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June 10th, 2027

Rachel tried not to get her hopes up, but she couldn't lie to herself. Her hopes had been up ever since she got the call. She'd been passed over for years…tonight had to be the night.

"You ready?" Santana asked, handing her a towel.

She dried her hands, nodding. "As I'll ever be. Come on."

"I'm so nervous," Brittany said. "She's worked so hard this year."

"I know," Quinn agreed. "Leroy, come back from the screen, honey."

"Mommy Rae!" he squealed, pointing at the TV.

"Yes, that's Mommy Rae and Mama. Come sit with me."

The boy waddled over and curled up next to Quinn. On her other side, Zara was already asleep on Brittany's lap.

Quinn hadn't prayed in years, and hoped that didn't count against her, because she was definitely praying now. She wanted Rachel to win. It wouldn't be fair if she didn't. She'd starred in a brand new musical that had opened in July of the previous year. A Kind of Delirium was a huge departure from the types of musicals she'd performed in before. She'd played the main character—a guidance counselor who is helping a boy who has another personality. The musical was dark, but it was well loved from its first week. If Rachel didn't get this Tony, Quinn was fully prepared to riot.

"And the nominees for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical are… Rachel Berry in A Kind of Delirium. Jackie Soza in Wicked. Madeline Foster in Forever Young. And Andrea Timmons in Matilda."

Quinn took Brittany's hand and held her breath.

"And the Tony goes to… Rachel Berry, A Kind of Delirium!"

She sat frozen for a split second. Then Santana leaned over and kissed her, and everything came rushing back. She stood and made her way to the stage, completely on autopilot.

"Congratulations," Idina Menzel whispered as she handed her the award.

"Thank you." Rachel stood at the podium, looking out at the people and the cameras. "My friends will probably tease me tomorrow. I've had my acceptance speech for my first Tony written since I was 13—and I can't remember a word now." She smiled as the audience chuckled. "To my fellow cast members—it's been a long road, and lots of hard work, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. You guys have been fantastic! Especially you, Mizi! She's had to put up with me and my odd make up allergies this year. It's safe to say that she's a saint. To my family—Santana, my protector, Brittany, my light, Quinn, my rock, and Leroy and Zara, my gorgeous, amazing children—I would not be here without you. I love you more than I have time to describe. Thank you so much for believing in me—for supporting me. Thank you all!" She blew a kiss and followed the presenters off the stage.

Quinn was sobbing.

Brittany was jumping around.

Leroy was wondering how his mom got into the TV.

And Zara was pissed that her moms had woken her up.

It was a good night.

"Shhh!" Rachel said, giggling as Santana got handsy in the hallway. "They're probably asleep by now."

"Guess again, Berry," Quinn said, opening the door to their room a little wider. She grinned as Brittany came out and tackled the smaller woman in a hug. "Come on, we have an award to celebrate." With a wink at Santana, she led the way back into their room.


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