I wrote this and the first five chapters of this years ago and thought I'd just post it since it's collecting dust on my desk.

Chapter One

Walking down the congested street in New Olympia, two teenagers were carrying at least five bags in each hand.

"Neil, do you always have to take 20 minutes in the dressing room to try one two shirts?" Asked the fiery haired girl.

"Yes! I had to make sure that my hair would have the shirts complimenting me!" exclaimed Neil.

"Remind me again why I take you shopping?" The girl asked while waiting at a red light.

"Because you are the only one that actually has some fashion taste Theresa, and you have a vehicle that can carry all the bags."

"Not to mention I can name fashion designers." she laughed. They started walking again towards Theresa's car. They piled everything in the back and drove to the Brownstone where they and five of their friends live. Theresa opened the door and let Neil go in first carrying a couple bags.

Herry and Odie were watching TV and Jay was probably in his room. Odie looked at them and saw Neil-shopaholic Neil-carrying only three bags.

"Oh my god Neil, you only bought three bags worth of stuff? Hey Theresa, how did you ever manage that?" Theresa smiled.

"I didn't," she said, flicking her wrist all the other bags started floating in, sitting on purple clouds. Odie's eyes went bigger then plates. Shaking his head, "really, don't you have enough clothes?" Neil looked offended.

"Don't you guys know ANYTHING about fashion? All that was last seasons fashions. I have to stay in style you know." With that, he marched up to his air conditioned room (complaining the heat will ruin his hair) with half the bags following his trail. Theresa looked back to Odie and Herry, who was still watching 300.

"What?" She asked. Taking her six bags, she ran upstairs to put everything in her closet. Odie looked back to Herry.

"Uh, Herry, did you notice Theresa and Neil are back." Herry turned to the small African boy.

"Really? I didn't notice."


Archie was walking around the park while trying to sort out what happened.

'Ok, let's review. Atlanta just said that she's dating Devon from school and is happy with him.' Archie couldn't really take Atlanta seriously until she answered her phone to him. Her ears started turning red when Devon was describing herself to her through his eyes. Archie had to roll his eyes.

Trying not to laugh, he scribbled on his napkin that he was going for a run. He started running down to the park around the trails that aren't in the forest. Jay has a problem with letting them do stuff when their by themselves. 'He really should check into a mental place,' Archie thought.

"Archie, ARCHIE!" his PMR was going off again. Checking caller id he rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Cronus has been spotted by the park."

'Oh really.'

"Archie, don't even think about it. We'll be there in five minutes." Archie turned off his phone. Thunder was starting to go off with dark clouds swirling in.

'Great, I have to fight a maniac god in a thunder storm.' He pulled his hood up and started jogging towards Cronus.


Jay and the others were stuffed in Herry's truck on their way to the park. 'It's amazing we never get caught with Cronus,' Theresa thought while looking out the window staring up at the dark clouds. She sighed and leaned her head on the window.

Tomorrow was the anniversary but she doubts that her father would remember. All he worries about is work and if she didn't call sometimes, she swore he would forget about her.

"Hey, earth to Theresa," a snapping pair of fingers brought Theresa back to reality. "Huh?"

"Come on." said Jay who was looking around for Cronus. 'Does he ever take a break? No, he's always trying to figure out how to defeat them.' Everyone was out of the truck with weapons drawn. Atlanta with her wrist cross bow with laser, Herry and his fists, Jay and his sword, Theresa and her nun chucks. Odie and Neil don't usually fight so they stay back and handle things from afar.

Atlanta looked around at all her friends but couldn't find the one person she was looking for. Looking around, she flipped her PMR on.

"Archie you dork, where are you?" With that, the screen when fuzzy.

"Guys..." Atlanta said, "I think Archie's in trouble."