Me: I am in a mad mood.

Pulsar: Why?

Me: My brother tried to attack me while I was typing this.


Me: No not cool, annoying. He is soooooooo annoying.

Pulsar: And this is important because?

Me: It's going to give me an easier view of doing pissed-off Percy.

Pulsar: Wonderful, now why don't you stop speaking your ideas and put them on paper.

Me (muttering): Bossy little idiot much?

Pulsar: What did you say?

Me: Nothing. I'm just going to type the chapter now.

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Chapter 2

Percy's Pov

I loved being in the army of Chaos. We could always practice and could have anything we needed, it was absolute paradise. At least, paradise for a betrayed hero who loved a challenge.

Chaos was always nodding in approval when I succeeded in something, or he was laughing when one of my squad mates or I messed up on a training course. I absolutely loved it.

One day as I made my way towards my room from the barracks I overheard someone talking with Chaos. I don't usually eavesdrop but something about the way the person who Chaos was talking to radiated power.

When I got close enough I heard the new person speaking "...and it will be the perfect opportunity for them to be defended. Your forces will hold off against the Protectors and Cleo and they will know exactly what they lost..."

I realized that it was probably just another mission and began to walk away when something the new guy said caught my attention. "..and young Perseus will finally get his revenge against the Olympians. It is almost foolproof-"

But before he could continue I burst into the room and looked around. Chaos was sitting at a desk with a dark blue cloaked person sitting opposite him. Lying on the couch was a turquoise cloaked person. The second I walked into the room all eyes were on me.

"Like I said," continued the dark blue one, his hood facing my direction "almost foolproof." He then swerved his chair in my direction. I looked towards the couch expecting to see the turquoise cloaked guy but instead I found him hanging from the roof my a cord trailing from under his cloak.

"You look like Spider man." I blurted before I could stop myself. I heard Chaos and Blue Shadow, as I'm going to call him now, laughing behind me.

Turquoise Shadow replied with "Does Spider man have an indestructible piece of meteor hardened comet string for his webs? Does Spider man know three hundred ways to kill someone only using two fingers? Does Spider man know how to travel through dimensional portals? Does Spider man have a bounty on his head for five trillion drachmas in the planet Jupiter of Dimension 567MAC4? Does Spider man make plans that could counteract the fates? I don't think so."

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. If this guy could counteract the fates then he was powerful. "Don't worry," said Blue Shadow "we won't hurt you."

"Much." muttered Turquoise Shadow as he jumped from the roof and slammed into the ground to my right without a sound. He then turned to me and asked "How much did you hear of the conversation.

I paused for a second, then realizing I had no choice I said "I heard that you said I would get revenge on the Olympians, but it sounded like you expected me to do something before that."

I saw Chaos's eyebrows raise. Blue Shadow then said "We had a plan that you would lead Chaos's forces to defend Olympus when we attacked,but that they would betray you again after so you would join us in our second attack. Unfortunately that won't work."

"Your damn right it won't!" I yelled "'Cause I am not defending them. I want to join you in the first attack." I was not defending them no matter what happens.

The Turquoise Shadow spoke "I think I have a new idea. What if we tell the Olympians the forces of Chaos are on our side then they will make a sacrifice. Percy will then kill or destroy the sacrifice as a sign of our power. Then the Olympians will be constantly in fear of us and may become better rulers."

I sort of liked the idea considering I got to destroy the Olympians sacrifice. Apparently so did Chaos and Blue Shadow for were nodding in agreement. "Okay then," announced Turquoise Shadow "There's no time like the present, lets do this. By the way I'm Pulsar and this is Quasar." He indicated Blue Shadow.

We then disappeared in a flash of light and appeared in the Olympian throne room. I now had on an sea-green cloak with armor beneath it. All the Olympians turned towards us. Zeus raised his bolt and yelled "It's the two intruders from before!"

Pulsar walked up and said "I told you once and I'll tell you again:Chuck the toothpick and you regret it." Zeus's eyes widened and he quickly lowered the bolt.

Quasar then stepped forward and began to speak 'The forces of Chaos have joined our side and that means we are unbeatable. But we will spare you if you give a sacrifice that Chaos' general will slay. And it had better be a good one, you have five minutes."

With that he snapped his fingers and three chairs appeared. Pulsar then jumped on a newly formed couch and fell asleep. Chaos, Quasar, and I sat in the seats to wait.

It was a bit boring sitting around while the Olympians whispered about what to give as a sacrifice. I saw a few of them shooting me scared glances.

Finally the Olympians sat back in their seats. Worry etched on all their faces other than Zeus's. Pulsar woke up and rolled off the couch, the three of us sitting on chairs stood.

Zeus stood and said "The others could not think of a sacrifice but I have a secret idea. Many of them will go against it but they will soon see that it is for the best. I have decided to sacrifice an Olympian."

There was a shocked silence before protests were thrown from every Olympians mouths. Zeus raised his bolt and they all quieted down. "I have also decided," he continued "to sacrifice the one Olympian that is rarely here by choice. And though it pains me, I must sacrifice my daughter Artemis."

All the Olympians turned to the child-like goddess. "No," she cried "isn't there another way?" But before she could say anything the royal guards grabbed her and threw her before us.

I was given a sword and turned to see everyone's eyes on me, even Artemis's. I looked into her eyes and suddenly saw what she was feeling. She was scared, but she wasn't going down crying. Raising the blade I looked into the silver depths once more and realized something.

I couldn't kill her. I didn't understand why. All I had to do was bring the blade down. Why couldn't I do it? And then I suddenly knew why.

I couldn't kill her because I loved her!

The blade fell from my grip and suddenly I was stumbling back. I shook my head and looked straight at Zeus. Looking him in the eye I announced "I won't kill an innocent person. Especially someone who I respect so highly. I'm not going to kill her!"

Everyone did a double take. A frowning Chaos turned to Pulsar and Quasar. "What do we do now, ask for another sacrifice?"

Quasar shook his head. "no," he said "we'll take her back to base and return back here at a later date." With that he snapped his fingers and Pulsar, Chaos, Quasar, Artemis, and I were suddenly teleported to Chaos' base.

Upon arrival we all entered a comfy living room. Pulsar collapsed on a couch, Quasar and Chaos sat in chairs, I sat on a couch, and Artemis sat in another chair.

Once we'd all settled down Artemis looked at me and asked "First: Who are you? Second: Why didn't you kill me? Any other male probably would have killed me."

I didn't care if I wasn't allowed to tell her, I couldn't lie to her, I loved her too much. Throwing down my hood I turned to her. "Do you know who I am now?"

Her eyes widened and she whispered "Perseus!"

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