden.

"The men who caught me, before I could finish my plans, one of them was a Grimm."

At this, Arthur was very intrigued. Feeling as though his cousin finally had his attention, Jason went on, "They were protecting those two disgusting children I was trying to waste."

"And what did these so-called disgusting vermin do exactly?" Arthur asked, suspiciously.

"One of them had an affair with my dear Veronica, and the other was just a little slut who would have been a joy to have fun with."

Arthur really did roll his eyes this time; leave it to Jason to want revenge over a stupid woman. That's why Arthur never dealt with them. Love them and leave them, that was his way. Less messy, easy clean up after. But he was interested in hearing more about this Grimm.

"Who was the other man? Is there were more than one?"

"A Blutbad, helping the Grimm."

"Hmm." Arthur thought, this might just be what would get him into his society for sure. If he could prove to the society he was ready for the real kill of a Grimm with the added bonus of a traitor Blutbad, it might just be what he needed.

"Very well, tell me where I can find these two parasites."


"All right, I'm going out, be back later tonight." Monroe said as he kissed Holly on the head and went towards the door, "I'm making some Stroganoff tonight, so don't snack on pretzels all day." And with that he left Holly to her homework she was completing for Miss Gardner.

Holly huffed. She did not like the way her dad was acting the past few weeks. He seemed distracted, and more aloof than she'd ever seen him.

She thought back to when it all began. She remembered it was a case involving some Skalengeck's and some drugs. Monroe had lectured her and Roddy on the dangers of "J" randomly. Roddy had commented that Monroe just needed a good excuse to parent effectively.

It was after that, that her dad began going out with Nick on strange cases and staying out late. Sometimes he forgot to pick her up from dance. He'd show up 30 minutes late and apologize for getting distracted. Hello! Her dad was a clockmaker, there's no way he should be late.

Sure it was nice being able to spend some more alone time with Roddy and her friends, but she felt distant from her dad now and she hated it. Even Roddy was noticing that Monroe was threatening him less and less. Roddy thought he was dreaming when Monroe didn't care he brought Holly back from a date an hour later than her curfew. Roddy expected to get eaten alive and instead, Monroe just shrugged it off.

Holly decided it was now or never. She grabbed her coat and ran after her dad's car and followed him. She was done waiting for him to tell her why he was so distant. And she wasn't going to just stand there and wait like a ninny.

As she followed him, she was glad she decided to wear wolfsbane to throw him off. She stayed out of sight as he walked down a shopping street in the city. He went into some shop that looked like it sold spices.

Holly went up to the shop and carefully looked in the window.

She could see her dad talking to someone and smiling. She was a little taken aback. She hadn't seen him smile like that before. The way he smiled at her or Nick was different. He smiled at her like a proud parent, and he smiled at Nick like he was a friend he just put up with. But this was a different kind of smile. Holly tried to get a look at who he was talking to but they went towards the back.

Holly decided to go in. She tried to be quiet but there was a stupid bell on the door that announced her arrival and she winced at the noise it made.

"Be with you in a minute." A feminine voice called from the back. Holly wasn't sure what to think, so she waited and looked around at the assortment of spices and jars. Now she knew where her dad got all his secret remedies.

She could hear her dad and the female's voice laughing. Then a very pretty brunette with large brown eyes came out to greet her. She smiled at Holly, "Can I help you?"

"Umm…" Holly said, not sure what to say. Just then, her dad came out carrying a box. He saw Holly and almost dropped it.

"Holly?" he put the box on the counter and walked towards her, "What are you doing here?"

Holly was very annoyed by this point, "I could ask you the same thing." She snapped.

The woman looked between the two of them, confused and concerned.

Monroe sighed, "Holly, this is my good friend, Rosalee. Rosalee, my daughter Holly."

"Oh this is Holly?" the woman named Rosalee smiled and extended her hand to Holly, "It's really good to meet you finally, your dad tells me so much about you!"

Holly didn't say or do anything, instead she glared at her dad. This was the reason he wasn't talking to her? Why he was so distracted? A woman?

Monroe could tell Holly was annoyed. He didn't blame her. He saw the hurt and anger in her expression and realized what a jerk he'd been. He hadn't meant for it to get this far, but he wasn't about to shove Holly into a situation involving his dating life, or lack thereof.

Rosalee was looking concerned as she looked back to Monroe for help.

"I've been helping Rosalee with her shop." He explained to Holly, "And she's been helping me and Nick on some cases."

Holly still didn't say anything, instead, she morphed and growled at the woman. Monroe braced for it. Rosalee was gonna flip and run the other way. Instead, Rosalee surprised him by morphing as well and smiling in an understanding way. Both shifted back and Rosalee spoke to Holly, "I used to hate my dad for doing secret stuff and not telling us. I also used to hate my brother's girlfriends."

"And…I'm supposed to care because…?" Holly snapped back, meanly.

"Holly!" Monroe yelled.

"It's okay." Rosalee reassured him, smiling and winking, "I am sorry, Holly, I never meant for your dad to leave you in the dust. He's just helping me."

"With what?" Holly spat.

"My shop." Rosalee motioned the store, "He's been helping me set up and get back on my feet. He's also helped protect me from some Skalengeck's, and came to help me when I had a friend in trouble and even when I almost got shot."

"He does that for everyone, don't feel so special." Holly snorted.

Monroe wanted to die on the spot.

"True, he does, he's a real friend." Rosalee smiled at Monroe, "But what I like about asking your father for help is because he doesn't judge me. I did some real bad stuff growing up, made some very bad choices. But he doesn't condemn me for it."

"What'd you do?" Holly asked, crossing her arms in front of her and leaning against a counter.

"Holly, that's not-" Monroe started, but Rosalee stopped him.

"I did a drug called "J" for seven years. I was a real messed up Fuchsbau." She admitted.

Holly shrugged her shoulders, "So. I killed my mom."

Monroe groaned, "Holly, that was self-defense."

"Yeah, but I still killed her." Holly said, in a threatening manner towards Rosalee. She was getting annoyed at this lady's smile.

Rosalee chuckled a little, "You got me there. Did she deserve it?"

Holly nodded angrily. She could never forget her mother, no matter how hard she tried.

Rosalee nodded, understanding, "Good.

"Okay, I think it's time I took Holly home." Monroe announced, grabbing his coat. He gave Rosalee an apologetic look at glared at Holly.

"Sorry." He whispered as he passed Rosalee. She smiled and raised her eyebrows, "Good luck. Will I see you tomorrow?"

Monroe was a little surprised, he half expected Rosalee to never want to have anything to do with him or his obnoxiously jealous teenage daughter.

He nodded and smiled then led Holly to the door.

"Nice meeting you, Holly." Rosalee said, politely. Holly glared back at her, eyes red and threatening.

Roddy and Nick both bumped into each other going up to Monroe and Holly's house. Nick noticed Roddy carrying a few DVD's and a bag with snacks in it.

"Movie night?" Nick asked him, grinning.

Roddy smiled, "Hey Nick! Yeah, I have a few choices, but mainly for Holly and her dad. They haven't exactly been talking lately."

"Really?" Nick said, looking shocked. Then he wanted to punch himself. He felt bad now asking Monroe for help all those times. Holly probably missed him.

Roddy nodded and shrugged his shoulders, "He's even ignoring me."

"I'm sorry to hear that, I guess it's partly my fault." Nick admitted as they walked up the driveway, already feeling as though he should maybe give Monroe a break tonight.

"Which leads me to ask, where are they?" Roddy asked, the car was gone and his knocking hadn't brought anyone to the door. He checked his watch that Monroe had given him as a gift for saving Holly. But also mainly so Roddy wouldn't bring her home late. Holly did say she'd be here to meet him at this time.

Nick decided to get out his phone when they both turned to see Monroe's car pull up the driveway. Roddy waved as he saw Holly in the front seat with her dad, then quickly changed his mind. She looked ready to kill the first thing she saw.

"Oh great." Nick mumbled. Roddy agreed with that sentiment. They decided to wait on the porch for the two angry looking Blutbaden.

"That's why you haven't been talking to me? THAT?" Holly yelled accusingly, slamming her car door.

Monroe growled at her as he marched after her, "Rosalee is a very nice woman and you should have used way better manners young lady!"

"You should have told me where you've been!" Holly retorted.

"I expect an apology for Rosalee ASAP!"

"Okay, and when I'm done, you can go back to that woman and just forget I exist!"

"Go to your room!"

"Oh, so it's my room now?" Holly scoffed, then walked by Nick and Roddy without a second glance, "I'll remember that next time you charge in."


"Shut up!"

They heard a door slam in the upstairs hallway. Monroe closed the door on Nick and Roddy, obviously not realizing they were right there. He was still yelling at Holly who was still yelling back. Roddy and Nick exchanged awkward glances. As soon as the noise stopped, they waited and sure enough, Monroe opened his door and glared at them in surprise, "What?" he yelled at them.

Roddy looked ready to bolt. Nick just came right in.

"Mr. Monroe…" Roddy said quietly as he followed close behind Nick, "I swear it's not my fault."

"Shut up Roddy." Monroe growled and surprisingly, Roddy felt an odd sense of rightness in the world.

"Monroe…what's going on?" Nick asked him. He wasn't sure if he wanted to laugh or comfort the poor guy.

"Nothing." Monroe said going to the kitchen to get a beer. Nick followed him and Roddy took that time to go upstairs and see Holly.

"That wasn't exactly' nothing'." Nick said, accepting the beer Monroe handed to him. Some things never changed.

Monroe sighed after he took a sip, "I think I'm just mainly mad at myself for letting it get this far."

"You mean you and Holly becoming distant?" Nick suggested.

Monroe nodded, "That and seeing Rosalee more than I really should."

"Rosalee likes your help."

"Yeah, but, I kind of like hers a little too much. And the sad thing is, I don't even know if she likes me in that way." Monroe shrugged. Nick had to let that news sink in a little. He could feel some chemistry between the two Wesen, but never really gave it a second thought.

"You mean, you and Rosalee…together?" He asked awkwardly.

Monroe blushed. Nick smiled, "Rosalee's great for you!"

Monroe perked up a bit, but still kept his eyes down shyly, "But am I good for her?"

"Definitely." Nick said confidently, "Hey, she's a way better choice than that one you were with, who was that? Angelina?"

Monroe gave him an angry look, "Hey, she really wasn't that bad."

Nick scoffed, "Oh, no?" he said sarcastically.

Monroe had to agree with Nick. Rosalee was a better choice than Angelina if he had to choose. Maybe at one point years ago, Angelina would have been it, but he'd changed so much and her lifestyle just didn't fit his. And he really didn't want to think about Holly in that mix. God she'd become a wild child all over again.

"Seriously, though, if you really like Rosalee, you should keep it going." Nick told him.

"Holly would most likely not stand for that." Monroe grumbled, taking a long swig, "God, I'm surprised Rosalee even wants to see me again after what Holly pulled."

"Can you blame her? I mean, you've kind of been distant with all these cases I take you on. Not to mention she hasn't exactly had the best female presence in her life." Nick reminded Monroe, who groaned at the memory of Holly threatening Rosalee about her mother.

"Maybe if you all three go out together, may help relieve some tension. Shoot, make it a double date. Have Holly and Roddy go. Or, if you really want to make it a casual date, come out with me and Juliette sometime."

Monroe lightened up a bit. He was surprised Nick was even offering this kind of help. Normally he ended up babying the poor soul.

"Thanks Nick."

"No problem, so…" Nick chuckled, "Can I ask how it all 'went down'."

Monroe rubbed his face and told Nick everything. Nick couldn't help it, he barked with laughter.

"It's not funny!" Monroe said angrily.

"I'm sorry, it's just…" Nick continued laughing, shaking his head.

Monroe decided it was best to just let it go at that. He shook his head, and then realized Nick wasn't here for a social call, he never was, "So you wanna tell me what you're really doing here?"

Nick nearly forgot, but as he was about to tell Monroe why he came over for help on a case, he burst out laughing again.

Roddy sat on Holly's bed watching her pace back and forth in her room as she went on and on about her dad's 'new girlfriend'. Roddy really didn't understand why Holly was so mad, so he let her talk. Best not to invoke her wrath.

By the time she was done. Roddy was debating even saying anything. She started staring at him as though expecting a response. He had to think, but all he could think about were those stupid McDonald's commercials where the guys were apparently smart enough to buy a meal for a dollar, so they could get through anything, like crazy girlfriends. He looked up and realized he'd said nothing and really had nothing to say.

Holly looked pissed, "God! Guys are so stupid!" she yelled and sat on the opposite side of the bed.

Roddy decided not to stake his relationship on commercials anymore and scooted closer and put his arm around her. He was relieved when she didn't growl and instead leaned into him, putting her head on his shoulder. "Thanks Roddy, I think I just needed to be held." She whispered, smiling a little.

Maybe those commercials were genius.

"Did you still want to watch a movie tonight?" he asked her. She glared at him and shoved him aside, "I'm fighting with my dad you moron!" Then she stalked off downstairs.

And….back to square one.


Okay, stopping it there for now. Hope this sets up some nice relationship drama and mystery/action to unfold. But most of all I hope you like part 3!