Kim Soo Ro is a very good drama depicting the life of the founder of Gaya. Since I was moved by this beautiful drama, I decided to 'spread the love', so to say. The love between Soo Ro and Hwang Ok, who would later become the first queen of Gaya, inspired me to write this short vignette. I hope for this to become a collection of such short stories for the delight of my readers.

Enough talk! On with the first chapter...


At first sight the most piercing feature about Heo Hwang Ok is her eyes. They are two deep dark pools that shine like the stars high up above in the night sky. The bright gleam of her eyes is amplified by the soulfulness reflecting in them sometimes. Her stares are every now and then melancholic and Kim Soo Ro can do nothing but drown in their beauty, although he is confused and wishes she'd be happy instead. And indeed, he thinks that smiles suit her best. Those eyes were made to glow with joy and bring delight to all those they fell upon. In fact Soo Ro can feel their brightness seep into him, entering his very soul and bones, and warming his body. With that in mind Soo Ro waits with bated breath for Hwang Ok's eyes to bestow him with their look. And when they linger he smiles.

I hope you liked it. More will come.