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[a/n: I've been watching those bloopers on You tube (You know the kind) and I thought, why not make one for my stories? LOL.]

Remember: all bloopers below are FAKE!


Chapter one:

"People Weren't Made To Be Messed With"

Nick, the guy who plays 'Jake', walked onto the set of 'The Troop' drinking his Pepsi. He needs to be hyped up if they're filming today.

The crew got in him and everybody else into hair and makeup.

When complete, they were put in place to start filming.

"Action!" the director called.

Kirby (Matt), Hayley (Gage), Cadence (Malese) , and Jake (Nick) walk into the diner. Both Matt and Malese walked off from the 'diner' area, and it was Gage and Nick. "So.." Gage said, leading Nick into his next line, "So.." he mimicked. "What are we?" she asked. Nick shrugged and said, "Well, I'm Hayley Steele and you're Jake Collins," he said, wrong.

"Cut!" the director yelled in-between laughing fits. "Do it again."

Again Matt, Malese, Gage, and Nick walked into the so-called 'diner'. The same stuff occurred, except this time Nick said, "Well, I'm Jake Collins and you're Hayley Steele." Gage sighed and said, "I know - but are we dating or friends with benefits or what?"

"Well, I never thought about it, Hammy!"

"Cut!" he growled. "Hammy? Where'd that come from?" Nick laughed as they went to start filming once again. "Brain fart!" Gage giggled. "Again!" the director ordered, not even a tiny bit annoyed. Plus, he likes these 'kids', if you must call them that.

They walked into the place again, only this time, Malese tripped and fell, knocking Gage over like bowling pins. Epic fail, if you ask me.

Matt helped the girls up. "Cut!" he said, "You know the drill, people!"

In this take, they walked in, everyone still grounded. Malese and Matt left, and blah, blah, blah! The rest went as planned, no one made any mistakes.

"Cut and print! Good job, guys! Five minute break!" he smiled as they all went one place and one place only - the snack table, duh! (: