Recap: The Titans go to a party and Raven sees something that she didn't expect. Beast Boy shows Raven something that throws her off guard.


I opened my eyes and was in shock. "This is unbelievable." I breathed. My room looked absolutely fabulous. He didn't change one detail. Part of me is a little bit creeped out considering that Beast Boy has been in my room so much. No one should ever be in my room. "Thank you." I said genuinely turning to face him. "You're welcome." He said smiling shyly. "How long did it take you to do this?" I asked him. "Once you sort of secluded yourself from everyone yesterday, I decided to help you out." Beast Boy explained.

"You have no idea how much I appreciate you doing this." I said with a big smile on my face. "I take back everything that I said earlier." I added. "Wow Raven. I didn't expect you to be this emotional." He said chuckling. I playfully rolled my eyes. "Good way to ruin the moment Beast Boy." I said. "That's what I'm here for." He said laughing. "I actually need to go to Star's room. I said. You want to walk me there?" He offered. I nodded. I opened the door and he followed behind.

"Raven I have something to ask you." He said. I groaned. "What is it Beast Boy?" I asked. "Did Snake cheat on you?" He asked. "No he didn't." I lied. Dancing is so considered cheating. I'm glad that I kept my composure and made myself sound confident. "I don't believe you. I can tell when you're lying." He stated confidently. "You're just jealous of him." I shot back. He sucked his teeth. "Oh please. That piece of shit wishes he was me." He said harshly. Wow, I'm slightly surprised.

I never knew Beast Boy could sound so harsh. That's kind of a turn on. I pushed these thoughts out of my mind. "You're so jealous." I said chuckling. He growled and pulled me up against his body. I smirked and kissed his lips softly before pulling away quickly. "What are we?" I asked him. Snake and I weren't a good match for one another. Maybe he has done other things with Sasha as well. Beast Boy shrugged. "Friends?" He suggested. I gave him a flat look. "We're definitely not friends Beast Boy." I said crossing my arms over my chest. "We're just friends that do this." He said leaning down to kiss me. He's such a complicated asshole. I wrapped my arms around his necks and he lifted me up. My long legs wrapped themselves tightly around his waist. "Well look at what we have here?" Someone said. We pulled away and glanced at the person.

"Cyborg what do you want?" Beast Boy said still annoyed. I wrapped my arms tighter around his neck and glared at Cyborg. "I just roaming around the tower and come across you two. So shouldn't I ask you what you guys are doing?" Cyborg teased smirking at both of us. "No you shouldn't." Beast Boy and I said simultaneously. I glanced at him with an eyebrow raised. He winked at me. "Don't you have something to do right now?" I demanded. Cyborg chuckled and shook his head. "I'll just head out since you two are so obviously busy with each other." Cyborg teased walking past us.

I put my head in Beast Boy's shoulder and sighed. That was so embarrassing. Beast Boy stroked my hair softly. It felt so nice and relaxing. He put me down slowly and I thanked him for walking me to Star's room. I knocked on her door to see that it was already opened. There was a note on Starfire's bed that was addressed to me.


I did the vacuuming of your large bed. You seemed distracted and I felt as though I should assist you. Friend Beast Boy and you were very loud. The bed is at the bottom of my closet. Now go back to your man, he's obviously waiting for you ;)


I blushed and held on to the note. Were we really that loud? I swear everyone in this house think they're comedians. I walked over to Star's closet and opened it. I grabbed the vacuum and the bed. I turned out the lights before leaving. I walked into my room and teleported the items into my closet. I flopped myself onto my bed and just stared at the ceiling. I made a decision. I'm breaking up with Snake. I just can't get played like this. It hurts me because I was starting to trust him. I guess all the sweet gestures were just a way to fuck up my mind. Thinking about him just made my blood boil.

I don't want to tell anyone about my predicament yet. No one has to know. I don't plan to blow Sasha's spot either. As much as I would like to punch the shit out of that backstabbing bitch, I'll restrain myself. I won't act fake towards her. I'm too pretty to be fighting her. I swung my legs out of my bed. My phone started to vibrate loudly almost falling off my nightstand. I grabbed to see what was going on. I was getting an incoming call from Snake.

I rolled my eyes and pressed ignore. I refuse to talk to him. I scrolled through my messages to see that I had several text messages from him. Would blocking his number be overboard? Hell no, it wouldn't. I won't do that right away. I'll give it some time. My stomach grumbled loudly. "Let me make some food." I said. I plugged my phone up and got out of bed. I walked out of my room. This week overall has been too drama filled. I don't need any of this. I have too much on my plate.

I just wish that all this boy drama can just exit my life. I don't need it. I'm independent. I never needed a man in my life. It's not like I had that perfect "dad". I have a messed up past that I keep to myself. I shook my head. There's no point for me to over think this. I just can't. I closed my eyes and breathed in slowly. The main room door opened automatically allowing me to walk inside.

I was greeted to the wonderful smell of empanadas and barbeque ribs. It smells delicious. Robin was sitting at one of the individual tables typing away on his laptop. Starfire and Beast Boy were playing Just Dance 3. "C'mon Star, keep up!" Beast Boy said exasperated. "I am do the trying friend Beast Boy!" She shot back. I chuckled. This game really brings out the competiveness in us. I walked over to where Robin was sitting and sat down next to him. He looked up from his laptop and gave me a small smile. I smiled in return.

Should I tell Robin about my situation? I'm just going to keep it to myself. I know he cares about me but he doesn't need to know everything. "Are you alright?" Robin asked. "I'm fine Robin. I'm just thinking." I explained. He nodded, realizing that I didn't want to go further into the topic. Star and Beast Boy finished playing Just Dance 3 and shut the game down. Beast Boy turned around and saw me. He smiled at me and I gave him a forced smile. He didn't notice and smirked at me.

"The food is ready!" Cyborg shouted. I got out of my chair and walked over to the table. I sat down and Beast Boy was on my right. Star was across from me. Robin was at the head of the table and Cyborg was on the opposite end. Empanadas, ribs, tacos, black beans, salad, and rice were at the middle of the table. "Why is there no tofu?" Beast Boy exclaimed. "No one likes tofu Beast Boy! I made salad so just shut up and eat." He argued. Beast Boy began to mutter under his breath and grabbed the large bowl of salad.

He put some on his plate with the salad spoon and put it back in the middle of the table. I grabbed two empanadas, tacos, rice, and some salad. I took one of the empanadas and bit into it slowly. The taste exploded in my mouth and tasted heavenly. I had to stop myself from moaning in pleasure. I pushed away from the table to get something to drink. I used my powers to grab a glass and fill it with water. I walked back to the table and sat down. "So how did everyone like the party?" Robin asked. "It was good, it could have been better." Beast Boy said glancing towards me. "I had a marvelous time! I met so many new people." Starfire exclaimed.

"It was pretty fun even though I'm not the party type." Robin said. "I'm surprised you even went. You're so uptight." Beast Boy commented shoving food into his mouth. "I'm not uptight. Name one time when I acted uptight." Robin challenged. "Do you really want to know the answer to that Robin?" Cyborg asked sarcastically. Beast Boy chuckled. Robin ignored Cyborg's comment and finished up his dinner. I grabbed my taco with both hands and bit into it loudly. Beast Boy looked at me with the corner of his eye and chuckled. Why is he watching me eat? I kicked him in the shin hard under the table. He winced but didn't say a word.

I continued to eat my taco until I finished it. Then, I ate the rest of my food quickly. I took my empty plate and utensils and walked over to the sink. I washed the dishes and dried them and put them in the cabinets. "You guys want to watch a movie?" Robin asked. "Why not?" I questioned. A movie could get all of this drama out of my mind. "What movie should we watch?" Star asked. "How about 21 Jump Street?" Beast Boy suggested. "I love that movie! I'll get it set up!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"We have to make snacks." Star suggested. "But of course Star. What would a movie be without snacks?" Beast Boy said. She giggled and walked towards me. "I have the feeling that friend Beast Boy will try and do something." She hinted winking at me. I rolled my eyes. "At this point, I'm not going to make a fuss. Snake and I aren't on good terms right now." I explained. "What has occurred?" Star asked. "I'm not ready to talk about it right now." I stated. She nodded. "I just want to make sure that you are fine." Star added. "Star, I am fine. I'm a big girl and can handle myself." I reassured.

She gave me a skeptical look but smiled. I walked over to the couch and sat down next to Cyborg. "You have the movie in the DVD player already?" I asked. He nodded. "That was fast." I commented. "Yeah, I know. I just wanted to get it done since I'm pooped." He said. He propped his feet on the table in front of us and leaned back. "It's been a pretty long week. I can agree with you on that." I grumbled. "Right and the week just dragged on." He agreed. I nodded. "I'm just glad it's over." I stated. "Me too." Cyborg said.

"Can you pass me the remote please?" He asked. The remote was in front of me, so I grabbed it and passed to him. "Thank you." He said. He fumbled with the controls on the remote. The large tv screen projected the menu for the movie. The smell of popcorn traveled throughout the room making it smell wonderful. Robin plopped down next to me throwing down pretzels, chips, candy, and other snacks on the table. "Robin how long does the popcorn have to be in the wave of micro?" Star asked. "Look at the box Star. It's going to tell you. I don't remember it from the top of my head." He explained.

"I have figured it out!" Star exclaimed. Robin looked over to her and smiled. Beast Boy came walking to the couch. "Robin can you move over?" Beast Boy asked. Robin smirked. "Why do you want me to move over Beast Boy?" He teased, the smirk never leaving his lips. Beast Boy rolled his eyes. "You know my reason, so move over." He said getting a little worked up. I chuckled. Robin glanced at me and began to chuckle as well. "Alright, I'm moving. I'm moving." Robin said. He slid over and Beast Boy sat down next to me. Why do I have a feeling something is going to happen? Of course something will happen, this is Beast Boy we're talking about.

The microwave beeped loudly and I heard Star take out the hot popcorn bag. She filled the large bowl with popcorn. Then she came over to the couch and sat down next to Robin. "Someone needs to turn off the lights." Cyborg added. "I got it." I stated. I muttered a spell and the lights shut off. Cyborg selected play on the tv and the movie began to play. We weren't even ten minutes into the movie and Beast Boy began to bother me. He scooted closer to me. "What are you doing?" I harshly whispered. He was silent and pressed his lips to the side of my jaw. I took a sharp breath and froze. Crap. Crap. Crap.

I glanced around at the rest of the Titans but they were so engrossed into the movie. I shoved Beast Boy away from me and grabbed a bag of pretzels. I opened them loudly and began to eat. I'm not even hungry. I'm just trying to distract myself from how turned on I am from him simply doing that. The fact that I just let him get away with shit like this pisses me off. Then, Beast Boy scooted even closer to me. "Beast Boy, get away from me." I grumbled. "But I don't want too." He sang. "Too bad." I shot back moving away from him.

"Bab-Raven don't be like that." He pleaded. Did he almost call me babe? He's getting way too comfortable. I honestly don't know if I want a relationship right now. I'm just going to worry about myself and what I have going on. I ate some pretzels and tried to pay attention to the movie. While everyone else was enjoying the movie, I'm just there. Beast Boy seemed to be multitasking. He was bothering me and watching the movie. "Raven." He whispered. I fixed my eyes on the screen and ignored him. "Raven." He repeated. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have almost called you babe, okay? It just slipped out. I already have a feeling that Snake and you are going to break up." He explained. I turned around sharply. "What makes you say that? You don't know anything about my relationship." I said. Anger was pulsing through my veins. "What I just said must be true if you're getting so defensive." He said smirking.

I just want to slap that smirk off his face. "I'm not defensive. You just shouldn't assume shit about my relationship that is false." I stated. He chuckled. "You honestly think I believe that bullshit coming out of your mouth? The truth shall set you free." He taunted. "Wow, I'm surprised your idiotic brain could interpret a powerful quote like that." I said, making myself chuckle. "I may not be smart enough to do everything, but I'm dumb enough to try anything. Plus, I'm smarter than you and everyone else think." He stated confidently. "Sure Beast Boy. Keep telling yourself that." I said.

I wasn't convinced. He flipped me off before turning away from me. He grabbed a bag of chips but before he could open them; I made the bag explode. The loud bang made the rest of the group look over to him in concern. "You good man?" Cyborg said. He paused the movie and spared him a glance. "What was that noise?" Robin asked looking around the tower. "It might have been nothing boyfriend Robin." Star reassured.

"Beast Boy might have opened the bag too loudly." I added. I suppressed a chuckle and finished up my bag of pretzels. "Oh I think I know exactly what it was." He said glaring at me. "But it doesn't matter now, let's just continue to watch the movie." He said. "I agree with that, we paused the best part." Cyborg whined. "Then shut up and play the movie already instead of complaining." I said bluntly. "Alright, alright. Damn, don't get too excited." Cyborg said sarcastically.

He pressed play and the movie started once more. I have to use the bathroom. I shifted my weight and rose from the couch. "Where are you going?" Beast Boy asked. "It's none of your business." I growled. "Sassy. I like it." He said winking at me. I rolled my eyes in disgust. "Stop being a perv." I said walking away from the couch. I walked out from the main room. The only sound in the hallway was the sound of my footsteps.

I reached the bathroom and stepped inside. I turned the lights on and closed the door. I did my bathroom business and walked out of the bathroom. "You thought that shit you pulled was funny?" A familiar voice demanded. I chuckled. "I stooped down to your level Beast Boy. Now you're catching feelings for what?" I teased turning to face him. I felt him breathing down my neck and knew he was going to say something. "I don't appreciate your attitude." He growled. He moved more into my personal space. "Get over it Beast Boy and get the hell out of my way." I demanded. I breathed in slowly and focused on reading Beast Boy's thoughts.

A rose tint appeared on my cheeks. Beast Boy is nasty. He is a guy, so what should I expect? "You're nasty." I commented. He laughed. "I know." He said cockily. "C'mon, we should get going." I suggested. He laughed even more. "What's so funny? You're always laughing about some bullshit." I grumbled. I began walking leaving him behind. "Hey wait up!" He exclaimed. He jogged to me until he was standing next to me. "It's not my fault you can't keep up with me." I stated. "Don't flatter yourself Raven. I'm the one you can't keep up with." He shot back.

"Whatever Beast Boy." I said. He flung his arm around my waist and pulled me to him. "What are you doing?" I said gesturing to his arm. "I'm just chilling." He said, smirking. Just because I'm breaking up with Snake, doesn't mean I'm feeling Beast Boy. He needs to understand that now. "Yeah, this is a no." I bluntly said. "You're no fun." He whined. I removed myself from him and walked beside him. "Why did you really come out here?" I asked. To me, it was a rhetorical question. I knew he just wanted to bother me and couldn't get enough of my company. I'm being cocky or a know it all, it's just the truth. "Because I can." He stated. "You just want to spend time with me. I'll just leave it at that." I said. "And who said that I wanted to spend time with you?" He questioned. "You didn't say it but your actions speak louder than your words do." I said.

He scoffed but kept quiet. The main room door opened and we walked in. The lights were on and Cyborg, Star, and Robin were having a conversation. "Well, well, well look who decides to join us. What were you guys doing for so long?" Cyborg teased. "We weren't doing shit man. You always got something to say whenever we together." Beast Boy complained gesturing to him and I. Robin chuckled. "Of course I do, since your green ass sprinted right after Raven not even five minutes before she left!" He shouted. He started to laugh so hard, that he had to clutch his stomach. I wasn't going to admit what he said was funny, but I was laughing on the inside.

"Man, forget you. What time is it?" Beast Boy asked. "Ah, you are trying to do the changing of subject." Star commented, giggling. Beast Boy's jaw dropped. "Star? You're supposed to be my girl! You hanging out with Cyborg's metal ass too much." He grumbled. "Okay first off, Star is my girl. Let's get that straight right now." Robin stated. He gave Beast Boy a hard glare before turning back around. "Robin you need to quit it with that jealously. Star isn't an object, but you can do whatever." He said backing off.

"Can everyone just be quiet? You guys are giving me a headache." I said. I walked away from Beast Boy to the kitchen. I used my powers to grab an apple. "What should we do now?" Star asked. "We could finish up the dares that we didn't do that night." I suggested. "What night?" Robin asked. "Remember when I had to wear a bikini and BB was licking Hennessey off my body?" I said. Robin nodded. "Shit, that was a night I'm never going to forget." Beast Boy said smirking. I used my powers to spin him around and threw him on the couch. "Raven easy. You need to lighten up, girl. You're too tense." He said.

"You need to learn to watch what you say around me." I growled. "You're so hot when you're mad." He admitted. "Ugh, can you not say that around us please?" Robin complained. "Robin, you don't want me to get started, do you?" He warned. I took a big bite of my apple, watching the scene unfold in front of me. Robin and Beast Boy were friends, but their personalities always bumped heads.

Beast Boy was laidback and Robin was serious. I never understood their relationship. They were just so opposite. It kind of reminds me of Beast Boy and me. I walked over to the couch and sat down next to Star. I continued to eat my apple, yet I was paying attention to my surroundings. Right now, Star turned on the tv and was just flipping channels. The guys were reminiscing about the dares and who was going to do what. "Okay, Cyborg and I already did are dare. Starfire has to just do hers." Robin whispered.

"I have to do what?" Star asked turning away from the tv. "Shit, I'm surprised you heard me Star." Robin said chuckling. She raised an eyebrow, clearly not finding any of this amusing. "You have to go to the Karaoke Center in a Little Bo Peep Costume and sing Oops I did It Again by Britney Spears." Beast Boy said suppressing a chuckle. He couldn't contain himself and busted out laughing. Star pouted. "I shall do it only because everyone else had completed their dares." Star said.

"We need to hit Party City so Star can get her costume." Cyborg stated. "Then what are we doing just sitting here?" Beast Boy asked. We all nodded in agreement and stood up. "Who's driving this time?" I asked. "I'll drive." Robin said. Beast Boy raised an eyebrow. "Wow, Robin's driving? What a surprise." Beast Boy muttered. "Beast Boy, can you keep your mouth shut for once?" Robin said annoyed.

We walked out of the main room. Why do I feel like I'm forgetting something? Crap, my phone is in my room! "I'll meet you guys down there, I need to get something from my room." I stated. "Make it quick." Robin said simply. I jogged away from the rest of the group to my room. I passed by rooms and corridors until I reached my room. I barged in to find my phone plugged up. I walked over to my phone and unplugged it. I opened of my dresser draws with my powers. I made my ear buds levitate in the air and fly towards me.

I grabbed my ear buds and phone and shoved them in my pockets. I ran out of my room and went back to the elevator. I pressed the button and waited. Five minutes passed and I was getting annoyed. I teleported myself down and walked to the car. I opened the car door and slid inside. I put on my seatbelt. "Finally! You were taking forever." Beast Boy complained. I rolled my eyes. "Shut up, at least I'm here." I retorted. Beast Boy and I began to argue. Robin pulled out of the garage and Cyborg turned up the volume on the radio to tune out our arguing. I closed my eyes and breathed in slowly. I counted backwards from ten in my head. "I'm tired of dealing with you." I said, dismissing him.

"Star are you excited to do your dare?" I asked. I leaned over so I could get a good look at her. She shrugged. "Hopefully the dare will be fun." She said. "Oh, I will be. I can guarantee you that." Cyborg convinced. "Has anyone heard anything about that villain that attacked Beast Boy that one time?" I asked. "I haven't heard anything about it. Personally, it hasn't crossed my mind. I need to contact the police tomorrow to see if they had seen or heard of any similar incidents." Robin stated.

"Do you think it has something to do with Slade?" Beast Boy suggested. "I don't even know, anything is possible at this point." Robin grumbled. "The last time we fought Slade was in the summer." Cyborg said. "Oh yeah, that is when friend Beast Boy saw friend Terra." Star added, nodding. "Yeah, can we not bring her name into the conversation please?" Beast Boy said. He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and sighed. "I apologize friend Beast Boy." Star said. "We need to figure it out soon. We should visit the police station this week and tell them what is going on. I know they must already have some idea but we need to tell them more information." I informed.

"I'm just tired right now." Beast Boy said. He yawned and closed his eyes. The radio was playing some song by Katy Perry in the background. The rest of the ride was silent. It was a peaceful silence that made me smile. I glanced over at Beast Boy's sleeping form. I watched his chest rise up and down slowly. He looked so serene. That is the last word to ever really describe Beast Boy, serene. My eyes were fixed on Beast Boy, I didn't realize some one was calling my name. "Raven?" Star said. "RAVEN!" She shouted. "Huh? What happened?" I said, snapping out of my trance.

"I have been doing the calling of your name for five minutes." She stated. "I'm sorry Star. I was distracted." I said. "You were distracted for a long time." Star said, sparing Beast Boy a glance. "No! It's not like that!" I denied. Star gave me a sly smirk. "Are you positive Raven?" She asked in a teasing tone. "Azar help me." I grumbled, hiding my face in my hands. My cheeks and neck were a bright red. I heard Star giggle. "What is going on back there? What's so funny?" Robin asked. "Do not act like you were not listening boyfriend Robin." Star said.

Cyborg's loud laughing rumbled throughout the T-car. Beast Boy stirred some. "I can't stand any of you." I grumbled. "We love you too!" Star, Cyborg, and Robin said simultaneously. I laid my head on my knees and sighed. I still feel so embarrassed. I felt the car slow down and come to a halt. I unlatched my seatbelt and shook Beast Boy slightly. "Wake up." I yelled. He grumbled something and rubbed his eyes. Cyborg took the car key out of the ignition.

I stepped out of the car and waited for everyone else. Star came out and Beast Boy followed. Cyborg and Robin were the last to exit the vehicle. Cyborg looked frustrated and flustered. Robin had a monotone expression on his face. I looked at Robin concerned, but he brushed it off. What caused the sudden mood change? I should probably let Robin handle it on his own, but he is stressed enough. I don't want to seem pushy or a bother.

We walked out of the parking lot to Party City. There were other adjoining stores such as TJ Maxx, Kohl's, and a small movie theater. The automatic doors slid open allowing us access to the store. "Shit, where do we start?" Beast Boy grumbled. "You asking the wrong person BB." Cyborg agreed. "Let's just look around and see what we can find." Robin decided. "Oh my globsnorb! Are those mustard flavored candy?" Star shrieked. She ran towards the giant candy section in the middle of the store.

"Star, we have mustard at home." Robin cried jogging after her. Typical Starfire. Cyborg chuckled and followed after Robin. "So it's just you and I now." Beast Boy stated. "Not now Beast Boy." I said walking away from him. "Hey! Wait up! I didn't mean it like that." He shouted. I ignored him and tried to find something useful in this store. I wasn't really a whole big fan of Party City. It was never my type of store. I passed by the colorful isles and swarms of people. I felt so out of place being here, but I ignored the feeling.

(Time Jump)

"I'm so glad that we are finally here!" I said sarcastically. "Raven, stop being sarcastic. It was only a twenty minute drive." Robin said, scoffing. "How do you know how long it took?" I asked. "I was the one who looked up the directions on my phone. How would I not know?" He snapped. I raised an eyebrow. Dramatic much? "Yeah, Raven. How would Robin not know?" Beast Boy said. "Beast Boy, stop trying to add your two cents to this conversation. This is an A and B conversation so C your way out of it please." I growled. Starfire giggled. "You guys are so the amusing." She said, still laughing. "What do you mean?" Beast Boy and I asked simultaneously.

"You guys are so into one another. It is simply quite amusing to watch." Star explained. Robin smirked, trying to suppress a chuckle. "I have no feelings for Beast Boy." I said. This is a half-truth. Right? Beast Boy was silent but glanced at me every now and then. "Can you just find somewhere to park please?" I said irritated. Cyborg chuckled. We have wasted five minutes trying to find a place to park. "There's a space on the right." Beast Boy stated. "I didn't even see that. Thanks grass stain." Cyborg replied. "No problem bro." He said.

Cyborg drove up to the space and parked. He took the keys out of the ignition and unlocked the doors. I took of my seatbelt and opened the car door. I felt the cool air whip my face and shivered in delight. There is something about the cold that always manages to put me in a good mood. I was waiting for the others. I am always the one getting out first. I just love getting things done and being on task.

Once everyone got out of the car, we started walking to the arcade. Starfire held on to her bag with her costume inside. "This is going to be crazy!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "This place looks so crowded." I added. "I know, just imagine all the fine girls that are in there right now." Cyborg said rubbing his hands together. "Aren't you with friend Lola?" Star asked. "Don't worry about it. Just know that we good." Cyborg said simply.

I chuckled. I don't even want to know the details. That is his business, not mine. We walked inside to see the masses of people walking around, eating, or playing games. "Where do we start?" Beast Boy asked. I felt him walk behind me and snaked his arms around my waist pulling me to him. I took a sharp breath. "Beast Boy, what are you doing?" I asked between clenched teeth. "The team most likely knows about us so it's not a big deal." He said shrugging. He placed tiny kisses on the back of my neck. I slowly closed my eyes, lost in the moment.

"GET A ROOM!" Someone shouted. My eyes shot open. "Who said that?" I asked. "Don't know, don't care." Beast Boy said. I like this attitude Beast Boy has going on today. It's really attractive on him honestly. I do not plan on telling him that though. "Where is everyone else?" I asked. How long have we been standing here? "They left to do the dare." He explained. "C'mon Rae. Let's just have a good time." He pleaded. "I don't know Beast Boy. I didn't come here to have fun." I said. He grabbed my hands and stared deeply into my eyes. "I just want to spend time with you Raven. There is plenty of things that we could do here. Just give me a chance and I can show you a good time." He said smiling.

"Fine." I agreed. His face broke out into a big smile. "What do you want to do first?" I asked. He smirked. "C'mon, I'll show you." Beast Boy said. He grabbed my hand and started dragging me somewhere. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Girl, you ask way too many questions." He said, chuckling. I slapped him in the back of head. "OW! What the hell was that for?" He grumbled rubbing his head. "Don't get smart with me now." I warned. "Gee, I'm terrified." Beast Boy muttered. I rolled my eyes. He led me over to the basketball section of the arcade.

He smirked at me and started digging into his pockets. He pulled out two quarters and shoved them into my hands. "We're going to play two rounds of basketball. If I win, you have to give me a lap dance next weekend." Beast Boy said. "WHAT?!" I shouted. "Oh hell no! I already let you lick Hennessey off me. Isn't that enough?" I argued. Beast Boy shook his head. "Fine. If I win, you have to streak around the school tomorrow." I said returning a smirk. He gulped and nodded. "Deal. Let's shake on it." He said. He stuck out his hand. I grabbed his hand and shook it. We walked up to the flashing basketball machines.

I put the two quarters in and waited for the basketballs to come down from the shoot. Six basketballs came from the shoot. Beast Boy was standing to the right of me. "Ready? Set? Go!" The machine shouted. I picked up one of the basket balls and threw one into the basket. The machine dinged loudly. I began to smile. Twenty points, that's good so far. I threw the second one and missed. Fuck! I glanced at Beast Boy to see that he already had eighty points! What the hell we just started?! I have to step up my game. I began throwing all the balls at once not caring if I scored or not.

I used my powers to rig the game to make my score forty points higher. The basketballs rolled down the shoot and I began to shoot once more. I got the first four in but missed the last two. People began to crowd around watching Beast Boy and I. I tuned out the rest of my surroundings and only focused on myself. I glanced at the timer to see that I had ten seconds left! I shot the rest of the balls as fast as I could. The buzzer buzzed loudly signaling the game was over. Tickets sprang out of the machine quickly. I looked at Beast Boy's score and he had 340 points. I looked at my score to see I had 300 points. Damn, I was so close.

"Ha! I win. You're going to be paying up soon." Beast Boy said waggling his eyebrows. I flipped him off and grabbed my tickets. He walked over to me and put his arm around my waist. "Let me buy you something since I'm feeling extra generous at the moment." He offered. "Yeah, like that will make it so much better. Can we just play something else?" I suggested. "Of course. I got you right now." He said. For the rest of the day, we played a ton of games, got yelled at by the manager, and ate. I actually had a wonderful time. The team and I were walking back to the car. "Wow, how long have we been here? It's already dark out." I asked. "Its eight thirty now." Cyborg said. "Well, I had a great time didn't you?" Beast Boy said. "Yes, I had a good time." I said. "But why did you have to get the manager to yell at us though?" I grumbled angrily. "Why did the manager yell at you guys?" Robin asked.

"Well, it's a funny story actually. I didn't really like the boring music they were playing in the arcade. So I told Raven we should sneak in the technical room and plug my phone up to change the music. She didn't want to do it at first, but I convinced her. So no one was there which was kind of weird. Right when I was about to plug my phone up, the manager burst through the door! I thought I locked it too. He started yelling at us to get out or he was going to call the police. Then I started to question his authority and asking him if he knew who we were. Raven dragged my hand and we began running. I realized that I left my phone, ran back to the room, and started running again. We got to the food court when the manager and his goonies lost us." Beast Boy explained in one breath. "Wow BB." Cyborg commented. "Do you see what I have to deal with on a daily basis?" I said. "Shut up Raven. You love me so it doesn't matter." Beast Boy shot back.

I rolled my eyes. "I love you as a friend." I emphasized. "You love me." Beast Boy said. "How was the dare?" I asked, changing the subject. "You should have seen Star! She got so into it. It was really fun to watch." Robin commented. "Did anyone record it?" Beast Boy asked. "I sure did! I'll show y'all it when we get home." Cyborg said. "I want some more dog hots." Star said. "Star, do you mean hot dogs?" Beast Boy asked. "Yeah, hot dogs." Star said. Robin chuckled. "This has been a crazy day." I said. "It really has been. It was a fun time." Star said. "I want more food. I'm so hungry." Cyborg whined. "When aren't you hungry Cyborg?" Robin asked. The rest of the team laughed. "You really want to go there Robin? I'll steal all of your hair gel and put on a shelf where your ass can't reach it." Cyborg threatened laughing.

Robin's face started to turn beet red. "I'm not that short!" He exclaimed. "Yes you are." Beast Boy agreed. "You guys leave my boyfriend alone." Star said, pouting. "I swear touch my hair gel and we're fighting." Robin said in a menacing tone. "I can kick your ass in a minute." Cyborg said. "Guys let's settle down." I said. "You're not worth it anyways." Robin muttered. "You guys need to relax." Beast Boy said chuckling. Cyborg unlocked the car and we all got inside. "I'm just going to say this one more time. DO NOT TOUCH MY HAIR GEL. UNDERSTAND?" Robin yelled.

"Sure Robin. Whatever you say." Cyborg said sarcastically. "I just can't with you guys." Robin muttered. Cyborg rolling his eyes, drove out of the parking lot and onto the road. Beast Boy and Star were sitting in the back with me. "Can we stop by CVS and get some food?" Beast Boy asked. "Wow, I'm surprised that question didn't come from Cyborg's mouth." I said. Robin started laughing. "I'm not that hungry all the time!" Cyborg shouted in his defense. He began to grip the steering wheel tightly.

"Well, I have tofu in the house and I just want something to snack on." Beast Boy argued. "We have food at home Beast Boy. Can't you wait?" Robin questioned. Beast Boy shook his head. "Just wait until we get home." He demanded. Beast Boy huffed and crossed his arms around his chest. I was looking through the window just enjoying the scenery. I have always enjoyed the little things in life. With the crazy things that have happened to me in my life, I appreciate the things that people usually don't.

I felt a tickle on my arm. "I'm hungry." Beast Boy whined. "No one cares Beast Boy." I snapped. Everyone started laughing. "What crawled up your ass and died?" Beast Boy asked, giving me a mean mug. "I don't have to explain myself to you." I said. "Crazy ass." He muttered. I rolled my eyes. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. I closed my eyes, slowing feeling myself drift to sleep.

(Time Jump)

"Raven, get up." Someone said. I felt someone shake me harshly. I slowly started to stir. I opened my eyes slowly, adjusting to the light. "We're home." Beast Boy said. I unbuckled my seatbelt, still in a tired daze. "Are you okay Raven?" Cyborg asked. "Yeah. I'm fine." I said. "I'm so glad that we are home." Star said, sighing. "Same, ya boy is tired as hell." Cyborg muttered.

"Let's just get some rest you guys. We have a long day tomorrow." Robin ordered. "I love how we are all saying this now, but are still in the car." Beast Boy commented chuckling. Everyone sighed and got out of the car. We all walked to the elevator and Star pressed the button. The elevator opened and we walked in. "I did not realize how long we were out. I had a great time today." Star said. "So did I. That dare really made my day." Robin agreed putting an arm around her. Cyborg yawned loudly. "All I wanna do right now is sleep, but I agree with you Star." Cyborg said.

"It was nice." I commented. It was more than nice. "Today was great and I can't wait to sleep. I just really enjoyed today." Beast Boy smiling. "You smiling like a 13 year old girl BB. What chu so happy about?" Cyborg teased. "What are you talking about? I ain't smiling about a damn thing." Beast Boy said defensively. "Woah, Beast Boy. Why are you getting so defensive?" Robin asked, chuckling. I giggled under my breath. "You guys are so annoying." Beast Boy grumbled. He crossed his arms on his chest and leaned back on the elevator wall.

"Beast Boy has the girl of friend?" Star asked slyly. "No I do not! I am single everyone. SINGLE!" Beast Boy shouted, his face turning red. "You need to calm down and watch who you yelling at. Don't try to talk to my girlfriend in any type of way." Robin warned. Beast Boy was about to say something, but the elevator dinging interrupted him. I was about to walk out of the elevator, when I was pulled roughly by my arm. "What the hell?" I said turning around. Beast Boy just smirked at me. "What do you want Beast Boy?" I asked.

"Nothing, I just wanted to bother you." He said pulling me by my waist closer to him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and stared into his deep green eyes. "You give so many mixed signals. I'm not trying to get played by anyone and you know that." I told him. "I'm not giving you any mixed signals." He lied. I glared at him. "Don't lie to him. I hate that shit." I yelled at him. I pulled myself away from him and walked to my room. I just need to stay away from boys. They get me into too much trouble. I don't need a boyfriend anyway. I never did.

"I just have to focus on what I need to do." I whispered. My room door opened slowly and I walked inside. I turned the lights on and searched for my pajamas and wash products. I need a hot, long shower. I had a great day, yet I'm conflicted. I'm just overthinking right now and I hate it. I teleported myself to the bathroom. I turned on the lights and did my bathroom routine. I grabbed the rest of my clothes and wash products. I turned off the lights and began walking to my room.

I got to my room and placed my wash products in my draw. I teleported my clothes into the hamper. I walked over to my bed and drew back the covers. I got into bed and pulled the covers on top of me. I closed my eyes and let the nagging feeling of sleep consume me.

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