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Chapter Two

Archie stopped at where the coordinates were. 'Come on guys, where are you?' He took out his Hephestus whip and started practicing on a tree.

"Oh, very good Archie, I see that you're improving." Archie turned on the spot and saw the maniac himself with a scar going from his left eyebrow down to his cheekbone. 'I thought gods don't get scars,' Archie thought. With his PMR ringing he flipped it over to talk but it got knocked out of his hand by Cronus's sythe and smashed. Archie growled and clenched his hands and was ready to go. He was hoping a little that his friends would get here soon.


"GUYS!" Atlanta yelled. The guys kept on arguing on why Cronus wasn't there and why Archie hasn't shown up and Atlanta tuned them out. Only Theresa seemed to have heard cause she came on over to her best friend.

"Atlanta what's wrong?" Theresa thought it had something to do with Devon and her date.

"No, its Archie, he still hasn't shown up yet and he's always on time for this!" Atlanta cried. Theresa thought for a minute. Some of the god's powers have stayed with her even after the scene at the beach where she was on a suicide mission to make the gods mortal. Ares' weapons skill and Athena's strategy tactics and other snippets of god powers. She doesn't know what she got from Cronus but she's a little scared of finding out. Of course, the gods were mad at her, mostly out of pride of being gods in the first place. She chuckled a little at that.

"Did you even hear a word I just said?"

"Sorry no."

"I said that maybe you could locate Archie using your powers."

"I could try but I might only get a vague idea."

"Well its better then no idea." Theresa smiled.

"Alright, I'll try." She put her fingers to her temples and closed her eyes and just let the energy sweep her away. Then, something caught her attention. It wasn't far but it was a good five minute constant run. She saw Archie and Cronus-she shudders-fighting already. Archie was doing well but was slowing down a bit. Everything recoiled so quickly that she stumbled back a bit.

"What's wrong, did you see him?" Theresa nodded.

"We have to hurry. Do you think the guys will notice us taking their ears?" Atlanta shot her an evil grin as they went to pick out their targets.

"Ow, ok ok! Let go now Atlanta!"

"EEEE! Don't mess up my hair. Seriously, get a new style. The biker look went out a while ago."

"Ow ow ow ow ow, Theresa!"

"Don't you dare straighten up Herry!"

"Theresa please let go. Ok, I'm sorry that we didn't hear you two!"

Atlanta and Theresa gave each other a look of triumph as they were near the fight. Jay got his sword ready, Atlanta put her cross bow back on while Theresa got the nun chucks ready.

"Ok, is everyone ready? We go in and try and get the pressure off Archie and see if we can't finish Cronus off today." Atlanta and Herry went running forward as Jay and Theresa followed behind. Everyone bumped into each other.

"Ow Atlanta! Your on my shoulder and it HURTS!"

"Sorry Theresa." They got up and shook it out.

"What is this?" Herry asked putting his hand up.

"It's a force field that keeps anything that isn't already in there out and nothing can get in. I don't know if we can even disable it. What?" Odie got some looks.

"Odie talking in every day language? That's a first." Grinned Theresa who made it over to the shield. It was cold but it was what everyone else didn't see was what she was shocked with. She saw her mother and brother being murdered and someone stalking her father outside their house. She staggered backwards at this.

"Theresa are you ok?" Jay asked with concern. She must have gone white because Herry was behind her to catch her.

"I…I don't know what I saw," she said rubbing her head. "But I think I know a way to get in." She looked around with five faces staring at her.

"I can temporarily get the shield down so you'll have to be fast. I probably won't be able to get in the fight so it'll be just you, Herry, Atlanta and Archie. Unless two other people care to join us." They looked at Neil who was filing his nails.


"I thought so. Odie?"

"Um, no, I'll make sure that Neil here"-jerks his thumb at him-"Doesn't run away or do something that only he could do." Jay nodded.

"Alright. Whenever you're ready Theresa but the sooner the better." With a nod from the fiery haired girl, the three got in position. "Here we go." Theresa thrusts out her hands with her eyes tightly shut and started shaking. The wall started to part in the middle.

"Come on Theresa, just a little lower and a little longer." Jay muttered. The wall got split and the three heroes rushed forward to Archie and Cronus. The wall went back into place when Theresa fell to the ground exhausted. Persphone would've been proud of that, she thought. She couldn't move. Her muscles were just too tired to move.

"Theresa..." Odie called. She shifted her head to prove that she was still alive. Just one small nap wouldn't hurt she thought and drifted off to sleep.


Atlanta took careful aim at Cronus's head. He felt it coming (or just being a god which just wasn't fair) and blocked it. That gave Archie an opening at Cronus but he forgot about the other sythe and it cut into his arm which stung like hell to him. He swore a bit and grasped the arm. He saw Atlanta jumping over those damn sythes with Jay about to go at him so Atlanta could take better aim with the cross bow. Herry came over to help. "Hey Herry, where's Odie, Neil and Drama Queen?" His speech was slurring a bit like he was drunk again.

"You know Odie and Neil don't fight and Theresa couldn't get in after the wall was closed." Archie gave Herry a weird look.

"What wall?" He didn't see a wall. Herry called Odie to come in. Odie started to come but couldn't go any farther.

"Ah, that wall."

"Herry! We could use some help!" Jay called as he swung down at Cronus's shoulder. Cronus blocked and attacked with his other sythe in which Jay angled the sword to catch it from killing him. Atlanta aimed at the chest and got a hit.

"Bulls-eye" she cried. When it started healing she moaned.

"Why did Theresa have to give you back your power?" Cronus smiled and opened his annoying portal and stepped through it.

"Next time." He said with a smile. With that, the portal disappeared.

"Bastard," Archie muttered. His arm was tingling and feeling numb with that.

"Do you think we can get through the wall if it's still there?" Herry asked.

"I don't know. Lets try." They walked over to where Odie had an unconscious Theresa sitting with her head on his shoulder. Jay looked concerned but Odie waved him off.

"She's fine Jay, no need for a heart attack. She's just sleeping." Archie scowled. Great, while we're trying to not be killed by a maniac, she's taking a nap! Atlanta must of read his mind cause she shoot him a dirty look.

"Come on guys, lets go back to the school and tell Hera what happened." Herry carried Theresa to the truck while Archie got in last. He didn't realize how tired he was. Herry carried Theresa in cause if Persephone didn't see her, she'd go berserk until she did see Theresa. Hera was waiting for them in the room.

"Come in children. I see we had a little too much fun." She eyed Archie who was hiding behind Herry and Theresa.

"What happened to Theresa?" Odie explained what happened and Hera nodded eyeing the sleeping girl who started to shiver.

"And Archie, go see Chiron about your arm before you fall. Herry, you can put Theresa on the couch to sleep. I'll be with you all in a moment." Hera stared at the group as they left with Archie. She looked down at Theresa who was still shivering. Hera felt some pity for the girl and decided to see what the poor girl was scared to. She almost regretted it. She saw images of a young woman being shot, a locket, a boy who would be in his late teens, funerals, Theresa crying, pain, men around her and the young woman...

"Hera." Hera almost jumped at the voice.

"Yes Hermes?"

"Chiron says that Archie is fine and Atlanta and Jay want to see Theresa. Is she awake yet?" Hera shook her head.

"No Hermes but I want you to do something for me..."


Theresa started to stir and her vision started coming back into focus when there were five faces (Neil was probably at the mirror again) all staring at her. She groaned and put a hand up to her face.

"What time is it?" When no one answered, she said, "what?"


"Oh, well, nothing"

"Why are you asking?" she shook her head. The only one that wouldn't look at her was Archie. 'Probably because I just saved his ass,' she thought. Swinging her legs over the couch she fell forward almost hitting the floor. Theresa looked up and saw Jay staring at her and they were both blushing. Jay quickly helped her up and steadied her.

"Am I in trouble?"

"Why would you even ask that?" Jay asked. Theresa raised an eyebrow at him almost saying, did you really just asked that?


After cleaning up at the Brownstone, everyone but Theresa went out to get some pizza. She went back to her room and flopped on her bed rubbing her head. 'Tomorrow I'll have to give an excuse why I'm not here.' She decided to call Hermes to get Hera. It took a few minutes but Hermes was able to get her on the PMR.

"Yes Theresa, I hope you're alright. Where are the others?" Theresa said they were out. "Um Hera, I want to ask...can I go home for a couple days? There's something I have to do." Hera raised an eyebrow.

"Family matters," she said. Whenever Theresa said family matters (which wasn't often), everyone wants to know why but know better then to ask now.

"Of course. But be back on Monday."

"Right, Monday's a holiday." Theresa forgot. So, until Monday, that'll give her...two days if she packs tonight.

"Thanks Hera." She flipped her PMR shut and started packing. She packed some black dresses, black skirts, black pants and some other clothes for Sunday. After being satisfied with her wardrobe, she went to the back of her dresser and pulled the bottom out. "I'll be back on the fifth anniversary. Don't think I'm finished with you yet girl." Theresa shivered. It will be the fifth anniversary tomorrow, and a third.

She put the .22 pistol in the bottom in her one pant pocket. 'Can't hurt to be prepared,' she thought. The doors opened with shouting, chatter and laughing. 'The gangs back. I better put on a happy face. Or maybe take a happy pill.' But she knew there was only one cure for that and Hades has it.

"Theresa! Pizza's here!" She smiled and ran down to the kitchen. There were five pizzas; one pepperoni, one vegetarian, two Hawaiian and one meat. Theresa, Jay and Odie had the Hawaiian, Atlanta and Archie fought over the pepperoni, Neil had one slice of the veggie and Herry ate the whole meats pizza. Everyone was joking and laughing at Neil (who was trying to get the spinach out of his teeth).

Everyone was too tired for a movie that night so everyone went to bed that night. Jay looked over at Theresa and saw a pained look. He knew something was up.

"Hey, come to the roof with me?" She smiled and nodded. Archie and Atlanta gave each other looks and went their separate ways. Odie went to his room (Herry has dubbed it 'the evil scientists lab'), and Neil and Herry went up to their rooms.

Theresa found Jay on the roof looking at the stars as her always does. She loved that relaxed look of his and found it made him look handsome. She sat down beside him and leaned into him.

"Theresa, what's wrong? You seemed upset at supper" She gave him a sad look.

"I'm going home for a couple days. I need to talk to Daddy about some things that he's forgotten for the past two years." She was a bout to cry with that. Jay looked at her with sympathy. His family isn't very rich but his family was always there with him. Theresa seemed to be having to make her own way for a while now with no family so to speak. "Anything you would like to talk abut?" Theresa shook her head. The pain was still too fresh for her. Stephanie still doesn't know what happened with her mother and her. But…"Actually, I need to tell someone. But, the tale isn't a fairy tale one. It's more of a horror story." Jay frowned.

"Have you ever heard of the O'Shea case?" Jay nodded.

"Remember how a woman was murdered and a young girl barley escaped then her brother was shot a couple years later." Jay nodded again.

"What you didn't know was that...that was my mother and brother and me." Jay's eyes went round. Theresa looked the other way.

"I'll start at the beginning; it's a long story..."


"Ten years ago, my family was a fairy tale family. Me and Mark had everything and anything we wanting. My father was a rising star with his money and mum was an heiress to one of the largest estates in Canada. With dad's cattle ranches and mum's estates, we had a lot of friends but also a lot of enemies. One of them was mum's former boyfriend. She said he was kind in high school when they dated but was turning to drugs and gangs with his friends. Mum hated those guys and broke up with him. I guess he thought she was his only. Anyway, Mark was four years older so he was about ten when everything happened.

My mum's father had died so mum and dad were some of the richest people in the country at the time. Me and mum went out shopping for a new doll for me (I was six) when we were coming home, a car came from behind us and pulled a gun on us. I was six so I didn't know what was happening. Mum pulled over, I guess it was for my sake cause we were on the curve around the cliff.

Mum got out and had me behind her the whole time. I can't really remember what the men said but they had on black masks and one came from behind mum and grabbed me. I shrieked and was crying for mum. I do remember this though, "I'll kill your mommy if you don't stop crying." That terrified me of course so I stopped naturally. Then the man pulled the gun on me "Come on Despoine, you wouldn't want your daughter hurt now would you?" Oh, he had an evil smile.

He was able to get us both in the car and mum had me in her lap. I was crying and mum was trying to calm me down. I must have slept for a while because the next thing I remember was being in a room with mum. I was a horrible sight. Mum had shackles on her ankles and had blood running down her head. I went to run to her but they had my wrist shackled to the wall on the opposite side. I started screaming until I was hoarse. A car pulled up. I thought it was someone to rescue us but no, the men were back and I didn't like what I saw. They had rope and tape and what I thought was wine. I was scared. Scared because I couldn't be in my mum's arms even though she was across the room. They burst in and took mum away. I screamed at them to get away but they just laughed until I scratched one of them. Then he just slapped me which knocked me out. When I woke up, mum was back in the room looking fine in my mined. Then they thought it would be better to separate us. I screamed, punched, kicked at anything that touched me but they ended up taping my feet and hands and had me slung on a shoulder. I was crying for mum who didn't hear me I guess.

They took me to a different room but didn't attach me to a wall this time thank god. I did scream for mum until one came in and threatened to shoot me. Apparently, I later learned, we were held for a 2.3 billion ransom. That was almost all of dad's fortune. There was a stock crash and they couldn't get the money dad told me after everything. He would've gotten us sooner but there were a little thing called stocks that didn't help. Anyway, I heard them torturing mum in the other room. I was able to get to the door and saw what they were doing to her. I was scared then and there because when I was old enough...I don't want to know what they would've done to me. I decided to be a little pet to them so I wouldn't be killed. They would come in to check one me every night to make sure I was still there. I was but I could never sleep. It stayed that way for years until that one day. The day I would be free but also motherless. They decided that I could be in the same room as mum so I was allowed in but hands behind my back. I heard sirens and mum heard them too. The kidnappers unfortunately-being paranoid-had cameras set up so they could see what was coming. There was no warning or anything. There was a big bang and a lot of smoke. I must've screamed because mum was trying to calm me down. I didn't how but she got her locket around my neck and told me to run. 'Run into the forest until you know where you are' she said. Then something else, those men weren't the police, even though they had on uniforms. I heard a shot and saw mums eyes widen. I wanted to stay but mum told me to leave.

'Save yourself and RUN' she yelled. I ran. Jay, I ran for my life. I don't know for how long but it was nightfall before I fell. I found a hollow log and a shark rock and started going at the ropes. It was a while but I got them off. I thought back to the last 24 hours and started crying. I must've cried myself to sleep for it was morning with the birds chirpping. I crawled out of my log and looked around. The one tree looked familiar. I went over, hoping I wasn't dreaming. I was lucky, the tree had mine and Mark's name carved in there. Being eleven now and hardly remembering what our house even looked like, I finally looked at mum's locket. It had a picture she took of me and Mark the day before the abduction. I went forward hoping it was the right way. Mark happened to be camping that day with some friends and heard me stumbling. Thinking it was a deer, he looked up and saw not a deer, but his eleven year old sister stumbling and swaying about to fall. I ended up fainting because Mark was on top of me in a second. He was yelling at his friends to call the cops and an ambulance. He shook me awake. It took a minute to remember him but when I did, I wouldn't let go of him. We were both crying now, he thought we were dead. Well, I guess he was half right now that I think of it, but what I didn't know was that Marco, the leader of the gang and mum's ex, came out with a gun and two hench men. One of Marks friend had a gun just in case of anything. 'Give me the boy and the girl now all Mark's friend's were there 'and the rest of you can live' of course, Mark wasn't going to give up without one hell of a fight so he raised his knife and Marco shot me in the side. It grazed but it still hurt like hell. Mark was furious beyond reasoning now. He and two others raised their guns at us and was about to shoot. I don't know what I did but the one gun backfired in the guys face, Marks friend's gun went off at the other guy and Mark's knife found itself in Marco. I already twisted my ankle by slipping on a rock and Mark ended up carried me to the highway where the cops and paramedics were coming. They got me to the hospital and Mark wouldn't leave me so they let him come with us. Marco survived and threatened that 'In two years, someone will pay for Peter'. Marco escaped somehow and was on the run. Dad finally saw me after five years and we were happy that I survived but we were upset that Mum was dead. So, every year that's why I go home."

She looked at Jay who looked traumatized.

"Jay?" She shook a hand in front of him.

"Sorry, I was thinking. I'm extremely sorry Theresa. At least you still have your Dad and Mark" She snorted. If only you knew she thought.

"I think I'll go to bed. I'm leaving early tomorrow." Jay got up with Theresa and did something that made Theresa almost swoon. He kissed her fully on the lips and lingered it for a minute. He pulled away but Theresa wanted more.

"Goodnight Theresa, sweet dreams" She stood there for a minute til she smiled that split her face in two.

Inside the house though, there were five shocked faces staring at a screen. "If Theresa ever finds out what we did, she'll kill us."

So, what do you think so far?