Thor went upstairs and found the library. He threw the door open in an attempt to scare his brother but Loki just held up a finger and finished the page. Thor smiled. "You are more and more like your old self Loki. I envy the fact that no one can ever sneak up on you."

Loki chuckled. "I appreciate the compliment but I am still readjusting to my old habits."

Thor tilted his head. "But then how did you know I was coming?"

Loki smiled and said without looking up. "I could hear your very loud footsteps from downstairs brother. I've never needed to use skill to know when you were near." He finally finished the page and placed the book back on the shelf. When he turned and looked at Thor he broke out laughing. Thor had a look that mixed anger, confusion and sadness together. It was a very funny sight. If you were not Thor.

Loki and Thor walked downstairs and joined the rest of the group outside. Tony found them a spot in the woods as far away from his house as possible. Loki walked up to Tony first and shook his hand. "Tony Stark. I just want to say I'm extremely grateful for your generosity. I do not think I could ever repay you. If you ever need anything, let me know."

Tony reciprocated and said. "It was nothing, I was happy to help after you stopped trying to kill us." Tony thought about the last thing Loki said. "That's a good point. How do we contact you guys if we ever need help?"

Thor chimed in. "Heimdell sees all. Look up to the sky and call for him. He will let us know." Thor shook Tony's hand. "It was an honor to fight along side you Iron Man."

Tony smiled. "Yeah, you too buddy."

Thor broke contact. "Until next time my friend."

Everyone else said their goodbyes with either a handshake or a hug and wished them a safe trip.

Clint lingered with his goodbye to Loki for a minute. "I hope everything works out for you man. If you ever need help. Let me know."

Loki smiled. "Thank you Clint. I appreciate the offer."

Loki bowed and Thor called him over to him and the tesseract which was now placed in a glass container that had a handle on each end, and when they grabbed it, would have the ability to send them home. They were about to leave when they heard a helicopter move closer and closer. Everyone was so distracted they didn't notice Fury walk up and join the group.

Fury coughed and everyone's attention was immediately on him. "I expect you are all having a good night?" Fury looked at the two brothers and noticed how Thor moved to stand in front of Loki in an attempt to protect him from Fury. "Thor relax. I'm not here to take Loki."

Clint stepped up and shot Fury a very angry look. "Then why are you here? I didn't think you were one for goodbyes."

Fury smirked. "I'm here to ensure that if the world needs help. That you will be there to save it." He made a point to look at Loki. "All of you."

Loki had a look of surprise and nervously laughed. "Me? You want me to join your group of heroes?"

Fury nodded. "You're not the villain I thought you were. Why shouldn't you be a hero?"

Loki frowned. "I'm not sure I'm much of a hero Mr. Fury."

It was Fury's turn to frown. "If it wasn't for you overcoming the control on your mind and closing the portal we would still be at war with another planet. I'd say that's the hero make. How about you Thor? Think your brother should accept?"

Thor nodded proudly. "Nothing would make me happier than to fight side by side with Loki once again." Thor paused. "But, this is his choice to make. You can not force someone into this."

Loki had everyone's attention. Each one hanging on to see what he would say. He was very conflicted. He was Thor's brother and Asgardian, but he was never considered a hero by anyone before. He turned to Fury. "Mr Fury. I am and will always be a trickster. However, should this world require assistance. I shall fight alongside my fellow warriors." He noticed how happy this made Fury. "Let me make something clear though. I will not answer to you or anyone else. If our new friends need us then so be it, but I will not become one of your soldiers. Is that understood?"

Fury sighed. "Understood Loki. Have a safe trip home. I hope I don't need to call you in anytime soon." With that, Fury turned and walked away, disappearing into the trees.

Pepper smiled and turned to Tony. "See, nothing horrible happened." Then gave him a peck on the cheek.

Tony scoffed. "Great, you jinxed it. Now we're going to have to save the world again."

Thor and Loki laughed and said their final goodbyes. Each brother grabbed a handle and turned aligned them. The group watched them vanish in a bright flash of light.

Tony turned to the rest of the group. "Have you guys tried shwarma? I never had it but I want to try it. Anyone in?"

The group all nodded in agreement and walked back to the house.

End of first installment.

I am sooooooo sorry this took me so long. I hate work. It takes me away from my love of writing. This is not the end. I am writing the next installment now. It takes place right after this one when Thor and Loki get home. See you all soon.