A/N. Hi guys this is MerlinAbbey's first fanfic, it is a crossover of Downton abbey and BBC Merlin hope you like it. Pairing wise it is Matthew/Mary(Matthary), Sybil/Tom(Brybil) and Arthur/Guinevere(Arthurevere) In BBC Merlin it is set during series 3 episode 10 (the queen of hearts) and Downton after the Christmas special. Please r&r! From MerlinAbbey.

It was a lovely day, Gwen thought as her and Merlin walked through the woods, to meet Arthur, her heart fluttered at the thought.

He said goodbye to his mother and was on his way up to the big house, to see Mary, he could hardly believe that they were engaged to be married after so long, and today they were going on a picnic with Sybil and Tom which will be interesting. As I look up at the big house I see someone looking at me from a window. It was Mary looking right at me, smiling, she looked like an angel straight from heaven.

I hurried the stairs just slow enough to pass as ladylike, Carson was walking towards the door, greeted him and took his coat and hat, and showed him to the morning room. I scurried to the door, composing myself and entered. He was standing looking out of the window staring at the bench, our bench.

"Good Morning Matthew" trying to hold in my feeling of running towards him

"Cousin Mary, how nice to see you"

"Don't play with me"

"Come here" he said raising his arms for a hug.

"Sybil you know I didn't think much coming to visit Downton, what with your father and all, but this picnic... are you sure about it?"

"Look I know your nervous about seeing what Matthew thinks but trust me, all you need is to be yourself, you managed to make me fall in love with you didn't you?"

"I'm really not too keen on marrying Matthew dear, I'm quite happy with you"

Smiling Sybil linked arms with her husband.

"As am I," she said"As am I."

Arthur had clearly been waiting a while for Guinevere, as for when she arrived he immediately perked up.

"Guinevere you look lovely... Merlin what took you so long?"

"Why is it my fault? Anyway we were out of Gwen's house and then she forgot her necklace and then I kinda forgot the way, we sort of took a left and then a right and then we arrived back at Camelot and then..."

"What a surprise, my good for nothing servant is late."

"Hey that's mean"Merlin acted hurt, however Arthur wasn't fooled.

"I'm terribly sorry Merlin. In fact to make it up to you you can return to Camelot and go and muck out my horses"

After Merlin left, Arthur helped Gwen cross the small stream and he escorted her to the picnic he apparently prepared all by himself.

"You know I heard that Mrs Bird was in a fath about having to prepare a meal for the Prince this morning..." Gwen said matter of factly

"Well... em you see that... If I had insisted on preparing it myself then well you know..." Arthur stuttered.

"Well we don't want to waste the food that Mrs Bird cooked then. Besides my love if you had prepared it then I fear the food would be a little on the burnt side"Gwen said sweetly.

Arthur was about to protest but in the end didn't, know need to be talking about food today...

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