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"Kindred Spirits"

"I didn't know you could overshadow people from a distance! Thanks!" Sam smiled at Danny, gratefully. Danny looked up at her, completely confused.

"I can't! I-I didn't!" he stuttered, still stunned.

"And the best part is," a voice said behind the three teenagers, "I didn't have to waste any energy on your dad." The voice said again. Danny turned around to face his window, seeing Dani Phantom floating there with a smile on her face. "It's Dani, with an "i". And don't worry! You'll see me again…" she said before flying off. Danny, Tucker and Sam all exchanged glances. Tucker and Sam had to go home, so they walked down the stairs, saying their goodbyes to Danny and left. Danny quickly ran up to catch up with them.

"Tucker! Sam! Wait up!" he called before he finally reached them and threw his arms around them both, "Did I say thank you?" he asked.

"Only about a million times…" Sam answered, throwing her hands up.

"Did I say that I appreciate-"

"We're your best friends, dude." Tucker said, "It's not necessary!" Danny smiled.

"Well," Danny chuckled, "Seriously! Thank you for-"

"ENOUGH!" Sam and Tucker shouted. Dani flew in front of them and off into the sunset, soon to find herself run into a billboard of Danny Phantom himself. Danny, Sam and Tucker heard the bang and looked in front of them from where the direction came from. They snickered and then began to laugh hysterically. Butch couldn't help but laugh as well.

"Cut!" he yelled, the amusement in his voice was obvious.

"Million Dollar Ghost"

"All I'm saying is that you should think twice before you barge into the school like that!" Jazz said sternly to Jack, "You really got Danny in trouble!" Jack frowned.

"Oh, you think he's in trouble now?" he asked sarcastically, making an arm gesture for her to look around her, which she did. They were currently down in the ghost lab, which was an absolute mess. Papers were scattered everywhere, books all over the floor, green goo oozed from every nook and cranny noticeable. "Just look at this place! Danny hasn't cleaned the lab in weeks and… Would you look at that." He said, looking at the ghost portal, "The ecto filtrator hasn't been changed in six months! That can't be good…"

"And it'll be six more by the time I'm done with all this extra work Lancer assigned me!" Danny's struggling voice said. He dropped his backpack on the floor, creating a loud noise and sending vibrations through the floor. "Dad?" he started, rubbing his neck in pain, "Are you familiar with the term, 'Stay away from my school'?"

"Sweetie…" Maddie said, pulling off her hood and goggles, "You know your father loves you, and that he doesn't mean to make your life more difficult!"

The TV suddenly was the attention of the Fentons.

"My Little Pony! My Little Pony! Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh… My Little Pony! I used to wonder what friendship could be…" the TV sang.

"Oooh! I love this show!" Jack squealed and sat in front of the TV. Maddie sighed and faced towards her children, who were laughing like their lives depended on it. The camera crew was also laughing at the guy in charge of the TV channels, who was blushing madly and threw the remote on the floor and stormed away.

"The Fright Before Christmas"

"The gifts; they're not damaged?!" Sam said confused, as she, Danny and Tucker watched the presents suddenly fix themselves and begin to fly into the Amity Park sky.

"They're flying through the air!" Tucker exclaimed, amazed.

"Back where they came from?" Danny asked, "But who would-"

"BEWARE!" a nasally voice shouted from behind the teenagers. Danny's ghost sense went off and he turned slightly, changing into Danny Phantom in the process and getting ready for attack. He so wasn't in the mood, but he looked up with awe in his green eyes. "The Box Ghost shall conquer this holiday doom!" the Box Ghost yelled.

"We just couldn't leave you to suffer in gloom!" the Lunch Lady said sweetly. Skulker then pointed a ghost ray at Danny.

"Tomorrow you'll see what this baby can-" Skulker started dangerously, accidentally setting off the gun and shooting Danny. He was sent back into a brick wall, and it made Danny angry because they were doing so well with the scene. He launched himself at Skulker where they started to engage in a wrestling match.

"Cut! Cut!" Butch yelled, running over to the ghosts.

"Memory Blank"

"Let's get this party STARTED!" squealed Paulina, crowned the princess of her party and gestured to the DJ to start the music. He placed a disk on the turning table, and Gangnam Style turned on.

"WOP WOP WOP WOP WOP WOPAN GANGNAM STYLE." PSY sang. The party started squealing with excitement and danced to the famous song. Paulina began laughing at the mix of songs and danced anyway. On the hill in the distance, Danny and Tucker were dancing while Sam was trying to catch her breath from laughing, as well as Butch.

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